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MPEG-4 video recording and auto-focus cameras to cell phones

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 May 2004 11:57

MPEG-4 video recording and auto-focus cameras to cell phones The cell phones equipped with cameras (aka cam phones) are getting more and more popular, pioneered by Nokia 7650 -model couple of years back. Now the manufacturers are releasing their 2nd generation cam phones with improved resolutions of 1M pixels and up. I have personally seen the results of the upcoming Nokia 1M pixel model and I can assure you that the quality improvement is dramatic.
But as expected, the progress doesn't end here. According to the source auto focusing optics are on they way to cam phones. This is good news, since after the resolution upgrade the non-existing optics is the bottle neck in the picture quality.

And it gets better. On their way are also digital signal processors with more imaging power. Digitimes report that the Atsana J2211 processor is able to perform MPEG-4 video compression as well as the auto-focus feature. The MPEG-4 playback is already announced to be featured in cell phones, but the video recording to MPEG-4 format with a higher resolution and auto-focusing optics should provide a great improvement to the low quality cam phone video recordings.


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