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Suprnova and Torrentbits gone

Written by James Delahunty @ 19 Dec 2004 8:48 User comments (62)

Suprnova and Torrentbits gone TRHR alerted us about Torrentbits closing down by using our news submission form. Aswell as Torrentbits, BitTorrent giant has also decided to stop offering torrent files. The following is pasted from the Suprnova homepage.
Greetings everybody,

As you have probably noticed, we have often had downtimes. This was because it was so hard to keep this site up!
But now we are sorry to inform you all, that SuprNova is closing down for good in the way that we all know it.
We do not know if SuprNova is going to return, but it is certainly not going to be hosting any more torrent links.
We are very sorry for this, but there was no other way, we have tried everything.

Thank you all that helped us, by donating mirrors or something else, by uploading and seeding files, by helping people out on IRC and on forum, by spreading the word about
It is a sad day for all of us!

Please visit every once in a while to get the latest news on what is happening and if there is anything new to report on.

As we wish to maintain the nice comunity that we created, we are kepping forums and irc servers open.

Thank you all and Goodbye!
sloncek & the rest of the SuprNova Team

And on the Torrentbits homepage

Thanks to all users, uploaders, mods and donors for helping create the best torrent site on the net, but this is where the road ends for us.

Suprnova was probably the most known Torrent site on the net, and Torrentbits had a reputation for getting files very early and having Seeders with very fast uploading speeds.

Thanks to TRHR for alerting us about this.

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62 user comments

119.12.2004 08:55

tear tear.... piracys gotta stop

219.12.2004 09:11

I can't believe this. I just started using Suprnova a little while ago. Now I'll have to go back to Torrent Reactor. damnit!!!

319.12.2004 09:25

damn this sucks.. well, good that theres still ThePirateBay left.. but i think that they wont have the movies/music/games/apps as fast now when those two are down.. hope that all those fast seeders and all users from those comes to TPB :P TPB is the only good place left, after FinReactor, SuprNova and Torrentbits closed.. All of you good trackers, Rest In Peace -HerraHuu

419.12.2004 09:36

i think is set to become the new big torrent site as long as that does not get taken down.

519.12.2004 12:01

maybe, but thepiratebay had a few weeks ago 1.000.000 peers and it has over 100.000 registred users. im not sure but i think that i read somewhere that tpb is the biggest torrenttracker in the worls..

619.12.2004 14:11

Torrent Reactoris still working thankfully, but I've also gotten a lot of my torrents from here: IsoHunt ----

719.12.2004 15:07

feeling the big void without suprnova,must be feeling the heat and need some cooling ;)

819.12.2004 16:21

<pours out some liquor> suprnova was my homie and he'll be missed!! peace to the 100's of pc games he hooked me up with...r.i.p

919.12.2004 16:54

:( just when i needed final fantasy 7 for the pc (tis a bugger 2 find in shops)

1019.12.2004 17:37

Time to move on to another P2P bittorrent site.....either that or switch to another ap.....This isn't going to stop anything....People WILL get their free fix of files.

1119.12.2004 18:36

damn, what a bummer. oh well, at least this gives me an opportunity to stop DLing for a while and start backing up all my stuff to dvd to play on my dvp642.

1219.12.2004 21:01

You guys might also want to check out's apparently a sister to the well known ircspy and I know another site better than torrentbits but I won't tell considering they are already dealing with tons of users joing right now....maybe some other time :)

1319.12.2004 23:45

Damn these antip2p corporations,they make so much money anyway,selfish f***ck*rs, R.I.P Supernova & Torrentbits & Phoenix

1420.12.2004 00:16

This is a painful day. I have been using suprnova for a long long time. I guess its time to find another source....bah I need the new simpsons episode. *notes another reason to destroy the world*

1520.12.2004 02:30 you have to sign up. for free though.

1620.12.2004 02:49 Signup

1720.12.2004 02:50

Sorry i mean,

1820.12.2004 04:21

Sod this for a game, it's time to hit the t**t's where it really hurt's! For far to long they have charged us far to much for game's, products, services. I say boycott the lot off them!

1920.12.2004 04:23

There's also as another alternative.

2020.12.2004 05:26

Well suprnova didn't work for me:the speed was 1kb/sec and all i tried to download was splinter cell pandorra tommorow and all i gat was a big Bin. file.

2120.12.2004 06:10

hi there, i just joined your site to say suprnova aint gone!!!!! hope you all have a good xmas?????? can any 1 help me with a working torrent link to open water dvd!!!!not the dvd rip!!! many yhenks daz

2220.12.2004 06:29

if you want to use the seach use some reasen the search downt work on the other link, but all the new torrents are on there. daz

2320.12.2004 06:34

It's a sad battle has been lost, but the war still on.............

2420.12.2004 08:21

A sad, sad day. Suprnova was the one stable source on the web for BT. Man, I can't believe they got to them... The MPAA, RIAA & BSA, should be punished for shutting stuff like this down, or at least scaring the Cr*p out of the good folks at Suprnova. Don't they get that this won't stop? Actually, let them try to stop it, they'll go broke quicker. I'll start using Loki, so my seeds are going there. Hope you come back Suprnova!

2520.12.2004 08:37


2620.12.2004 08:43

Bah! is not It's an old mirror thats not been updated.

2720.12.2004 08:48

It's a sad day, I've been using supernova almost exclusively and for them to say they are losing money to file sharing is a total exaggeration. I often buy the dvd of a movie I have downloaded it gives me the opportunity to prescreen something I missed in theatres. Well kaka someone supply us with some other sites and now I am even gonna seed my files which I hadn't done before.

2820.12.2004 09:04

Sad news. But as I said before, new sites will spring up. They'll be the new suprnovas. Afterall, when suprnova dies out, they explode... =D

2920.12.2004 09:12

Aye, suprnova may be dead but it has done so much for the sharing community. With it gone all its users will find new places to go. Other sites will boom and grow. Filesharers stick together! For in the end we will win!

3020.12.2004 09:16

Sad thing. I always thought that Torrent was too good to be true. Transfer speed was something that was hard to reach with any other P2P-protocol. Even thought also edonkey link sites has been closed, ed2k still works, thanks to the search feature, but torrent has no search so it is hard to get files.

3120.12.2004 12:04

sigh i just started using suprnova can someone give me some links to sites that still work almost all of them are down now and the ones i find that work are very small

3320.12.2004 15:25

hey guys I think theses old mirrors of r working fine cause im downloading right now as we post our comments je je je je je je je lol lol lol never buy anything download everything the oldest custom we have from humanity is TRADING and that will never DIE je je je je je je lol lol lol

3420.12.2004 15:28

U know what first the president of the unite states and all the us companies want to export american companies and jobs know they want to take our freedom of sharing and trading what and this is a called a democratic country I dont think soooooooo

3520.12.2004 15:30

there is another program limewire.just go on google type limewire and on page 6 ,7 ,8 you will find it.its free.i downloaded 500 songs (it was made for songs) and some few games.i fell bad for suprnova. i didnt use it but my neighbor did.until they will come back use limewire

3620.12.2004 16:52

Limewire is a Gnutella client, and from my experience, not a very good one at that. I use Gnucleus, try that.

3720.12.2004 19:38

Somebody else had the same theory about all the leaked games like Half-Life 2, Halo 2, and GTA: San Andreas. Nobody would even know about any of those it if it wasn't for the publicity it gets from the corporations whining about it all over the place.

3821.12.2004 06:38

well i cant see what the problem was i mean i know downloading copyrighted stuff was piaricy but come on, the MPAA saying there losing money! who are they kidding, have you noticed every movie that gets released seems to be the biggest blockbuster of all time earning more money then the last movie.. that indicates to me that we cant be making that much of an impact for them to complain about, if droves of people are still going to the movies to watch the film.... But then agian all the people who download are funding orginised crime and are in the drugs cartel, killing old ladys and stuff.. YEAH RIGHT!!! i would'nt have to download if the uk got the films released the same time as the US..

3921.12.2004 08:58

very true

4021.12.2004 09:22

the RIAA and MPAA are a bunch of idiots. Everyone knows that if you leave shit alone, people will lose interest, and go off to and do other things. Them making a big deal about this is drawing attention to it. It goes back to telling a 4 year old, not to stick metal things in a power outlet. Whats the first thing he does when you leave? Sticks something in the outlet. These groups making a big deal about this is just drawing attention to it, and all they are doing is pissing up a rope. Its never going to stop, no matter how many people they sue, how many people they shut down. For every site they shut down, 5 more open in its place, but like kids, until they get a shock from hell, they won't stop.

4121.12.2004 09:35

it all goes back to alcohol prohibition...

4321.12.2004 11:21

they were good sites what about dvdr-core did it get shut down too

4421.12.2004 11:31

I am sure with the MPAA whippin' their cocks out, people will be shutting down until the clouds roll over. I give it a month, and stuff will be back to "normal".

4521.12.2004 13:16

The mpaa needs to learn to live with file sharing damn it.

4621.12.2004 18:23

I hope now that suprnova's gone, those rips ( and .net) die too, those messed with so many people I told about suprnova...I can't imagine how many people found one site wanted them to pay and just ignored bit-torrent. Ahh...if only the mpaa/riaa had sued the suprnova imposters...would that be some irony, really, they deserve it too, they were profitting from it, not like suprnova.

4722.12.2004 14:05

HO HO HO!!! They think they can stop me by taking away my precious!?! They must be out of their minds! Off to I say!! Damn them to hell tho, because I'd been using that for months and downloading many many fully working games, films and cd's! O well, screw them! Lets just hope suprnova comes back online! But until then, is a quality source for torrents!

4922.12.2004 18:28 is now they are back... spread the word!!!

5023.12.2004 13:03

To all the suprnova "ORPHANS" out there there is a new site that suprnova kids will feel at home.It's back!!!!!!! ENJOY ;)

5123.12.2004 21:55

All these torrent operators should move their operations to canada. The courts have consistently prevented any industry associates from either prosecuting file sharers or forcing ISPs to link IP addresses to actual names of individuals or corporations. If they did this maybe the torrent community can remain alive

5224.12.2004 00:31

hi for some reason the links on wont work i can access the site and click on the stuff to download but everything either says bad data or please sign somewhere else , torrent not reconised etc.. nothing ive tried works just error messeges.. is there somthing i need to be doing ive never had a problem with other sites ... cheers

5324.12.2004 00:41

so what is the best site now Thanks

5424.12.2004 01:37

just to let you know, i works fine for me HAPPY XMAS TO YOU ALL

5524.12.2004 12:19

remember morpheus? now P2P with bit torrent? The bottom line is, you cannot shut down and control the internet, people will find ways to share files. The quick fix? Lowered the prices of movies, games, etc... Howd you justify stealing when all the recording labels, movie companies are literally stealing us constantly with their products? I'm sick and tired of people taking advantages of us middle classes. Arent these entertainments suppose to be affordable? Someone along the food chain is making way too much money, ie movie actors, actress, singers, etc...

5624.12.2004 14:49

I would buy more of my games if they weren't $40-$60, and I would buy more CDs if they weren't $15-$25. People just can't afford to buy all of this stuff, so they get it for free online. Example: spend $100 dollars on 5 CDs, or pay the broadband bill for $20 and download as many as you want for free. Hm...I think I know which one I will pick.

5724.12.2004 18:35

heres the new site, there still workin on it and thers only 3 torrents up there now, found it on another fourm, so i thought i would give you the heads up

5826.12.2004 09:48

Come to ouw new place if we work together we can be bigger then suprnova only in forum version (like phoenix torrents) we dont have members yet. So please help us and register and upload torrents and download torrents. i hope you enjoy ;)

5927.12.2004 23:06

How Do you convert torrent files to iso images that you can burn on to a dvd? i have a modded xbox and i downloaded some games and i wanna put them on a disk but i dont know what to use to open them, plx tell me how thanks

Why Yea

6028.12.2004 03:05

well depends what file type it is if its an iso use dvd decryptor if mds or cue file use alcohol them will do it for you but i dont know if this is the right forum to be asking that question

6118.4.2005 09:19

you guys are fuckin amateurs if you think them fucking up bit torrent is a hit in the filesharing world you peeps got alot more to learn. there are many ways to get files and no i dont mean using a stupid program called limewire which is gay in the first place not to mention torrents are stupid because someone has to seed the damn file anyway. get with the program there are more ways to fileshare then p2p programs and torrents.

6218.4.2005 12:13

Didn't they teach you HOW to swear properly in Kindergarden? Your placement of swearwords are absolutely horrid. Plus, I'm pretty sure they taught you to use captial letters in Kindergarden too.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

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