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Supreme Court to reconsider the P2P case

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 11 Dec 2004 6:46 User comments (5)

Supreme Court to reconsider the P2P case United States Supreme Court has agreed to review the decision by the Appeals Court of 9th Circuit which found P2P operators Grokster and Streamcast were not liable for the copyright infringements that take place in their P2P networks.
Movie and music industry associations complained about the decision to Supreme Court and now the court has granted a new trial for the case. Whatever the Supreme Court's decision is, it will be final, as in the U.S., Supreme Court's decisions can't be overturned and they act as ultimate guidelines for lower courts on how to implement the existing legislation.

The new case is expected to open in spring 2005 and the ruling is expected by July, 2005.

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5 user comments

111.12.2004 11:13

let's hope they don't change the ruling...

211.12.2004 20:46

You know they will tho....

311.12.2004 20:50

They should know that their ruling has will effect P2P little....and legit business alot.

413.12.2004 19:01

I thought it was double jepardy to be tried twice for the same crime? So why is the supreme court trying Streamcast and Grokster again for the same crime of copyright infringement? Well I guess the RIAA truly did buy out the government heads of the world. This is not just a theory, but the Gods Honest truth. We need to fight this somehow.

514.12.2004 02:39

it's not double jeopardy because this trial is based on an appeal. if there is a legal error, or at least someone believes there is, in a lower court, one of the parties can appeal to a higher court to have the decision reviewed. if the higher court feels there was a legal error as well, then a new trial is granted. that's how dudes on death row stay alive 15 years before being fried. they go all the way to the supreme court.

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