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Some MP3s with that Kalashnikov?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 09 Feb 2004 14:38 User comments (4)

British company called AudioBooksForFree has developed an interesting concept of something that they call an AK-MP3. It is a 20GB HDD-based portable MP3 player that is built into an ammunition clip of world's (most likely) best known assault rifle, AK-47.
Kalashnikov AK-47 is favoured by various guerilla organizations, Iraqi soldiers and pretty much by everybody (including kids, women, etc in various occassions :-) outside western countries. Anyway, the AK-MP3 can be actually attached to an AK-47 in place of its original ammo clip. The player costs $350 and weights around 450g with lithium-ion battery.

"This is our bit for World Peace," jokes one of the partners behind ABFF, Russian ex-rock-star Andrey Koltakov, "Hopefully, from now on many Militants and Terrorists will use their AK47s to listen to music and audio books... They need to chill out and take it easy."

We apologize for posting such old article as we didn't realize that this product made the headlines already last year, but apparently as the product launch date approaches, various news agencies have picked up the story again.

More information: ABFF

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4 user comments

19.2.2004 16:49

So if you bought a chest bandoleir for AK mags you could conceivably carry up to 140 GB of music! I think schools and such may have a problem with it tho :)

29.2.2004 17:22

I have a great idea AK-47 pez despenser magazines

39.2.2004 18:11

Now THAT I would buy!

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415.2.2004 11:46

Sounds like a gread idea! One can listen to ones illegally downloaded tunes while picking off members of the RIAA!!!

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