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Pioneer's A07 will include 8x DVD-R and 8x DVD+R burning

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 01 Oct 2003 15:50 User comments (5)

Pioneer's A07 will include 8x DVD-R and 8x DVD+R burning According to a PDF file published by, Pioneer's upcoming DVR-A07 DVD recorder will be most likely the first recorder in the world to support 8x burning on both, DVD-R and DVD+R, main DVDR formats.
The leaked document doesn't disclose the estimated shipping date, but includes various technical details of the drive. Both 8x speed burning modes (+ and -) will use 6-8x Zone CLV speed, which means that inner circle of the disc will be burned at 6x, but as the laser reaches the outer circle of the disc, the spinning speed of the disc will remain the same, thus producing faster data burning to the outer area.

A07 drive seems to be very much identical to the existing A06 drive, but just faster writing speeds. 8x -R burning is a rather big surprise, specially if the drive starts shipping during the winter as most of the news publications have speculated that +R has now the edge over the writing speeds as there has been no announcements for 8x -R drives yet.


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5 user comments

12.10.2003 5:41

wont even owning one of these make the MPAA and others want your name and then they'll get the court to give up the names of Pioneers custmers so they can come over to your house to see why a home user needs the dvd burner... and why that persons blockbuster usage just doubled? it sounds like a great drive and when its reasonable i'm sure many will be sold.....

22.10.2003 13:23

hey mystic why does your name always say inactive yet you still make recent posts? o and yeah this hardware looks like a winner

35.10.2003 10:11

Well, if 8x media and burning is stable, then I'm gonna be fanboying this.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

47.10.2003 7:08

Take a look Next year sony are going to throw in a DVDwriter and hard disc.

57.10.2003 8:23

Traxdata are currently manufacturing 8x DVD-R media for an OEM customer in Europe (stats from Conrexx). The name of the customer has not been released but they will be the only ones with true 8x DVD-R Ritek.

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