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MPAA bans Oscar screeners

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 01 Oct 2003 5:27 User comments (22)

MPAA bans Oscar screeners In fear of increasing movie piracy, MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has decided to ban Oscar screeners. Screeners are pre-release copies (but already full movies, not workprint copies) of movies that studios tend to send out to video rental chains, critics, etc before movie launches.
Screeners have been specially important in Academy Awards, also known as Oscars, as most of the people able to vote for the movies, actors, directors, etc don't actually go out to movie theatres to see every single movie that has been nominated (only foreign language movie category rules require that voters have seen all the nominated movies). So, to persuade voters to vote for their works, studios tend to send out DVD and video versions of movies to those eligible to vote (and number of people who are allowed to vote is rather whopping, so chances of having someone to "leak" the DVDR copy of the movie to Net are quite high).

Such decision taken by MPAA which is the main lobby group of all the major studios might affect the votings in future as smaller studios, who are not members of MPAA, can still send out screeners of their movies.

Obviously there are some sad things in such decision as well -- apart from pirates having harder time to find good-quality copies. Now small subsdiaries of major entertainment companies, who produce "indie films", but under a wing of megalomanic entertainment companies, can't send their movies to voters either, so chances of small-scale productions by such outlets to succeed in Academy Awards are rather slim.

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22 user comments

11.10.2003 18:00

Why dont they ban something like cigarettes that kill 50 people per hour..

21.10.2003 18:49

Because it makes money. Sorry bro but it's true. Capitalism at it's best.

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

31.10.2003 19:18

Why don't they ban alcohol, which has ruined more lives than smoking ever thought about?

41.10.2003 22:44

let's ban cocaine!! yah, like that's ever stopped anyone

52.10.2003 05:03

why not ban stupid law sueits and make a crime to file against someone without proof of the crime that way at least the grandparents would have been able to take the RIAA down.... hey we have people burning themselves on hot coffee because they are stupid and thats alright ... or someone dosn't like their hair cut.... so why isn't there a law to keep or court rooms only full of real probems ? and they think now it might be the screeners how about the guy in the back who gets minamum wage who got shot down for his raise because Van Desil or Arnny, wanted more cavear and went over budget... thats the ones who are releasing them..... and all those guys working in the progetionest booth at the movie theater... why dont they incode the movies to see where the copies are being copied from? all they need to do is paint anumber to the film every 30 or forty frames and we the public wont see it and then they could track it... to the source....... all they have to do is ask the geaks and we could help them ... as long as they dont go after the downloaders just the ones who are doing the coping then almost everyone is happy and then its up to them (MPAA) to figure it out .... hey just because theres nude pics of some one do I owe them or the person who took the pic for looking at it ?

62.10.2003 06:06

Yeah, but alcohol is induced by choice... I cant stop breathing.. Well I could I guess...

72.10.2003 06:48

I don't think either one would work as being outlawed (smoking or drinking), but I also don't have a choice if some drunk man or woman swerves into my lane too late for me to avoid an accident. Children don't have a choice when their drunk parents decide to beat or molest them..and on and on. It really just comes down to the fact that people are getting worse, and no amount of laws are going to stop that. Though I am very glad that we do have laws to get at least some people.

82.10.2003 07:19

waaah waaah waaah! its capitolism! its those damn smokers! its that damn court houses! its mommy and daddy! listen, kids. you're talking about a system of people thats proving entropy a million times over. if you think things are going to get better, you're a moron. The only way things will become more stable is by removing yourself from the equation. go join a monastary in tibet. there's no smoking, drinking, talking, or driving and everyone capitolizes properly. and when you arrive, remember that that day alone will be the best day because theyre in the same system. the system is closed. my point is things are becoming so complex that its a damn miracle that we haven't accidentally nuked ourselves back to zero. I am honestly happy that we've made it so that all we have to bitch about is second hand smoke and the stupid MPAA and RIAA. people in power are currupt. people with no power are currupt. big deal?! this is not new, but we're more aware of how f*cked up things are because 1. there are a pantload more people around to laugh at, and 2. the information bandwidth is huge now and the only bottleneck is our tiny brains. every day you wake up and are not infected with the plague or running from the spanish inquisitors is a good day in my book. dull

92.10.2003 07:21

oh, and i spelled a bunch of things wrong. but on porpose. so there.

102.10.2003 07:39

Well guys I guess we should just give up and head for Tibet.

112.10.2003 13:49

damb poodull you really laid it out there didnt i like people who say the way it is. nothing is going to change so i think that everyone should just get the Fu!@ over it. who cares what the riaa thinks, who cares that they banned promotional copies all that mean is that well have to wait a little bit linger. oh, boo fucking hoo. when it comes out to own,m go rent it and copy it with the software you stole off of the internet.

Broken Signal

122.10.2003 13:52

I was wondering if I somehow ended up at a forum for MADD or the American lung Association or something... As for the MPAA, at least they are beginning to realize and acknowledge who the "leaky" culprits really are. What does it matter if the people who vote for the awards have seen the movie or not? Stopping a few pirated copies of movies is much more important than the integrity of the Academy Awards, right? After all, the Academy Awards(TM) are about the Benjamins, not art.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

132.10.2003 14:06

you know, i just had a thought, this not only applies to the movie industry but also the music and everything, as "Grayarea: stated, its all about the benjamines right? well what if a boycott of all products from these distributors were possible. We coukld quite buysing all of their products in exchange that if the drop thier prices dramatically, then we the consumers will once again buy the products. becasue lets face it, who the hell wants to pay 20 bucks for a dvd, when it only cost proly only like 2-5 bucks to make. i think thats one hell of a profit. Isnt that why everyones downloading off the web in the first place, its cheaper. well duh.

Broken Signal

142.10.2003 17:04

I personally do not download movie's. I dont see a problem paying five bucks during the day to go see a movie. I mean five bucks? Come on people, You have to be one serious cheap ass not to pay five bucks to see a movie even if it sucks you can leave and walk into another. As for CD's I dont buy them.. I stick to the theory thats been pretty true so far.. If it's not on the radio it must suck..

153.10.2003 05:05

well, if the radio is where we get exposed to the music then why not catch your favoite music and rip it to your hard drive how about satilite tv rip it to the hard drive... he pay per view works great and you can either vcr it or run a svga cable to your pc cap it convert it and play it till the cows come home... and thats ok because no-one outside your house will ever know about it .... but sharing it to the masses dose make you stand out... hey becareful the next lord of the rings on the net will be full of some virus like 'Chernoble' or something worst... like we all want to watch some thing like a movie where the sound is 1/2 a second behind whats on the screen... as for renting dvds that will be the coming to an end for people who burn them the new smart cds will hold them at bay for a month or two but thats all then if you back them up then its over'll probly screw up your system... or it wont play ,but if history has taught us anything then some one will come up with a way to get around it as well. the RIAA and the MPAA need to hire geeks with for-thought not hin-sight... not our problem... but they dont want to spend the Benjamines...

163.10.2003 08:51

Quote from Motomatt>"If it's not on the radio it must suck" Where the hell did you come up with that logic? My opinion? (like anybody asked) The radio (in America) is a place that spoon-feeds the public the pablum that the record companies want you to buy. Some of the best music and artists I have heard in the past few years has been grabbing random songs off the net that I knew nothing about and certainly never heard (and in most cases never will hear) on the radio. A person has to wade through some crap to find the good stuff, but no more than the percentage of crap that's on the radio. Bottom line: Don't let greedy record and radio execs and Gucci wearing focus groups decide what music you hear. It's all out there. Think and choose for yourself. Or to put it another way, Clear Channel Broadcasting LOVES people like you.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

173.10.2003 12:08

My logic is... I have a life and a job that doesn't allow me to sit and download different types of music all day.(plus it's illegial) I dont buy CD's because they are over priced plus they get old after the first 3o times I heard them on the radio . The radio stations (in America) have different stations that you can change to receive other station's if you dont like what you hear. plus it's free Bottom line: If it's not on the radio or never has been on TV,internet,MTV,MTV2,BET,Shoutcast it absolutly has to suck

183.10.2003 17:36

smart ass

Broken Signal

195.10.2003 10:09

Okay..... well I'll admit this is kinda sad. Now I can't check out what movies are good, so I can watch it in the cinema (yes I feel the 3xp3ri3nc3), and what movies are bad. SO now I gotta pay $10 for a ticket and take the risk of watching a crap film??!!! Yeah great. I won't vote for anyone next time on the Oscars.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

207.10.2003 20:07

Seems like alot of you are missing the point, I mean look where you are AFTERDAWN.COM!!!! people, this site hold links for dvd rippers, cd rippers, and the like. It would be my guess that the people who come here would be interested in playing around with this stuff. So I'm wondering, did alot of you happen to stumble upon this site by accident?? Browse this site for a little while, and mabey youll change your mind about where your posting. we should probly have a RIAA lovers thread. Doesn't make sense. It's like Microsoft, people created it egged it on. It provided what people wanted, an operating system that allowed most computers to become compadable, now we bite it in the @$$ because their a Monopoly???? Please, we the computer users and buisnesses helped them along the way untill thier shadow got to big. Things some of you say are single viewed. I'm not trying to say that I'm all high and mighty, but at least un learn what youv'e learned for a couple minutes and see it in another light. Gray area is right, at least the MPAA are going at the source of Pirated movies instead of punishing everyone. Just a thought

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

219.10.2003 05:57

Really this site is dedicated to the loop hole yes dvd rippers work fine and p2p software is nice to get and coming to is like one stop shopping without the cost... But when did the morreles of this site since the riaa +mpaa came out there hasnt been aweek when I havent read about them what about the Hackers and the real backbone of whats new in the computer biz... product lines or whos who and how the got away with it or how they got caught..... when did this site go and start being a media hound for the riaa+mpaa? When is it going to end..... everyone has a choice down load with a p2p or go buy the new cd or be talented and take the song and record it from the radio or tv we dont care.... anymore if your still doing it then you deseve to be caught its part of Darwinisim only the smart will servive....which are you?

2221.4.2004 11:43

i think they should ban strippers club there is one near i live by a middle school i seen kids looking inside on they wayu home by the way i don't go there i don't like porno stuff im o-k with my girlfriend i don't need any of the stuff

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