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RIAA sues yet another 493 P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 24 May 2004 4:03 User comments (6)

RIAA sues yet another 493 P2P users Recording Industry Association of America continues its holy war against the P2P users and has sued yet another 493 P2P network users in the United States.
Latest lawsuit pile puts the total figure of sued individuals close to 3,000 since September, 2003. RIAA has been forced to sue the individual as "John Does" since it lost its court case and couldn't threaten ISPs to hand out personal details of their users without sueing them first.

Organization also said that it has filed 24 lawsuits where it knows the personality of the file-sharer and said that all of those personally named have denied to settle their cases out of court.

Source: MSNBC

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6 user comments

124.5.2004 18:33

if that was me, and i was going to court with the RIAA id come with a shotgun and blow those fuckhead sell out lawyers off the face of the planet :-) but thats just me!

225.5.2004 08:37

Yep, that is you I'd take their eyes and tongue out with some red hot each their own, I say!

325.5.2004 13:58

I'm just gonna sit here and download all the music I want and I don't care who knows, it's legal here in Canada heh heh! I feel pity for you people. I guess with a dumb-ass like Bush as president you kinda expect these things.

426.5.2004 08:31

I'm hoping I'll get Judge Judy ... I'd love to bench slap that bitch!

53.6.2004 16:48

I will not purchase any form of recorded music until the RIAA Nazis stop their BULLSHIT. If they want to be dickheads, I say hit 'em hard in their wallets!

64.6.2004 05:13

...... fuck them anywyas rondack said lets dont but any recorded music One or 2 dont make any difference lets keep downloading and uploading shit to kazaa MHC Maria =)

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