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California Senator wants to outlaw P2P

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Jan 2005 4:33 User comments (27)

California Senator wants to outlaw P2P Written by state Senator Kevin Murray, A bill introduced to the California Legislature last Friday seeks to outlaw the selling, advertising, and distributing peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software. Mr. Murray has close ties to the entertainment industry. The legislation takes aim right at the business plans of file-sharing companies. The bill would make it a crime to sell file-sharing software without taking reasonable care to prevent copyright infringement and pornography swapping. "Itís another edge of a sword that the entertainment cartel is attempting to use to gut the P2P application," said Matthew A. Neco, general counsel and vice president for StreamCast Networks.
The entertainment industry has long being complaining that file-sharing software allows its users to break the law every single time they download a song or a movie. Others say that it makes pornography easily accessible to children. One might argue that the Internet alone makes pornography easily accessible to children. In August, a federal court in California ruled that file-sharing companies are not violating copyright law when customers use their programs to trade copyrighted music, text, or video. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case in March. The Entertainment Industry went into panic when BitTorrent was discovered about three years late by their hired "experts", who realized that BitTorrent allows users to share large files at very high speeds.

Mr. Murray said he wrote the bill because file-sharing companies have the legal responsibility, to monitor the ways their networks are used. "Even if you arenít selling crack, you canít have a crack house," said Mr. Murray. He said the law would not require major investments from file-sharing companies: "We are asking for filters, not perfect filters."

Red Herring

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27 user comments

119.1.2005 6:31

Okay, fine. They outlaw the selling of P2P software. Then it will just resort to freeware and open source software.

219.1.2005 7:10

well also distributing!

319.1.2005 7:11

thats why I stick to IRC

419.1.2005 7:24

Guesse I have to go back to Msn 4.0 or something else. These people put no thought into what they do. AOL, MSN, ICQ, YAHOO, etc all provide "file sharing". Perhaps he suggest that we resort to sending smokes signals.

519.1.2005 7:55

OK that's all fine and dandy in the US. But some other countries don't have laws governing this. US laws can't govern other countries, therefore this will NEVER HAPPEN! The internet is worldwide, and they can't prevent this from happening.

619.1.2005 8:34

Like I have stated previously, this is all about controlling the distribution channel, which BTW, is owned by the RIAA member companies as well! SO this should be clear to all that they are trying to protect their revenue stream and nothing more. THe only reason the RIAA members allowed the online music is due to public demand and pressure and they still control it don't they? Talking about pricing and such. This is just another tactic by the industry to squash its competition. It's either they control it or its illegal.

719.1.2005 8:57

Lol! Smoke signals! Genius! Oh, wait, that'll never work. Firewood and matches would be outlawed too, because you can exchange Tanto's copyrighted smoke signals. Doesn't that last line contradict his bill? You can make crack in p2p software too?

819.1.2005 12:21

If it is law then the ISPs will be forced to block ip ranges of the p2p corps. outside the us. So yes it could work.

919.1.2005 12:36

Figures that it would be California, everything is wrong with that goddamn state... Except for Arnold, he's a f**kin pimp. I hate goddam blue states.

1019.1.2005 14:51

I hate goddam blue states. ......Indeed

1119.1.2005 18:45

If they blocked non US IP ranges, then that would make most of the internet inaccessible, so no, that could not work. In the last line, couldn't the internet itself be considered a "crack house"? P2P will never stop, they cannot ban the internet or there would be mass uprising. I just think the U.S. has no idea where its going with all the copyright cases and constant censorship and filtering of itself. I need to move to Europe.

1219.1.2005 20:14

BK, Fu*k red states and Fu*k people that want p2p gone. BK

1319.1.2005 20:57

Just another dickhead taking kickbacks and bribes from the entertainment industry..............

1419.1.2005 22:45

hey jeubanks yer big "pimp" is also taking aim at p2p users, just go back a month in the news, its posted there. Only now he has the power to do something about it. Shouldn't we be more worried about disaster relief, or elections in Iraq? I'm gonna go download something right now f'em.

1520.1.2005 0:43

So they wannna ban P2P eh? Well there is big money in P2P, that means they will have to take companys like Napster and Apple(iTunes) to court. Good Luck!

1620.1.2005 3:07

I wonder if Senator Murray has any teenaged kids. I wonder if those kids have any p2p-type music on their home computers. I wonder how many ipod shufflers they have. I wonder if the RIAA has ever bothered to raid his kids' homes? I think ALL musicians should be sued. (Yep). Every one of 'em. All musicians, songwriters, performers, etc, take 'em all out behind the barn and shoot 'em. Just think..... if there were NO musicians, then there'd be NO need for P2P, then the RIAA would have little left to whine and bitch about and could be quietly flushed down the poopster like the piece of used toilet paper they are. (In truth), what we (the world) needs, is a brand-spanking new International Musicians Alliance. An organization which frees ALL musicians, past and present, from the Corrupt Clutches of the RIAA, and treats _all_ music makers fairly. The bulk of the proceeds would go to The Musicians and not the RIAA's bottomless pit of Lawyers. All it would take is a few, already high-profile musicians to get the ball rolling on this one. EVERYbody would benefit - musicians and consumers alike. The International Musicians Alliance would be an anti, NON-RIAA organization. Maybe I'll see it in my time, maybe not. The stench of corporate corruption and political payoffs is still too strong.

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1720.1.2005 8:07

You may be right Thor, but he's still a pimp. What other govenor has called somebody a girly man? He may be wrong on P2P, but hes still pretty cool. And philipman responded the way I expected a democrat to. Good comeback man. You still suck.

1822.1.2005 12:16

Let's not turn this into a battle between democrats and republicans when, the truth is, they are basically the same at this point. The two party system is down the drain, we need good candidates, not two that vary only slightly on about 3 issues total. Thats my take on that, but thats not even what this article is about. Keep it relevant people. I will not say anymore about politics if you don't.

1922.1.2005 13:53

I just felt like arguing with the first person to disagree with me.. :) Just happenned to become a political argument.

2023.1.2005 1:05


2125.1.2005 10:52

this fellow is getting the old brown paper bag on his his back door step,must be going for retirement.

2226.1.2005 12:23

I agree, our politicians are moved by greed. I'm sure these idiots are concerned about some singer or actor gettinbg more money to live on. Check the entertainment section orf the newspaper, How much money did the last hit movie earn at the box office, millions, and counting. mTheir only motivation is the generous kickbacks from the big blood sucking agencies who want to control who sees what and what was paid to see it. Love you guys stay on their butts!

2326.1.2005 22:23

they will have to close the internet now that exeem is out....been using it for days.

2427.1.2005 20:25

please, I encourage you to read up on eXeem. you will find that it is far less secure than centralized BitTorrent. A post on methlabs basically convinced me not to use it. Things about the way it works, that they probably just made it to make money from the bundled Cydoor.

2527.1.2005 22:45

i always knew most poloticians were retarts but this takes the cake its a goddamn freedom ban, lucky im in australia :)

2728.1.2005 7:24

Hey A_Klingon! I think you are on to something with the International Musicians Alliance. We need to take it back. Media outlets are controlled by big money who are shoving this sh*t they insist on calling music down our throats. Ashlee Simpson...I rest my case. Our musical culture should be a representation of what we have adopted and have chosen to celebrate not shoved down our throats like bad chopped liver. Check out HOPE stands for HORRIFIED OBSERVERS OF PEDESTRIAN ENTERTAINMENT. Collaboration sites like Mp3 and acidplanet provide musicians the opportunity to create and promote their music without the 'permission' of the RIAA. There seems to be a good marriage between the International Musicians Alliance concept and these collaboration sites...

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