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Recycle your promotional Pepsi iTunes?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Jan 2004 14:04 User comments (3)

Recycle your promotional Pepsi iTunes? A rebel group that boycotts the major record labels has come up with a neat way of making something good out of the upcoming promotion campaign by Pepsi that will be launched on February 1st during the Super Bowl.
In the promotion, Pepsi will hand out 100 million promotional iTunes downloads -- each Pepsi cap sold in States after February 1st, will have a 1:3 chance of winning a free iTunes download. Unfortunately, says the team behind the idea of, this means ultimately a $65 million to major record labels unless something is done about it.

The Tune Recycler campaign is aimed at people who don't have any intention whatsoever to install iTunes even should they win a free download (or a hundred free songs, if you need bit more caffeine :-) by purchasing a bottle of Pepsi. Tune Recycler urges these people to send their winning code to Tune Recycler, which will then use the code to purchase music from independent record labels that are well-known for treating their artists and fans well (unlike most of the major record labels do).

A short quote from their site: "Every week or so, we'll be choosing independent artists and an album of theirs which we will repeatedly purchase using the donated codes (if we buy enough copies of a single album, we might be able to move it up the charts-- it's not too hard these days). All the artists will be from independent labels with reputations for treating artists fairly. Once we get started on February 1st, we'll list the artists [on our site]."

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3 user comments

130.1.2004 2:53

I drink Pepsi. Count me in!

230.1.2004 10:17

This is an interesting idea. I like the idea of promoting the indi lables/artists. One question. Who gets the song files?

331.1.2004 11:41

if i get a winner under my pepsi cap, i'll just throw it away. I can get a better free selection off kazaa or edonkey anyway

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