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RIAA sues more P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Feb 2004 13:38 User comments (26)

RIAA sues more P2P users RIAA continued its manhunt that it launched last summer against individual P2P users by suing 531 more P2P users in States.
RIAA was forced to change its DMCA-based subpoena tactics in January, when the federal appeals court ruled that ISPs don't need to hand out subscriber details to RIAA without a lawsuit. That decision meant that RIAA had to make sure that the users they're targeting were indeed violating copyright laws and then RIAA has to sue the users using their IP addresses, P2P usernames and online time details to file a "John Doe" lawsuit against the users.

RIAA used the new method first time in January 2004 when it sued 532 P2P users. The latest lawsuits were filed in federal courts of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando and Trenton.

Source: Reuters

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26 user comments

117.2.2004 13:50

FUCK EM' they'll never win

217.2.2004 14:15

Very well said pcshateme. I feel badly for those getting sued but RIAA is throwing money down the toilet with this idiotic campaign. Combine that with the fact that they haven't been able to put out anything worth buying in years and they're a sinking ship. They may have big moneymakers now, but alot of the up and coming bands who will prove to be moneymakers in the future are going to look elsewhere for small labels that will treat them fairly. I look forward to it.

317.2.2004 15:17

Why dont we all get together and have a public CD burning!!

417.2.2004 16:04

The EPA would probably sue us for polluting the air.

517.2.2004 16:20

if the record companies would lower the price of the music relative to the cost their spending to stop me from robbing them, I'd stop robbing them!The music that they put out these days is so horrible,it's a crime to think someone could get sued for downloading this crap!

618.2.2004 4:31

its simple what to do if they name you n try n frighten you just claim DISCRIMINATION there must be close to a billion p2p ppl in the world and they are picking on but a hand full a court would throw RIAA right out if it has an ounze of sense oohh thats 2 ounze more than RIAA have agrees fully with pcshateme

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718.2.2004 9:12

How do they prove that the Registered IP was the one doing the downloading, anyway usernames are not usually a legal name for anyone so the owner could just say 'No one of thet name here'

818.2.2004 9:45

We can say "FUCK EM'" all we want. If it's not backed up by actions the money WILL win. I see some evidence of a few (VERY few) people actually putting their money where there mouth is, like The rest of us are just bitching. It's not like I disagree with the posts here, I do agree, BUT, it's time to put up or shut up.

918.2.2004 9:52

i would like to do something- what ppl need to do is if they get caught- DONT SETTLE- bring it to court- NO JURY WOULD EVER CONVICT YOU.

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1018.2.2004 9:54

Gray Area gimme an idea how to help n am very willing to:) DaOsT

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1118.2.2004 10:09

Follow the link in my post above to for lots of good ideas, and most of all, stop buying CDs and "itunes" (on-line music buying) from the major labels and convince as many of your friends and acquaintances as you can to do the same. One other thing, if you are going to use P2P, share. Nothing will kill it faster than if a majority of people stop making files available for upload...

1218.2.2004 10:15

just a note- but irc search engines can give you download triggers for irc chat rooms- i just downloaded a whole album at 364/k mp3 in 10 minutes! once thats catches on the RIAA will have another losing fight on its hands!!

1318.2.2004 10:29

THANXS Grayarea will do I always share between 1500 and 2000 songs depending on what ppl ask 4 pcshateme mind if I pick your brains tomorra on how to use irc I have wanted to get into it along time but its summat I cannot get My head around for some reason .....and I wouldn't say I was a noob at pc stuff either thanxs DaOsT

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1418.2.2004 10:39

Gray Area- i want to do the sticker campaign thing but im afraid i might get nabbed for doing that in a store. Can I get in trouble for doing that? DAOST- use my guide on my website-

1518.2.2004 10:44

leave the link 4 ya site if its cool I am gone till tomorrow now cheers DaOsT

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1618.2.2004 10:47

its in my sig- i thought it would show up in here but it didnt anyway

1718.2.2004 11:06

pcshateme, >"Can I get in trouble for doing that?" Probably... but not a bunch. I did not see a FAQ on the site that answered that question. The people who run the org are pretty responsive. Send them an e-mail and ask the question. Post the answer for us, would ya? I'd like to know that too.

1818.2.2004 11:12

i just emailed em- ill tell you guys how it turns out

1918.2.2004 11:40

they replied about a half hour latter: "If you put stickers on cds and get caught you might get in trouble, and we have no idea what would happen (it would depend on what the store managers did). Though we should note that the stickers can removed fairly easily. We haven't heard of anyone getting caught yet, but you should sticker at your own risk-- it's civil disobedience." i guess i'll donate $ to them instead of posting stickers myself.

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2018.2.2004 11:55

I want to do the sticker thing also.. Even if I only let a few people know about whats going on. Thats good enough and better than just doing nothing at all.. Matt

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2118.2.2004 12:59

pcshateme, Thanks for following up on that. Putting up posters and flyers is protected by your right to free speech so far... as long as it's in a public place where it's legal to post stuff. You can download pdf files at the site for printing. You can't get in trouble for what your tee shirt says either. This is cool. This is what we need. If enough people get actively involved in this the entertainment thugs will not be able to keep steamrolling us. Guess that's why they call it activism.

2218.2.2004 14:19

i get or make a few tshirts and wear em around campus

2318.2.2004 14:38

Boycott shirts and stickers can be had at It's a good site, I check it every day.

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2419.2.2004 3:35

If the RIAA has any real evidence of their claims, in order to get the evidence, in my opinion they must have invaded 531 P2P users Privacy. Here in America that is a violation of the Constitution. My guess is the RIAA will get nowhere and I look forward to some counter suits on the part of the damaged individuals. Best to All! Rodgers

2519.2.2004 6:33

Rodgers, you sure didn't have to wait long to get your wish! :D That is rich! (for those who havn't had their coffee yet, see the story) RIAA sued under organized crime legislation

2619.2.2004 7:27

Hi. I am a musician from Dallas, TX. I am a part of an up and coming band here in Texas and we have chosen to go the route of small indie labels to distribute our music. I am really quite furious with the RIAA's assault on their consumers. The record companies have bee making boatloads of money off artists for so long now. In the end it is the artist that suffers, most often because the labels throw the bands away after they are done with them. I have been downloading music for about three years now, and I am definitely addicted to it! I prefer to download, not only for the convenience and privacy, but also to hit those record company fucks right in the wallet! If those labels were a little smarter and a lott less greedy, they would realize that they can still sell music through the use of innovative and creative packaging and design. If they tried to not be at odds with everyone downloading, but worked with them, in the end their artists would sell probably twice as many concert tickets and merchandise! If I hear music online that I really like, i will probably pay the price to go see the band perform live. As opposed to being charged $17.00 for a CD! I would also like to add that I USED to be a fan of Metallica. Ever since the lawsuit against Napster, I have had very little respect for those guys...Not to mention the fact that thier music sucks ass now! Downloading will never stop. It is the future, and the future is here! The RIAA's stance is just fucking ridiculous! It's like selling someone a computer with a CD burner, but telling them not to use it to burn anything. Fucking morons.

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