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BPI warns British P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Jan 2004 15:16 User comments (10)

BPI warns British P2P users Director of "British RIAA", the BPI (The British Phonographic Industry), warned British P2P users that it will start suing them if they keep on sharing their music via P2P networks.
"We want to increase consumer awareness of the legal implications of file-sharing. We want to introduce new legitimate (online download) services. If these are not working, then there has to be a degree of enforcement," said Andrew Yeates, director general of BPI.

He also said that BPI would follow the RIAA's lead and go after the users who share larger amounts of music online. Yeates also hinted that BPI -- and other European copyright organizations -- might wait until the legal music services, such as Apple's iTunes are available in Europe, before launching any larger scale legal attack against individual P2P users.

In most of the European countries, it is legal to download music from P2P networks, but not to distribute it (or as it states in various countries "to allow public to access the copyrighted works without permission from copyright owners") or share it via P2P networks.

Source: Reuters via Yahoo!

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10 user comments

114.1.2004 23:16

Here we go again. Yet more assholes who think they have the right to control the net, they've already pushed stupid laws on the internet that shouldnt be there! I mean, we as internet users should be allowed to elect our own emmm, dunno, Government like thing lol, but no, existing governments and corporations seem to believe that they have the right to tell us what to do and what not to do online. They dont seem to realise that the internet doesn't fall completely within any of their borders! I mean, I dont have to go to america to the afterdawn servers to view it, I can see it the same from Ireland. The world recording industries (especially the Recording Industry Assosiation of America) has filled politicians heads with stupid propeganda bullshit and money to get the favourable decisions from them. I mean, when you view the amount of people, lets say who support the RIAA and the the amount of people who dont, i think ud probably get a ratio of about 1:500,000. So why are these governments allowing laws to be pushed on them that they dont even understand and the majority of people oppose them? Well thats easy - Money! The industries say, oh the amount of sales lost is blah blah blah blah blah! Well have they forgotten about piracy in Asia? (not saying anything bad about asia, just making an example, most cd's sold in asia are counterfeit) or have the forgotten about the extreme lack of good music? or have they forgotten about the massive prices that just keep growing on cd's. I mean CDWOW really defeated that but now they want it closed down! This is all rediculous! So they pick the easy target, the p2p users! I'm not much of a p2p user but I hate seeing these dumbass laws pushed and people getting sued for sharing music. I mean, come on, those people could have massive cd collections, all thats being sued are customers! You think anyone who got sued will ever buy a cd again? highly doubtful! But thats the thing, people need to stop buying them completely, they are hurting the internet with these stupid non-sense laws, and yet we still go out and buy their products? I'm not saying pirate cd's, i believe that sharing is ok, but downloading and selling to make a profit is definately wrong! (Same with movies too bitch, and yes u know who you are, from london!!) So basically what I am saying is, this is all bullshit, politicians need to start listening to the people who voted for them! not the people who make big business for them to change laws!

215.1.2004 6:33

Nice going Dela! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said. My own personal solution is to boycott the products. I don't suggest you necessarily do the same. Money dictates in the music world, as most others, so the only way they can be hurt is in the pocketbook. Best to all! Rodgers

315.1.2004 10:50

The British Pornographic Industry? ;-)

415.1.2004 15:15

Somebody say porno?

515.1.2004 19:56

The RIAA is starting to lose ground in courts as those laws that make it possible for them to demand a name and address from the ISP. Last I heard, the Verison case was ruled that they no longer had to turn over names and addresses as the legal process the RIAA was using circumvented the intent of the law and they would have to file a warrent in the county that the John Doe lived in. The lastest trumpet call from the RIAA afterwards was something to the effect that sales had picked up and that a victory could be claimed in shutting down the p2p users. (Talk about spin doctoring). Most of the public has really gotten sick from the tactics and targets they set their sights on as the typical p2p file sharer that should get the full attention of the law in court. That as much as anything has encouraged many to turn away from the music stores. Hard to see how a 13 year old could financially break the music industry.

616.1.2004 7:38

If they really think that taking p2p users to court will boost their sales they are not inteligent enough to matter,Why should i spend 15 on a cd when there could be only 1 or 2 tracks i like,apart from that i can get 10 cd's for 5 or less,for 15 i can make myself 30 albums of songs i do how can they charge us 15 for 1 cd when most of the stuff in the charts these days is made by computer anyway,it all comes down to money and i cant speek for everyone but im sick of it,greedy suits in an office who have never done a days work in their sad lives.I can only hope that we all stand together on this issue and all p2p users around the world say you can stick you cd's we wont buy them....lets see how much money they make from record sales when this all kicks off.tell all your friends in the chat rooms,schools,work,pubs, fact everybody you know,spread the word(we wont buy if you take us to court ! )

71.7.2004 10:49

What crap. I'd bet my ass that 90% (or at least the majority) of the P2P downloaders out there are sharing only the GOOD songs that are discovered on the radio. As far as I'm concerned.........if it's on the's fair fuckin' game. If one can record it off the radio then one can and, more importantly, SHOULD be able to record or download off net. If they (RIAA) don't like then piss off and stop releasing on the radio. All I can suggest to people all around the world..........LET THOSE IN THE ARAB COUNTRIES UPLOAD SONGS. Kinda like Earthstation 5 (although I'm not sure of their potentially nasty intentions), they don't give a shit about the rest of the world's laws.........especially the United States'. They aren't partners in the copyright deal that many countries are part of. ES5 is based in Pakistan and I will download from them. SCREW THE RIAA!!!! Don't they realize that artists make money from the CONCERTS and 35 dollar T-shirts and NOT the record sales??

85.7.2004 8:57

Holy shit, nearly every news post I've posted in, I've mentioned this. But then, you guys never post in those "iTunes post" With iTunes you can actually pay for the songs you like, not an album. THE SONGS YOU LIKE. And it's only $1 per song. It's fucking cheap. And you guys still scream and whine about albums. The problem has already been solved. Jesus Christ you guys just want an excuse to pirate.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

914.7.2004 21:25


1015.7.2004 21:11

You seem pretty excited there mate, you ok? lol

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