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Germany becomes the fifth country to implement EUCD

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2003 2:07 User comments (8)

Germany becomes the fifth country to implement EUCD Friday, 11th of July, was truly a sad day for Europe, free speech and fair use rights. The largest European Union member country, Germany, passed its own implementation of draconian DMCA-like law called as European Union Copyright Directive.
The law, that is now in effect in five member states (Germany, Austria, Greece, Denmark and Italy) makes it illegal to distribute (even for free), sell, manufacture, develope or advertise tools or software utilities that allow circumventing copy protections. This applies to all copy protection mechanisms, including cracking the CSS that's found on most DVD-Video discs, circumventing audio CD copy protections, etc.

German implementation of the law went even further than what the EUCD itself required -- German version of the EUCD implementation makes it illegal to even discuss about circumventing copy protections in public (as on Net pages).

The chilling effects of the German law can already be seen here and there -- most obvious is the fate of the Linux DVD ripper, dvd::rip. The new versions of the software don't include settings for cracking the CSS code at all as the software is being hosted and developed in Germany.

Rest of the Europe should follow the suit within next couple of months -- United Kingdom has already published its draft of its own implementation and other member states are preparing (or have done so already) to do so very shortly.

Public activity at this stage can't prevent the EUCD to become a law anymore as that action should've been done in 2001 when the European Parliament voted for the EUCD. At the moment, only action that public can do, is to prevent the remaining member states from making their own additions to the law that would make it even worse for the public. Also, the EUCD allows member states to add special cases to the law which could allow using copy protection circumvention tools in specific cases (research, etc).

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8 user comments

115.7.2003 3:33

ok it looks like we are going back 64 years in history . to the time when they where burning books, puting people in concuntration camps, and having no rights of freedome of speach. and there is countrys in the third world that allready have this system set up so lets all go and join them. my answer to this is well f***k them. i for one will keep on making copys of my films from discs vidio and any souce that i leagaly perchise and if thay want to stop me then let them try

215.7.2003 5:44

exactly, its a stupid law, the entire world needs to chancge its damn ways, stupid f***ed up laws are being passed everywhere now without thought and little say from the public!

315.7.2003 6:26

You know the problem with stating that here, your'e preaching to the choir...

Don't ask a question that has been asked a million times already don't be lazy all the info you need is here:

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415.7.2003 7:15

Amen , bredren :-)

515.7.2003 18:19

i definately wont stop using anything when it is passed here, fu** that man, its legal to backup your stuff but u cant use the tools to back it up?? what kind of sorry ass sh** is that??, lead a revolutin and bring them all down!

623.7.2003 12:20

Well it looks like Americans aren't the only lazy ass public people who sit on their asses. Listen people you need to form an organization and FIGHT these laws. The people in office can be taken out of office too. There needs to be an organization to impose impeachment of these officials. Its now going to take alot of EDUCATION to the public who is thinking that they can do nothing to make a change. Laws can be passed all they want to be passed but if everyone revolts and disobeys the laws then they will have to do away with them. ES5 is your savior for now. Post all of your anti-Copy protection FREE products on their cracks section in the forums. Sharepro allows all cracking tools to be posted on that site. So although ES5 may be beta, the forums still work well and you can stream and record all those movies out there. POST your developed DVD cracking software on the ES5 streaming and video site and if you have a crack for Microsoft DRM post it as well. I gaurantee you that Palistine won't ever stop this from happening. So just do it all on the ES5 forum. That way no matter what law they pass, they can't stop anything that you post on the net. They can't sapina them into giving out any info on you as a user either. So we won and they can pass all the laws they want. Voodoohippie

723.7.2003 14:03

vudoo: Grass-root revolution is a beautiful idea, but as long as educated people like you and most of our users are the minority and rest of the voting population doesn't really even know -- or most likely care -- about issues like these, the chances of doing anything are rather slim. Most important ways to do something what I can think of are: -setting up a lobbygroup such as EFF that tries to get people with power to listen them -brib..a-hem..supporting financially politicians during the elections to get your message through. If you would take a look at how cheaply politicians are nowadays bough...^H^H^H^H^H...supported during the elections, you would be surprised -- Joe "IT worker" Sixpack could afford to buy.. ^H^H^H .."support" one or two politicians with his kids' college funds. The latter part is something that no one else except Big Companies have done so far and I think it is definitely one area that needs to get addressed. There are thousands of small, medium and huge companies who benefit from having flexible "fair use" rights that could come up with the money.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

825.7.2003 17:18

What you and I consider as fair use may differ. I think this is what needs to change in the first place. Fair is fair and the RIAA and MPAA wants to write the laws as they see fit. Cery Sherman opens nis mouth and people are suppose to listen to him. He has no clue as he looks older then my father. Now how the heck can some old geezer inow anything about electronics. The best think we can hope for is if he has heart failure and no doctor wants to touch him. Then just maybe we'll have a chance. The EFF is our only chance if any. We need to donate to the EFF AS THEY HAVE THE LAWYERS AND LOBBYIST to support this cause. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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