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The creator of MP3 sends his symphaties to the recording industry

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Jul 2003 14:16 User comments (5)

BBC has interviewed the man behind the MP3 (MPEG-1 Layer III) audio format, Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg. Even though Dr.Brandenburg was able to develope the complex lossy compression technology for the format, he failed to predict what would be the results. He however dreamed that his inventions could be useful to millions of people. MP3 certainly did became very useful, but not in the way that Dr.Branderburg would have wanted it to.
"People should have easier access to music," he says. "They should be able to listen to it wherever they are and still pay for it.
"My sympathy is always with the artists and even with the record labels. They should get paid for the work they do.

"I don't like the Napster idea that all music should be free to everybody."
But Dr.Brandenburg also realises the stupidity of the strategy that the music industry has chosen
Instead Dr Brandenburg argues that the record labels need to look at ways of using the technology, rather than fighting it.

"There are so many new opportunities for the music industry if they catch on and use the technology."

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5 user comments

115.7.2003 6:02

How can such a smart guy be such a dumbass? If mp3 had not become the standard it would have been on of the other formats, like wma. which has very good quality and smaller files.

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223.7.2003 13:40

Escuse me I con't concentrate with all that sucking noises comming from my computer. Yes anouther person sucks up to the undustry. The artists can be paid by A D V E R T I S E M E N T S that are generated via ad bannars at the bottom of the p2p site or injected into the file themselves. However this has been introduced to the RIAA bevore and they shrug their shoulders at it and wrinkle their noses at it. They and only they alone are the cause and effect of their self righteous B U L L S H I T!! The artists need to know this and stand against this crap. However if even the creator of the MP3 is too damn chicken shit to stand against it and stop admitting guilt by saying "I am sorry" then nothing will happen on our favor. I am not Fing sorry for anything I've done over the net. it is just and I am not a Fing Crimminal either. However the people in power want to call me one. So maybe its time we all act like one and send these people to hell where they belong. The BEAST is upon us all and satan is the RIAA. He has gotten onto all the governments of the world through his Disciples at the RIAA and MPAA. So like I said these people need to be sent to HELL where they cannot do any more damage to our freedom. S T O P buying and S T A R T a revolt against this crap. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

323.7.2003 16:31

I disagree. By all means, if you like the songs you download, then go buy the album to complement the artist. I do it that way. there is no point in me having an 1100 Marantz system and 1600 worth of speakers to convert mp3 to wav. I need the highest quality possible, SACD or DVD Audio. Im probably rambling way of topic, but ill repeat, buy the artist music if you like, but by all means continue downloading as well. Chris

424.7.2003 11:29

How can such a smart guy be such a dumbass? If mp3 had not become the standard it would have been on of the other formats, like wma. which has very good quality and smaller files. the good dr has another mp3 format that can shrink an mp3 file to half its size with no change in quality.. ive used this a few times and shake my head.. id love to congradulate him on his tinkering but you see, the dr has good reason to side with the old way.. his patent.. i wonder how long before someone plops his drivers and software in their share folder :) if i could dl his product with crack, id send him a nice congradulation in full stereo full cd quality in a file the size of a record executives brain..

524.7.2003 17:14

Hey I am not saying to not have DVD or SCDA because I've heard DVD audio and love it. It beats the hell out of normal CD's anyways. However only a handfull of stuff is available in DVD audio. Reason is the RIAA does not try and press the issue.

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