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Napster to return by the end of the year

Written by Jari Ketola @ 28 Jul 2003 8:53 User comments (8)

Napster to return by the end of the year The once famous peer-to-peer service Napster will return -- but only as a brand.
Roxio, which bought the rights to Napster's name last November, will lauch Napster 2.0 online music store by the end of the year. According to the company, the service will feature half-a-million songs, personalized internet radio, artist interviews, and exclusive tracks from indie-labels. They are also negotiating with record labels to provide more liberal downloads allowing the tracks to be burned on CDs and played on other devices.

The service will probably be based on the technology from Pressplay, which was purchased by Roxio in May. Napster 2.0 will face tough competition from Aplle's iTunes,'s BuyMusic, and others.


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8 user comments

128.7.2003 8:59

Why can't things in life be free? T.T Like guns, so I can blow out RIAA employee's brains..... T.T e.g. __________ __________) ))))))) {x_x} ))))))))) I'll admit it, I can't draw...

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

228.7.2003 9:09

Can't We all just get along? O btw have the shit I listen to most stores don't even carry if they do it's very limited, so until Virgin, HMV, and the local knuckleheads wake up and realize there is more to music than Aerosmith, POD, and the likes fah-Q Record executives. I will continue to leech and be leeched! O and btw I do support my favorite artists just to let you know I'm not a total parasite.

328.7.2003 11:35

iTunes seems to be a big success due to two reasons: You can burn the purchased tracks to audio CD and you can put them on your portable iPod (iMAC users). Also, the iTunes service does not use that dreaded Windows Media format. In order for this service to be a success, Roxio will need to allow one to burn purchased tracks to CD. If this can be done, they can be used on MP3 players (burn to CD & rip to MP3).

428.7.2003 15:04

Why bother with itune when there is other services even better.

528.7.2003 16:11

Not sure what P2P you guys use, but give this a whirl mIRC and add the channels #mp3collective, #mpglovers, etc. or just do a search in your little globe for mp3, or mpg, even better yet zip I don't think I've ever paid for software in my life, oh yea don't forget your crack codes for your trial versions, you'd be amazed how trial they really are once you install the crack!! And in case your ISP likes to keep track of where you go and what you do with P2P, they can't with mIRC all they see is bandwitdth being eaten up by your insane downloads for whatever you desire.

629.7.2003 0:25

Man this is all dumb shit

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

729.7.2003 2:24

Yea it's all dumb shit until you have a Dvd Quality blockbuster movie burning in your computer a week before it hits the cinemas.

829.7.2003 3:50

Be interesting to see the way napster works with the amount of competition around now on the p2p front.

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