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PSP debuts in Japan

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 12 Dec 2004 23:00 User comments (4)

PSP debuts in Japan Sony's answer to Nintendo's GameBoy line and to Nokia's NGage, a handheld PSP console went on sale in Japan today. Sony expects three million units to be sold by March 2005 and aims to take on the GameBoy DS, the latest handheld by Nintendo, which was released in November.
The console has already drawn a huge interest in Japan and thousands of shoppers were queueing to be the first ones to get the new console this morning, when an initial shipment of 200,000 units were released. PSP costs 19,800 yen in Japan ($188, 142) which is slightly more than its main rival's, GameBoy DS's price, which sells for appx. $150. Nintendo expects to ship more than 5 million units of its DS console by March 2005.

Source: BBC

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4 user comments

113.12.2004 1:58 we wait and see how well it does... and how many complaints will be made

213.12.2004 11:42

In my opinion, 5 million units is a very optimistic goal. I won't be getting a PSP because handheld consoles don't appeal to me anymore, but that's just me. I can see DS winning the handheld race though.

313.12.2004 13:27

I am also upset because it is way to hard to keep up with these handhelds. To many coming out to soon. Especially from the gb advance to gb advance sp and now the ds! I was a sucker for buying the first two but now with the ds and psp coming out it makes me mad. Now with sony charging $150 for a handheld? That is way to much. Damn the Man!!!!

413.12.2004 17:25

Well I got the DS 2 days later it came out. To me it works great. I just hope that Nintendo somes up with better games or else sony might win this race. Cauze so far nintendo seems to have sucky games for the nintendo DS. Sony has some good a** games coming out for the PSP. Im a big nintendo fan so I just hope that better games come out for the DS!!!!

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