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Japanese P2P software developer indicted

Written by Jari Ketola @ 01 Jun 2004 16:25 User comments (4)

Japanese P2P software developer indicted Isamu Kaneko, the developer of Winny peer-to-peer software, was indicted by the prosecutors on Monday. Kaneko was charged with violating the Japanese Copyright Law by creating a tool to assist people in downloading and sharing copyrighted material.
Kaneko has denied the charges, which by any standard, are odd at best. The prosecutors, however, said Kaneko has stated that he does not support the current copyright system, and has also commented that violating copyright laws is the way to fight the system.

Software developers are supporting Kaneko. Which ever way the ruling goes, it will set an important precedent.

Source: Asahi

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4 user comments

11.6.2004 18:52

Nan Dai Or Baka Yeahro! Or something like that. Anyway, personally, I thought I would hear of P2P stuff from Japan way earlier than now.... my my, they have kept quiet haven't they?

22.6.2004 10:02

Let's make bricks illegal. You can use them to smash jewelry store windows and steal stuff.

32.6.2004 13:05

I don't know if this is directly related or not, but i thought i was weird that this morning I got a message from someone in Japan over WinMX. Unfortunately my computer doesn't have JP language support so i have no idea what he said except for this URL: which I followed, and as anyone can tell it is the Recording Industry Association of Japan, which i was completely unaware even existed until today. So like, am i gonna be sued by Japan now? *_*? Kinda ironic cause I live in the US... and i thought the RIAA was enough to worry about! >_<

415.6.2004 18:07

Darling...there is an English link at the top right hand corner to see it in eigo. And they are just IMing users on WinMX telling them to stop. No biggie. Kinda funny actually. >>; *emi*

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