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RIAA sues another 750 P2P users

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 28 Oct 2004 21:23 User comments (13)

RIAA sues another 750 P2P users The Recording Industry Association of America filed another 750 suits against alleged illegal song swappers on Thursday. This brings the total number of suits to 6,191. The suits filed Thursday include students from 13 different universities. This action appears to be a response by the RIAA to the facts disclosed recently that showed overall P2P traffic was not negatively affected by their legal actions. "In order for legitimate services to continue their growth, we cannot ignore those who take and distribute music illegally," RIAA President Cary Sherman said. "There must be consequences to breaking the law, or illegal downloading will cripple the music community's ability to support itself now or invest in the future."
While use of networks such as Fasttrack is dropping, the eDonkey network is increasing in users daily. Also, BitTorrent is being used to swap large files but not small files generally, such as MP3 files. As the RIAA keep victimizing P2P users as opposed to accepting P2P as a new technology and finding out ways to co-exist with it, new ambitious projects are underway. New P2P networks such as ANts P2P and Mute claim they can offer P2P users anonymity, mainly by changing the search results systems to show a HASH code of a user instead of an IP address and routing file transfers so that the real distributor and the real receiver are hiding their identities from each other. Of course, that begs the question; can I be sued for routing a file from the distributor to the receiver?


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13 user comments

129.10.2004 7:17

Honestly, this will never end. They can't sue all the millions of people d/ling music. They should use their brain and think of a way to cash in from the technology of the internet. The RIAA is greedy and they want to monopolize the music industry. Using scare tactics won't work for them. I would really like to meet some of the top cheese of the RIAA...Ha would be a good laugh.

229.10.2004 12:05

it is just a matter of time WHEN they will come after someone. Kazaa was destroyed because RIAA, MPAA kept victimizing its users. other networks kept groving( especially edonkey network). guess what network is targeted now? edonkey... I already received 2 MPAA letters. I can say that they target by filename. they don't give a sh** if a movie is in english or other language. they don't give a sh** if it is the right one- as long as file is something similar to movie they are protecting. they don't give a sh** if you have a part of file or all- one time I was sharing a full movie, another time- took it off the time it was downloaded to my computer. they work weekends too, by the way (or it is somehow automatized process). I do encourage all p2p users swich to smaller networks, which is not on RIAA and MPAA target list yet. When they will grow, you will have to switch again. there is a way to share files without fear on any network. here is what you have to do: 1 zip (rar or do some other compression to a file) 2 protect compressed file with password. 3 rename *zip , *rar or other compression format file you just made to something stupid- *me, *bu, *pir or whatsoever 4 make a file name unattractive, for example: hnejghwreooif4njhfe5 5 for extra security slice file into 2 parts- one very small, just a few kilobytes or megabytes. - in that way it will be not readable by any program as long as you don't have a missing file part. benefits of this? well you won't get any letters from RIAA or MPAA, you will not get sued, you can share such files ON ANY NETWORK! i mean file sharing is legal so far , is it? as long as you not infringe with coopyright:). well in order to prove othervise they will have to hook to something- file name won't work, if they will download file, they will not be able to see what is it. so GOOD LUCK FOR THEM!:) well there is only disadvantage- users loose search function... you are not able to search for some files you want... well, then look for friends- when you will know someone that he is not RIAA or MPAA agent, you will be able to share files with them. and send passwords and file parts to them. of course they have to share something with you... so, i guess that is the future for edonkey network, because it is already on fatMTXfckrs list...

329.10.2004 12:21

and just think about it. ALL PEOPLE ARE SURE THAT RIAA IS AFTER ILLEGAL FILE SHARING! the truth is that THEY ARE NOT!!!!!! they know that file sharing will never end. it is like internet- you have to shut down everything, so nobody will be able to do anything. but RIAA had a smart plan to make some profit without not doing anything. actually they have new product: POTENCIAL CUSTOMER SUING they don't have to make cds anymore. all they do is just search for someone who chare files and sue them! just think about it- an average song costs from 0.49$ to 2$ . HOW ABOUT A 1000 $ for a song? AND THAT IS AFTER YOU CONFISCATE someones computer, cd collection and some other stuff. so that is how RIAA make profits. 6,191 people hah, well let's say that for a 191 people was released somehow (featured in RIAA sh**** comercials, give up computers and whatsoever). now lets get to other 6,000 people. well here you go- 6,000 x 1,000$ = 6000000 $! (at least, asuming that all shared just one song). and that is when they didn't invested in anything- no cd release, no pay for musicians, no comercials to make, just plain profit!!! (guess what- infringers have to pay even court expences). so you still think they protecting their coopyrighted stuf? you think they making sure that musicians or other artists are paid enough? or you think that RIAA is making sure that its potential customers are satisfied? --------- no, they just after your money. one or another way they will get it from you. even without selling anything for you.

429.10.2004 12:29

and guess what- even they will shut down all p2p network i will still share my cd or mp3 collection - just will give a frien a copy on cd in person. and they ca ki** my a**.

529.10.2004 12:39

all that stuff is what RIAA or MPAA is saying is that when you purchase a CD or a DVD (or even a download from such legal networks like itunes ) you don't by a product. you buy a licence to use it. compare for yourself: a licence to live in a house (situation is even worse than a rent) an owning a house well how does it sound? I mean everyone will give a credit to artwork creators (in my example with a house for builders), but you can't use it freely. even more- RIAA or MPAA can come to you one day and take your cds or dvds (in direct or indirect (to sue you for some cosmic amount of money, so you will have to give up even your cd, dvd collection to pay a fine) meaning) and tell you that you missuse them... how is that sounds????

629.10.2004 12:57

STOP PIRACY (robbery on the high seas). SINK THE JOLLY ROGER. Especially the one that went to Norway to rob a Linux DVD player! Hear all the latest "HITS" for free on the radio.

730.10.2004 9:40

ill have a little say here. Renaming files and using password protection does not help P2P, it just does serious damage to it. Information on users sharing potentially copy protected works is not always gotten through means of filenames. For example, on the eD2K network, all they need is the hash of the file and you can track the users who have the file. If you want to share only with friends, then use Grouper, but networks such as eD2K were not setup for people to find ways to selectively share with others, its a worldwide network. As for the files on eD2K, 90% of fakes were put there by affiliates of the entertainment induistry, this is known as P2P Poisoning. It doesn't have a serious affect on the eD2K network, as eD2K users generally use file linking sites instead of the search feature. Because files are transfered in small parts on eD2K, someone with an incomplete file, has blocks of data that are completely useless without the rest of the file, even though you can still receive a DMCA or EUCD etc. letter from the MPAA or whoever, they wouldn't take further action as they'd probably have no case in court. So how will P2P survive? 1. File routing (basically P2P2P, someone sends a file to another user on the network, who then redirects the file to the intended user - successfully blocking the uploaders IP Adress from the downloader) 2. New Search Methods (When you search for a file on Kazaa, the search query is handled by other users on the network, when you receive a search query, if you have a file that matches, you send back a message like "whatever.mp3 -" - of course your real IP Address will be with it. On networks such as Mute a search result doesnt do this, instead is sends a HASH code instead of the IP Address so you cant tell who is sharing the file.) 3. Encryption (Using P2P2P means a file you are sending to someone goes through another computer before it gets to the end user, could this middle man be RIAA/IFPI? No problem, just keep the data encrypted with some clever mechanism and use a safe method to send the encryption keys to the end user like sending the keys through multiple other users on the network etc.) The three above would make tracking users very near impossible, all todays used methods short of tapping someone's internet activity would fail, but encryption would probably help you there too. Now as for the RIAA, it was already mentioned that they are not really targetting illegal files, but other issues, however I dont believe they are using this just as a new business, although that would be an added bonus for them. What they seem to be doing is trying to get P2P made completely illegal, as ears grow over at the Big Four that indie artists and independant labels now have a new FREE EXTREMELY FAST method of distributing music. How long does it take a CD to ship worldwide? a few weeks? how long does it take a file to distribute worldwide using P2P?? a matter of hours, or in cases, a matter of minutes. There is evidence that the RIAA fears this, for example, they told congress that P2P users had a huge conspiracy to spread child porn worldwide. Then they went ahead and said kids would have access to hardcore porn on P2P, then said terrorists may use P2P as a way to trade information that could lead to terrorist attacks. Now if they really gave a shit about illegal files on the network, then why mention these other factors? which by the way, are completely bullshit. There is extreme amounts of child porn on the WWW alone as it is legal in some countries. You can find information on how to make explosives etc on the WWW or in your library and everybody knows about the amazing amount of porn sites there are online. So should we shut down the entire internet? no, that would justify making VCR's and DVD players illegal as anyone with a brain could link either to child porn. Some RIAA CD's lyrics are about sex and violence and double standards arent acceptable! Basically the future of P2P lies in the users hands, it is up to us to keep developing new idea's and networks that could help. It will be interestiong to see how it all turns out!

831.10.2004 15:27

p2p is on the way out anyway, if you know where to look, irc is way better.

91.11.2004 1:21

I for one am boycotting all forms of pre-recorded music as long as the RIAA continues their bullshit.

101.11.2004 8:38

Dela, I totally agree and have said as much myself, the RIAA is running scared and is attempting to kill a free distribution method in favor of their own. rondack, I am already doing this, I listen to the radio (oldies usually) when I am in need of tunes. Otherwise I have my own rather large music collection which I paid for and will do with what I choose. I also recommend others follow this same tactic to show the RIAA members what we really think of their tactics. Starcruiser

111.11.2004 9:10

Definately true, pcshateme, P2P sucks compared to IRC. you can find almost anything you want there, where as P2P is hit-or-miss, and most of the time crappy quality anyways.

122.11.2004 19:23

Dela, you are right. these companies will do anything to shut down all p2p networks. in fact they even would like to pay tons of money if they could go back some time ago and buy a patent to internet. that would be ultimate CONTROL and their fat-dirty-ritch dream. what I was talking about is just a temporary solution, before something real invented. Grouper... I don't trust this software- it might be done with some RIAA, MPAA cooperation . I did joined movement for regaining my rights as a customer- I don't buy any music or movies. even p2p networks will be shut down, I will find a way to get music and movies- example- 2-3-4 or whatsoever number of friends buy cd or dvd, then they make a copy for each... you get the idea. RIAA and MPAA are litlle pus**** who afraid to face the facts. --------- NOW IT IS A TIME TO MAKE A STATEMENT EVEN FOR HARDWARE MANUFACTURERS. it seems that some hardware manufacturers are sissies too. first it was sony with their magic gate and what so ever atrac loosy and lousy covertion. now this list continues to grow. this time it is APPLE!!!! yap, I feel sorry for these people, who went for an apple computer just because of ipod. sorry guys, but ipod is less and less cool. I EVEN REFUSE TO TAKE ONE FOR FREE (EVEN LOADED WITH ENTIRE 60 GB OF MUSIC). so it is up to you- will you continue to support crippled music and hardware and bow like an idiots for a fat money hungry bastards

1311.11.2004 19:55 exactly how safe are torrent networks/programs, like bittorrent, BitTornado, etc. And is,, etc. a better place to download files more securely.

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