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Artists demand double pay for crippled CDs

Written by Jari Ketola @ 14 Jan 2004 18:05 User comments (6)

Artists demand double pay for crippled CDs Music publishers and songwriters have begun demanding double royalty payments for copy protected music CDs, that contain the audio tracks in two formats -- in crippled pseudo Audio-CD format and in compressed digital format. The reasoning behind the demands is quite simple -- since two copies of the song are being sold, the royalty payments should also be made for two copies.
"From a legal standpoint, the position of the music publishers is that these discs contain two separate (copies of each song)," said Cary Ramos, an attorney representing the National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA). "The fact that they are the same recording doesn't mean that we should treat it as one."

NMPA is making a valid point, since even by RIAA's standards, an Audio CD and a digital MP3/WMA file are two separate products, even if the consumer owns the Audio CD in question. RIAA argued and pursued this point years ago in, for instance, the case.

New digital distribution channels could mean greater revenue shares for recording artists, but they will have to make their case early, and make it strong.


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6 user comments

115.1.2004 8:39

Haha! Maybe this will force the record labels to reconsider copy protection mechanisms. The real troublemakers, the pro-pirates, know how to crack those anyway.

215.1.2004 8:52

It's about time they get nailed in the butt for the crap they're pulling.

315.1.2004 9:23

Laughs as hard as he can, i love to hear news of trouble or pain in the recording industry. They have been screwing there very own customers for years! I hope they all ROTT!!!

415.1.2004 12:13

It's particularly good that the crux of the RIAA's case against is what the publishers and songwriters are citing to make their case. Let's see the RIAA back peddle out of this one.

515.1.2004 12:25

Gray Area, they'll probably consult Bagdhad Bob for their next press release.

620.1.2004 5:22

hahahaha .. looks like it is finally coming full circle .. *wipes tears from eye* this has just made my day =)

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