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Sony plans to launch its own online music service

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Sep 2003 15:48 User comments (4)

Consumer electronics giant Sony announced today that it will launch its own online music service, similiar to those available from Apple and soon from Microsoft.
The service, currently only dubbed as "Net Music Download" will launch in Japan during the upcoming winter and in Europe and in States at next spring. Sony didn't announce any details on pricing or technology, but it will definitely enter into a very crowded market, as virtually all entertainment and Net companies are planning to launch similiar services, inspired by Apple's iTunes' whopping success in the US.

But Sony has several aspects that make it very well-equipped for challenging the existing players in the digital download market. Sony has covered pretty much the whole consumer entertainment market already, has a dominant market share in game consoles, has variety of car and home stereos, portable audio players, PCs, PDAs, etc and also owns one of the world's largest record labels, Sony Music. This unique position might put the company in a position where it can compete pretty well against the IT companies such as Apple, Microsoft and


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4 user comments

14.9.2003 17:50

Is it just me or are we going the wrong way with audio. Downloadable audio is not the way. Why are people tolerating all these new methods of downloading music, instead of getting a higher quality DVD A disc or uncompressed stereo. I only use MP3 format because if its handiness, i would far rather have a large DVD Audio disc with higher quality at 24/96 or so.

25.9.2003 4:29

This sucks. Soon will be in a situation where nearly every record label will have their own service and you have to use all the different ones to ensure you have access to the music you want. And some of the services will probably use monthly fees. One centralized service like Apple´s iTunes is the way to go.

35.9.2003 13:50

So, why did it take an underdog computer company (no slam intended on Apple) to get this whole thing going? Now the big record companies are hustling to get their sites up? Napster proved there was a demand YEARS ago. Seems like the RIAA has got the major labels busy tripping over dollars to pick up pennies. These people are just weird. As for audio quality, most people I know wouldn't know good audio if it came up and bit them on the ass. They just don't seem to care as long as it sounds "okay". I bet 80% of the music played back in homes is listened to on "boom-boxes" or 2" computer speakers. I think as the market develops, audiophiles will be "serviced" along with the rest as long as there is enough demand.

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46.9.2003 13:03

I expected Sony to jump in, but Microsoft??!! What the hell is Billy doing here? Get him back to the bowling green! It seems like Microsoft has a grudge against Sony, ever since they went into the console market..... but Microsoft is, well you could say, so rich they don't really care what they are doing. I mean look at the XBOX. It has all those wicked titles, and is blantantly the most powerful system in the world, that is accesible by the average Joe. But XBOX is losing them money. Or not earning very much. Microsoft could have just sat there, earning money off the other products. I just don't get Bill Gates, but then, he's a genius.

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