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Macrovision CDS-300 protection features Windows Media DRM

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 22 Jan 2004 7:29 User comments (14)

Copy protection developers try to combine functionality with security. So far they have only been able to create crippled audio CDs with very little copy procteion. Macrovision’s latest makes use of the Windows Media Digital Rights Management, developed of course by Microsoft.
Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN) announced today that it has released its latest music protection product - the CDS-300 multi-level protection and rights management solution for music CDs. CDS-300 provides the highest level of copy protection while offering a robust and seamless user experience with flexible usage rights.
CDS-300’s dual session functionality provides consumers greater value with copy-protected CDs by offering a robust user experience that seamlessly creates playlists, exports to portable devices or makes authorized burns to a CD, and with one-click access to bonus content on the disc or premium content via web links. The product provides full playability of music CDs on audio CD/DVD players and PCs.Source: TMCnet

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14 user comments

122.1.2004 8:55

"Copy protection developers try to combine functionality with security." The words functionality and security are mutually exclusive when talking about CDs.

223.1.2004 3:32

That sounds pretty good. Less restrictions are what we are all hoping for, right? Of course they should scrap the copy-protection mechanisms completely, but I doubt they´ll do that. Not anytime soon anyway.

323.1.2004 6:57

I dont understand why they are trying so hard to copy protect audio. I is literally impossible to do. If you can hear it, it can be copied! What are they going to do, ban all imput devices such as they "headphone out" jack? If someone can play a music cd on a standalone then all they have to do is use the output jack and plug it into the inputs on the computer. I know its alot harder and you would have to comvert and split the songs after recording after done. but im sure someone will eventually make a docking station of somesort with some nice software to enable recording from a standalone.

423.1.2004 8:53

It's not about making copying songs impossible; it's about making it inconvenient and difficult. Just like P2P, they know they can never stop it 100%. They (the RIAA & it's droogies in this case) want to make it risky and difficult enough so that most people will just shrug and cough up the money at whatever the obscenely inflated prices are fixed at...

523.1.2004 8:54

They will probably outlaw headphones, headphone Jacks, tape out ports, and speakers... :)

629.1.2004 11:01

I've been using programs like Advanced Mp3/WMA recorder, Replay Radio for quite sometime. You don't even need an imput jack as these programs record right off the sound card. You can subscribe to Rhapsody for $10 per month and make as many Mp3's as you want and use Musicmatch Jukebox to put the titles and art work onto the Mp3's. Best of all you can store the files on a device such as the 20GB Nomad Jukebox II and have hours of virus free music to listen to. It is pointless. Well I'll be copying these CD's to Mp3 all day long and my collection will continue to grow. Boy such retards. Voodoohippie

71.2.2004 14:47

music match can automaticaly separate tracks on line in audio- i use that for my old lps and cassettes

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81.2.2004 14:52

I wonder if I can get Music Match to record from the Stereo Mixer when I use Rhapsody? I have MMJB 7.5. Voodoohippie

92.2.2004 0:20

This is a question for vudoo. I am Atempting to do the same with rhapsody as you are but every recording i atempt plays fine for about 40 or so seconds and then has a little blip that sounds like a cd skiping. i was wondering if you had the same prob or if you know of where i might read up about this prob or something. Ive tried three diff recording progs. one of which being Advanced Mp3/WMA recorder with still no luck. please help!!

102.2.2004 15:26

If you have a really cheap sound card it may not work as well. Also the processor speed makes a big difference. You must have a high speed connection. If the music is skipping it could also be that your not setting the program to record to Mp3 and the bitrate should be 192 or higher. 128 just won't cut it so make sure your rate is at least 192. You should be able to hit play on Rhapsody and quickly hit record on Advanced Mp3/WMA recorder. Voodoohippie

112.2.2004 23:51

I should also mention that is only in the recording not in the actual playback of the file

123.2.2004 5:07

Well it sounds like a problem with your Internet not keeping a steady rate. Are you sure you have fast speed? If your trying to use a dial up connection with Rhapsody it won't work sorry you need either Cable or DSL. But some cable companies have a very poor connection and the net can't keep a constant speed. If this happens go DSL.

135.2.2004 12:49

I also use Replay Radio and have captured Internet Radio for my listening pleasure later. Is there any way to capture the mp3 tags for songs as they are recorded from something like LaunchCast or Rhapsody? Right now all my mp3 have worthless info in the tags.

145.2.2004 13:52

No there is no way to capture the tags for Rhapsody. Best suggestion I have for you is to use Musicmatch Jukebox Plus and after you write the name of the song and the artist Musicmatch will look up the album info and artwork. And Launchcast is the same way. However the sound quality of Launch cast is not as good as Rhapsody. If you want to capture good Radio you'll need to capture some stuff from Winamps Radio guide or Either way you'll have excellent Audio. It is still very worth while to subscribe to Rhapsody and use that Advanced Mp3/WMA recorder. Voodoohippie

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