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RIAA to offer amnesty for P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Sep 2003 9:37 User comments (29)

RIAA to offer amnesty for P2P users It is believed that the RIAA is considering an "amnesty plan" for alleged P2P users. The plan would let P2P pirates off the hook if they change their habits.
RIAA has refused officially to comment the alleged plan, but according to various news sites, P2P users who have been "caught" by RIAA would be able to get off hook if they destroy all the copied material they own, including copies on harddrives, CDs, etc, agree not to participate in illegal file sharing ever again and to submit a photocopy of their ID to RIAA.

Users who wish to apply for the amnesty would have to sign a notarized contract where they agree to the rules laid out before and send that contract alongside with the photocopy of their ID to RIAA. If they get caught on violating the contract, they would be sued for committing a willful copyright infringement.

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29 user comments

15.9.2003 10:48

"Submit a photocopy of their ID to RIAA" HAHA, what BS!

25.9.2003 11:10

That's great! But noone is going to give them a photocopy of ther ID. Also P2P violaters are not going to destroy the cds they have aslready made.

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35.9.2003 12:19

LOL yet another stupid one for the RIAA.

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45.9.2003 17:00

That RIAA is jacked up!!!!!

55.9.2003 18:45

Even though it does sound stupid and far-fetched, if they are for real about it think it's a good thing cause some of the people they have "caught" only share about five songs(which is kind of studpid to go after those people). To sue somebody $750 to like $100,000 is just obsurd especially to someone who shares just a couple songs. What the RIAA is doing is being very unjust with their punishments and going after random people and not the top file sharers so now they are trying to appear to be all merciful and forgiving with their deal to allow P2P users of the hook. That's a bunch of BS!

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66.9.2003 7:10

This chapterin digital history is getting dumber every week

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76.9.2003 13:07

Why don't we all just concentrate on drug-dealers and guys who take drugs and wanna stop. Or smokers. Or people who are addicted to alcohol and wanna stop. Why not the kids in Africa who are suffering while I bitch on about the RIAA? Why not them?! Cuz the RIAA are a bunch of ****ers.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

86.9.2003 13:58

but according to various news sites, P2P users who have been "caught" by RIAA would be able to get off hook if they destroy all the copied material they own, including copies on harddrives, CDs, etc, agree not to participate in illegal file sharing ever again and to submit a photocopy of their ID to RIAA.
Who do these dicks think they are?? gathering ID's u the cops now?? no you are not! and getting people to promise never to participate in p2p again??? ye like alcoholics promise never to drink again.....................

96.9.2003 16:51

The only reason the RIAA is offering this proposal is due to the case with Jane Doe. The RIAA finally realized that they are going to loose the case with Jane Doe, and they are trying to get more evidence for future cases if they were to get sued again. If they have a signed confession from a person as well as their photo ID then the favor is in the RIAA's hands. Whereas if Jane Doe wins and someone takes the RIAA to court instead of taking their proposal then the RIAA is out more mucho dinero. The RIAA likes money too much to have everyone that received a subpeona from the RIAA sue them and win. This proposal is their version of a happy medium, but I know that if I ever get a subpoena from the RIAA then I will be taking the same actions of Jane Doe. Straight to court with them!

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107.9.2003 16:44

Here is one way to get even with the RIAAA and win. First subscribe to Real One and log the time and date you did. Second search it for the songs you like. For every song it don't support you can sue the RIAA for discrimination especially if you are a Blind person. Since Blind people have a difficulty going to the store or reading the CD case at the time they want to find a song you can file discrimination against the RIAA since the paid services don't have the same stuff that the FREE p2p sites do. We could try this and I bet we could get rid of the RIAA by doing this. Voodohippie

118.9.2003 4:44

What b****cks!! If the giant corporations weren't so greedy with their inflated prices for music, there'd be no need to download. Long live file-sharing!! Sign a contract with the RIAA??? My a*se!!

129.9.2003 0:01

The first thing that came into my mind when i read this article was "Aha, a sign of weakness, a desperate move". It seems that they really do much until you sign a contract and submit your ID. Let's just hope "the majority" don't get shit scared of the RIAA and actually go for this, if they do, where will we download from?

139.9.2003 1:36


if they do, where will we download from?
I read some stats couple of weeks ago and already over 60 percent of all shared material is shared by non-Americans and RIAA's actions don't have any weight outside U.S. whatsoever (RIAA's local equivalents are totally different then..). Which means that even if all American would shut down totally their upstream because of RIAA, the P2P would still exist (and no one has mentioned ever that downloading would be the problem, sharing is.. :-).
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Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

149.9.2003 2:01

Keeping that in mind, i've got nothing to worry about. I'm in Australia:)

1510.9.2003 11:44

For now its not a problem outside of the US but it soon will be. I no longer feel safe sharing on Kazaa and disabeled my sharing. I don't like doing this but till they get proxy support I can't take any chances. I know that this will cause the content to be lowered but I can't risk it. People in my state are getting sued and some are close to my home town. It is too close for comfort now. use to be taht just Kazaa users had to worry but new I see that all users do. I am more confident with ES5 although they need to make it so that servers in Palistine act like proxies. I do feel that the RIAA has pushed the public into anouther direction. Voodoohippie

1610.9.2003 12:00

Vudoo: If your not going to share anymore than way continue to use any P2P program at all? That is waht is destrying alot of P2P programs are the leachers. If your to worried about sharing then don't use the progs at all.

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1710.9.2003 12:00

Sorry! <double post>

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Want to test a Mans character? Give him Power!

1811.9.2003 5:03

i side with stonerose, we are overcharged for music and over taxed , just cause fuckn nelly and jayzdont have enogh money to pay for their 10 mansions and fifty cars doesnt mean that we should pay so much money for their damn music. damn wgreedy bastards, they get all this money wihtoo a clloge degree or nothing they just some punk bitches from the streets, our society doesnt need them and they're rakin in all the damn money.


1911.9.2003 10:29

Bull Shit- That's what this is ----More of their BULL SHIT!!!!!

2012.9.2003 1:04

I heard that recording artists onl;y get about $2 from every CD sold. ie, u buy Cd for $20, it costs the store $10-15, the record company mkaes up some bullshit charges and the artist gets 2 bucks in the end:)

2112.9.2003 2:19

well the company needs to pay for alot of shit you dont even understand yet. the artist is lucky to even get 2$ dollars from every cd . from 1 million people thats 2 million dollars

2212.9.2003 17:26

Idea: Say an artist records a certain amount of CD's somewhere cheep, costing about 99cAUD each, then sell it to the record stores for $5, making bigger profit, then the styore will sell the CD to us for $7-$10. Everyone's happierr:) i've seen a lot of advertising for recording places lik these in australia, d u have them in the US?

2320.9.2003 18:25

what the monkey?! where do u live? thE gHETTO?

2421.9.2003 3:43

Melbourne, i see ads all the the time saying: *************** Jeff's CD place 99c per CD 0 000 0 1000 minimum ****************

2521.9.2003 5:13


2621.9.2003 6:28

I'm sure there's lots of artists that we don't hear about who use these places

277.12.2004 8:54

For Mac71........In response to the comment about sharing and "leachers".........THAT GUY IS SMART......Don't know what country you are in BUT if in the U.S. then leaching is the smart thing..........when it comes to music. It's widely known that most sharing is done outside of the US so LET THEM SHARE......and I will take their stuff. Otherwise........share porn....or keep your share folder limited to just a few songs/items. As for the legalities outside the US.......Australia is an easy target and not safe there either. They obey the joint US (with other countries too) copyright infringement laws. The middle east does not but many countries do and will press charges through the US to get you. Lastly.......The artist gets AN AVERAGE OF 7 CENTS AN ALBUM..........the rest is to the production company. This is the main reason that sharing is no big deal.....the artists rarely care. AND........My thoughts are this; If it's ON THE RADIO......Then I have EVERY RIGHT TO THAT SONG ANY WAY I WANT IT.

2830.12.2004 20:13

I already have my plan worked out if I get caught, not that I would... Chicago to Cancun AA (mexicana)- $568 United- $625 Delta- $505 ATA- $705 Northwest- %575

Compaq computer- $1200
Dell computer- $500
monitor- $150
DVD burner- $100
PS2- $300
Xbox- $150
PSTwo- $150
Wirless kit- $50
The pain and frustration I go through with all of this Crap- priceless. Some things in life are free... others suck...

2931.12.2004 9:01

It is wrong how the RIAA made that sweet little 20 yr old woman from MSU a poster for their wrath. We need to make these people pay fir the crap they do. People have recorded music for their own use way before an Mp3 file was an idea. I don't see why people make such a big fuss over this crap. I did subscribe to Napster To Go and I pay $14.95/Mo. I had to buy an iRiver H320 and now I enjoy all the songs I want so long as I subscribe. If you want to burn songs to CD than its $.99/Song but CD's are a thing of the past. The files are DRM and you can have them on up to 3 PC's and you can transfer them to as many Mp3 players that you own. I have Downloaded Boweling For Soup, Krishna Das (Metaphysical Hindu Music), Simple Plan, American Rejects, Def Leppard, Ted Nugient and more. Yes this is a great service but the labels need to allow All music on Napster To Go and they'll surly get paid via most people. The Napster To Go files sound alot better than most of the p2p files you get from Limewire Pro, WinMX and of course Kazaa Lite. Folks you need to at least try this.

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