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UK Film Council wants tougher piracy legislation

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Dec 2004 11:55 User comments (4)

UK Film Council wants tougher piracy legislation UK Film Council, an association that represents British film industry and is backed by the British government, is urging the government to change the legislation in order to tackle an increasing movie piracy in the United Kingdom.
Organization's main targets are counterfeit DVDs that represent a direct threat to legal DVD sales and specifically wants to have new powers to crack down the so-called "car boot sale culture" for counterfeit DVD movies. According to the organization, UK has now the highest level of movie piracy in the western Europe, annual losses adding up to 500M (723M, $963M).

Organization's proposals include banning camcorders from movie theatres, handing out rewards for people who help to crack down pirates and putting pressure on countries that have "too relaxed" copyright legislation (most notably selected Asian countries). Interestingly though, one of the organization's suggestions was to provide a legal ways to buy movies over the Net -- a market that is still lacking its own "iTunes for movies" service that would make purchasing movies online easy and with as little restrictions as possible.

Source: BBC

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4 user comments

120.12.2004 0:44

The British film industry may have much to say about piracy but they are quite content to sit on their backsides whilst unique and very valuable film stocks deteriorate and rot away. Their attitude is a typical mix of laziness. bureaucrasy and greed. I started recording (illegally )from radio and tv many years ago and now find i have copies of material which the BBC and ITV has long since wiped. If these greedy bastards have their way, we will lose the majority of our audio and video heritage. I hope they have a miserable Christmas. No wonder the UK no longer has a viable film industry.

222.12.2004 14:31

Wells aid that man, sad thing is the uk has no longer got a viable anything, industry, health system, education system, provisions for the elderly where they can spend the rwsst of there days with some dignity and respect, its all gone.This land of ours has been stripped of all things good, all things honest, and all things prosperous, the only growth industry here is crime, and the worst criminals are the crime lords we call politicians. Infact the country is so bad even Blair cant spend anymore than two weeks at a time in the place. Anyway i have had enough of moaning about it at the end of the day we would be better off living in Russia they are more of a democratic society than what we have now, sad day when even the police can use extortion to take monies of you because you went over the drive limit by 2mph,i thought my forefathers fought for our freedom iw as wrong he was forced to fight so he could spend his last years waiting for hospital appointments and trying to find a dentist who could treat him.Enough said.

322.12.2004 17:05

Thanks for that WarForOil, totally agree, thats why i spend most of my time campaigning online or off, for a more equitable and greener society world wide. Hope you and yours and the guys at After Dawn have a good holiday and a New Year with more hope in it than 2004. See you on the barricades. Peace and Love from Frank.

423.12.2004 14:34

Thnax Frank, God i cant rant mate eh, still as iw as saying about our society being the sick man of Europe and all that, no sooner do i mention the state this country is in and switch on the new few hours later to hear of multiple stabbings in London.I wonder had the guy responsible been carrying a id card would this crime have happened, remembering id cards help stop crime Mr Blair said and i believe him he is not a liar, well okay he lied about Iraq, and then the dirty dealings with his wife and all that property buisness, and oh lied about Blunkett as well, apart from that hes an honest bloke, he must be he was voted in again.Anyway apart from that i do wish everyone who reads the forums a merry christmas and hope we all have a better year next year, no wars peace n all that..Wouldnt it be nice to wake up to some good news for a change, but they cant allow that they need to spread fear into people in order to change legislation that chips your rights as a human being away..Okay bedtime for Bonzo Goodnight and god bless all humanity...

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