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Apple falls short of targets with iTunes

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Mar 2004 14:31 User comments (6)

Apple falls short of targets with iTunes Apple originally had set a goal to sell more than 100 million songs via its online music store, iTunes, by April this year, but it today announced that it has so far managed to sell just above 50 million songs. Still a whopping success, but well behind the goals.
The figure, however, excludes the Pepsi promotion sales that itself account -- at least theoretically -- to 100M songs. Apple set the target of 100 million songs back in October, 2003 when it launched its Windows version of iTunes. However, Apple stated that it is now selling more than 2.5 million songs per week, which accounts to total of 130M songs per year if the pace stays at the current level.

Source: ZDNet UK

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6 user comments

115.3.2004 15:44

down with all these "legal" music download stores!

215.3.2004 18:03

It's simple. People who give any money to these companies have got to be complete and total tools.

316.3.2004 3:49

Another issue that will come up soon is that Apple is not allowed to sell music. I am surprised there is not a lawsuit already, they already got in trouble 20 years ago for it. Originally the name Apple was the Beatles record label. When Apple came along 10 years later and used the brand name Apple, they were sued by the Beatles. As part of the agreement they were allowed to continue to use the Apple name but could never sell music.

416.3.2004 6:18

i hate apple already because of there expencive hardware (computers and the ipod) while other companys have just as good (usualy better) hard ware for half the price. Jobs can go to hell- along with all those mac freaks.

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517.3.2004 0:31

There are plenty of free filesharing programs on the net. People are never gonna stop illegally swapping music for free (and films, programs, etc) as its getting easier to do every day... apple is a joke, iTunes (has a great visualizer,) is free to download. Free everything is coming in via technology and the entire money system is crumbling. metallica killed napster and up sprung kazaa, now we have bearshare and myster and there will always be a million more to come, getting more efficient for us 'criminals' exponentially....

617.3.2004 0:43

oh yeah and lets all enjoy our pointless little lives being force fed media mainstream corporation dogshit garbage every single minute until we die having accomplished nothing for humanity....

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