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Disney to expand disposable DVD trials

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Mar 2004 14:50 User comments (33)

Disney to expand disposable DVD trials Despite pretty massive consumer criticism, Disney has announced that it will expand its disposable DVD trials to several new locations in the United States.
The discs, that aim to replace regular rental DVDs, are called EZ-D and made by a company called Flexplay. They come packed in a airtight packaging and once the wrap is opened, the disc's surface will slowly change, making the disc totally unreadable after 48 hours.

The new trials will begin in Florida and other major markets in U.S. Southwest, followed by trials due to start in September in various other major metropolitan areas, including Kansas City and Austin. Disney also plans to drop the price of the discs from the current $6.99 to $5.99 a disc.

"We are extremely happy with the test, which proved that there is a consumer desire to have an alternative to traditional video rental," said Buena Vista marketing manager Lori MacPherson. "That's why we are more than doubling our retail test markets and adding additional titles."


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33 user comments

115.3.2004 15:21

its never going to work, unless they drop the price to that of a rental.

215.3.2004 15:46

its a waste of plastic too. im no environmentalist- but thats a complete waste. and who would pay $6 for a dvd that "dies"- i mean you can rent it for like $2 and that same dvd you rent can be viewed thousands of times by hundreds of customers. its completely uneconomical.

315.3.2004 15:49

Anyone know if these DVD's are burnable???

415.3.2004 15:54

if your pc can read it- you can burn it

515.3.2004 15:59

thanks, guess if you build it, they will come....

615.3.2004 20:15

Yes indeed the sheep will come... It's a riduiculous idea and just reaffirms in my mind what a wasteful country America is. Now if they had any common sense they'd use recycled plastic or make it so the discs are recyclable.

715.3.2004 22:18

I agree that most disney titles should be thrown in the bin.. Seriously though, what kind of cretin would dream up disposable disks??.

816.3.2004 6:26

It just goes to show... don't leave important business decisions to people who live with dwarves and play with mice! LOL... their logic is... it really bombed here... maybe we should go somewhere else and try it... basically, they'll keep trying it until they have a successful "trial" and then go: "LOOK! LOOK! It works!"

916.3.2004 7:08

I am disappointed that American companies can continue to abuse the environment in this way. Look at any American tower block and all the PCs and their monitors are humming away all night (because people are too lazy to turn them off, then on in the morning) Cars are used for all transport, even when a trip to the corner shop could be nice and healthy, they create every conceivable disposable item, including now,incredulously DVDs and flout international agreements on global warming, energy and other crises. The Day After Tomorrow will probably also be released in this disposable format. If Americans understood irony, then that would be something. Paul.

1016.3.2004 7:16

oh yeah its all us americans faults- WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES- its the whole damn planet, so stop acting like the us is somesort of shit hole - all you know is what your BBC tells you.

1116.3.2004 7:29

Oh yes, I'm sorry, of course, it isn't America and American business fault, after all. Of course, you are not reponsible for over 50% of the world's energy consumption. And your politicians don't flip the bird at international conventions of ecology and recycling. And it certainly isn't America that has abandoned the Kyoto agreement, or other conventions designed to ensure your children (if you spawn) don't have to suffer raising sea levels, global warming, extinction level climatic change and other assorted nicities. When you are in the position of being a leading country, lead by example. Who is surprised other countries join in when the biggest perpetrator has cloth ears and an arrogant attitude. Take a trip to Austria, Germany or Switzerland and take a leaf from their book and the world will indeed be a better place. Wake up and smell the third world (unfair trade) coffee your Starbucks peddles by the billion Gallon load and walk to School, work, or whatever it is that you do do. Paul.

1216.3.2004 7:57

@loaded someone had to say it.. In TOTAL agreement with you.

1316.3.2004 8:12

Alright, WHO rattled the yanks cage??? Don't do it ANYMORE, OK. They are insecure enough WITHOUT having reality shown them... Please think first, emotionally unstable and insecure entities with that much power DO NOT react well to the truth.. Please, can everyone just be careful with your responses and try to keep them calm (I think the sugar in their diet makes them excitable!!). Byeee...

Life is just more of the same:

1416.3.2004 8:14

I agree that the basic idea that throw away DVDs are just bad. Disney is marketing a throw away mentality to the Hummer driving-live out in the country-too much money crowd. I have a couple observations. The discs are in fact recyclable. They are testing a mail back program. The energy and cost of doing that is totally out of whack with the benefits. Basically it's like spending three bucks to recycle a styrofoam cup... The cost of production of the disks themselves is so cheap as to be near zero sum in the overall cost of things, but they CAN be re-used hundreds of times if not made to purposely "die". Note to Disney, STOP PANDERING TO LAZY RICH FU@KS AND DO THE RIGHT THING FOR A CHANGE. For those few who may like parts of the idea, check out Netflix. It's a way better set up.

1516.3.2004 8:33

i agree, netflix is much better than this idea, and you don't even have to goto the store to get the movie.

1616.3.2004 8:41

I wish they WOULD get off their fat, lazy asses and get on the cutting edge. Screw DVDs... deliver our content digitally. No pollution, no waste, no real costs... pure profit for them, ease of use for us... and the planet sighs in relief.

1716.3.2004 11:06

i realy think its ironic that the europeans think of the americans as selfish and greedy, when it was the europeans who spent the last 400 years conquring and plundering other nations. maybe thats why the world is as screwed up as it is? did you ever think of that? i know my nation has and is doing some unglorious things, but get off your high horse and wake up.

1816.3.2004 11:17

And it certainly isn't America that has abandoned the Kyoto agreement, or other conventions designed to ensure your children (if you spawn) don't have to suffer raising sea levels, global warming, extinction level climatic change and other assorted nicities. We abandoned the Kyoto agreement, because it punished us and let other countries do what they want. Next thing you know you guys in other countries will want the U.N to take our guns because people are getting shot over there. Everybody cries about the U.S until they need us. Now back on the topic at hand Disposable dvds are a bad idea eco and economically. D

1916.3.2004 12:21

Sorry 1 more rant on you U.S. bashers...check this link out. It seems China's coal fires polute more than we do but I dont hear you liberals crying about them why?...because the U.S. will actually listen but China won't....hmmmm Thanx for listening to a rattled yank D

2016.3.2004 12:31

So what if we get a bunch of garbage DVD's. We can ship them to Europe and you can make furniture out of them if you're worried about the environment.

2116.3.2004 12:41

yeah i mean were not ignorant fat bald guys like you think- i do believe i was the one to bring up the environment in the first place. anyway- who cares- disney is a crappy company, and other than finding nemo havent had a decent movie in decades- plus they have a sequel shitting machine- every time they have a semi success- they shit out a sequel a month latter. pirates of the carribean 2 (animated) is comming out next month!!! and i know this isnt a political forum, but you europeans should stop disrespecting america- i mean who helped you out before in WW1 and 2 ? so stuff your attitude where it belongs.

2216.3.2004 12:51

Yes and with a bit of luck, if you keep pushing, you will have to help out with WWIII as well. And lets not forget it took you guys a while to get involved with the winning side last time.... You are right about one thing, though. This is not a political forum and it is hypocritical of me, with my status, to carry on like this. Paul.

2316.3.2004 13:05

if ww3 starts- it will because nations like yours were too scared to do anything about terorism. and disney is slowly going out of bussiness- the ceo was fired and the bottom has been falling out- many executives have quit from the company, and disney is now for sale- believe it or not NO ONE WANTS IT. this ez dvd thing is stupid- i asked a bunch of students at my school today and NONE of like 50 thought this was a cool idea.

2416.3.2004 15:00

Funny how free markets take care of themselves. Those with crappy overpriced products tend to change or not stick around. We don't need laws telling us what we can and can't make and how much to sell it for.

2517.3.2004 1:59

pcshateme quote "if ww3 starts- it will because nations like yours were too scared to do anything about terorism." I think us brits have a bit more experience with terrorism than you give us credit for.

2617.3.2004 9:19

A news headline in the not to distant future, "Disposable DVDs blamed for start of WW3". Uh, topic of thread?... Actually I find this thread amusing.

2717.3.2004 11:36

GrayArea : I think you are the sort of person I could sit down with and enjoy quite a few beers :-) Paul.

2818.3.2004 7:34

loaded, if you're ever in Sandpoint ID look me up at Eichardt's pub, mug#47. I'll spot you a pint. :-)

2918.3.2004 8:46

As a side note. If WWW3 does start, we'll probably have to bail you out like we did the first two wars... -American

3018.3.2004 10:42

common, i dont have anything against europeans unless they have something against me- lets please get back on topic.

3118.3.2004 10:51

"Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings." Bob Dylan If we are going to go way off topic and discuss world politics here can we at least talk like adults about some real issues? The finger pointing, empty-headed flag waving, and the "my country is better than your country" stuff is getting real old.

3229.3.2004 15:45

It's the attitude of people that's the most distressing thing, why let a company produce this shit? Obviously they have money and are pwowerful, but i can't believe that as consumers we're powerless to do anything about it. It's not china or europe or australia that keeps bringing out these stupid ideas, it's america, and thus the american sledging. Don't take it personal, it's not, but nobody's innocent, especially if you buy one of these disposable disks, hell, i might even track you down myself and beat some sense into you.

3329.3.2004 16:03


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