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RIAA and MPAA join Internet2

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Sep 2005 17:32 User comments (32)

RIAA and MPAA join Internet2 The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have become the two latest members of the ultra high speed internet project Internet2. Both groups joined the research network as a way of experimenting delivering content with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection as very high speeds. Internet2 is a network setup across the US connecting over 200 academic institutions.
The network is capable of speeds of up to 10Gbps across the mainland United States, and last year, 859GB of data was transferred across Geneva, Switzerland and Pasadena, California using Internet2 with a recorded transfer rate as high as 6.63 Gbits/s. The transfer took under 17 minutes in total.

"Both leading industry associations plan to collaborate with the Internet2 community to consider innovative content distribution and digital rights management technologies, and to study emerging trends on high-performance networks to enable future business models," the two groups said in a statement. Earlier in 2005, the RIAA sued more than 400 Internet2 users for copyright infringement, as they were using the network to swap copyrighted music much faster than Internet users can.

However, both sides claim that this new membership is simply just to explore new advanced distribution models, but some people might be a bit uneasy about the RIAA and MPAA being involved in the research network. "The MPAA views this partnership with Internet2 as an important opportunity for collaboration as we seek to link new delivery models with content protection," said MPAA president Dan Glickman.

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32 user comments

111.9.2005 19:51

You have got to be kidding. Does this make anyone else nervous?

211.9.2005 20:02

Just wait for lawsuits to start flying left and right - than the members might have one of those blunt realizations that inviting those weasels wasn't such a hot idea after all

311.9.2005 21:43

"Consider innovative content distribution"????????? Ha! All they've done for the past year is try to smother innovation and electronic content distribution in any way possible. You'd have to be a real idiot to believe that they're trying to improve anything but the size of their pocketbooks and their tight grip on the merchandise that they're unwilling to part with when they "sell" it. Music and video are about the only things I see at stores that you pay money for and don't actually own afterwards... The movie and music industries need to grow up and take a marketing class.

411.9.2005 22:10

Wow super fast speeds. Well technology is difinetly improving.

511.9.2005 22:50

like i've said time and time again.... it's time to get rid of em all.. out with the old.. in with the new!!

612.9.2005 1:30

6 gbps?? wow!!! so could fill my ipod up in 10 secs? lol.

712.9.2005 1:59

Man! 1Gb/second transfer! Thas fast!....

812.9.2005 3:51

der dee der dee der...let's get on with internet2! der dee der dee der...let's sue college kids! it doesn't matter if they have no money! der dee der dee der...hey, look at that...all those kids are dropping out because they can't afford school anymore...and what's this? we're losing our competitive place in global economy due to the lack of educated and qualified individuals to fill jobs....der dee der dee der...oh my, unemployment has risen and no one's buying music! we're out of business from our own greed! ....der dee der....

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912.9.2005 5:08

Totally agree Auslander. Wonder what would happen if everyone stopped purchasing music legally and downloading illegally. Then those fat cats at the RIAA wouldnt have a job to do and no one would be making any money.

1012.9.2005 7:11

oh look, 1984 already. Anyone know when internet2 will be available to the general public?

1112.9.2005 7:26

Internet2 will be released to the general public as soon as Al Gore gets the bugs worked out of it.

1212.9.2005 7:30

they only joined to test it for them selves and found more people swapping songs .... they will never go away and if its a new technology then they or their lawyers will be involved . lets all just come to the fact that as long as there are record companys there will be lawsuits and we need to understand it why not alwo someone from a country like sweden where the laws dont apply test the waters... this way everyone else should just burn DVDs of mp3s and send them around the world to get the music out ... or just buy what you want to hear off of Itunes and be done with it .... if they quit all the lawsuits then we might quit the down loading... say anyone who hasnt stolen a song in 3 months should go but those who need to keep it up should get hit with the bill.... most people would stop and then we could all tape our songs off the radio and then burn it to our harddrives and make cds ......

1312.9.2005 9:27

we could all tape our songs off the radio and then burn it to our harddrives and make cds ......
what would be the point in that? we've moved on from that now. if i couldnt dload frm p2p id dload off a legal service

1412.9.2005 10:47

both sides claim that this new membership is simply just to explore new advanced distribution models
lol talk about ulterior motives......

1512.9.2005 13:45

Yeah really.

1612.9.2005 13:46

there is more use to the internet than downloading music and movies.i read an article that the new internet being developed to replace the now existing internet is suppose to allow you to share your pc's computing power with someone else over the internet connection.meaning if you had a 3ghz processor and someone else had a 1ghz processor,the person with the 1ghz processor could sap some processing capability off of you.this would be most useful to online gamers but could be useful in other situations.i dont know if this is the same internet project that is suppose to do this.the name the article was throwing around as the next internet was "the grid".

1712.9.2005 15:16

Preemptive strike?! they are gonna use this for none other than to keep track of the "goings on." hey as long as the bootlegger has cd's 2 for five(around my neighborhood) and virgin has it for 16.99 it will always be a no brainer for me.

1812.9.2005 17:47

Hey everybody, join my Internet3.

1913.9.2005 5:23

Lethal_B your right and wrong the point I was making is that people who are "still " downloading are the ones the rria should be going after not someone who got logged two years ago when they did it once befor there was a legal place to down load it from . As far as Im consurned the choice of buying one song or 18 from one artist is freedom but when we as consumers have to buy 1 good song and 17 crappy ones is unfair thats why people down load they are just tired of being ripped off... alsoyour choice of going to the legal choice to dL second says it all.... true is true we are all tired of paying for something they play for free on the radio (thats my point) and cant you only sell intellagent property only once?

2013.9.2005 7:26

ok, understand now ;) by the way, don't computers need to evolve just as much as the internet then? because if you dloaded 100gb data in like a minute, it would take ages to write that to a hdd at the moment.....

2113.9.2005 9:08

Remeber, the connection in Gigabits, NOT GigaBYTES. Divide that connection speed (6Gb/sec) is actually 750MB (MegaBytes) / sec. Which is still super fast. Most pcs thru put (Hard drive wise) are about 40-60MB/sec sometimes more if you have raid setup. I don't know about you, but if I could even download @ a true 10 MegeBytes/sec on most sites, I'd be estatic. I believe internet 2's technology will come in handy for back bones services such as web hosting and ISP's.

ok, understand now ;) by the way, don't computers need to evolve just as much as the internet then? because if you dloaded 100gb data in like a minute, it would take ages to write that to a hdd at the moment.....

2213.9.2005 10:21

6 gbps imagine this at home muahahah

2313.9.2005 13:41

How is it that the RIAA & MPAA are even ALLOWED to "join" internet2? They are clearly commercial entitys and have no business being involved in an academic research project. Just the fact that they are working on "content protection" should be reason enough to exclude them completely. Some academics may want to control access and encrypt what is transmitted, but not for commercial gain. What gives?

2413.9.2005 15:07

with a recorded transfer rate as high as 6.63 Gbits/s
dj giz read the article again i meant gigabits sorry ;)

2514.9.2005 5:15

GrayArea if might have to do with behind the close door funding you know if its on the up and up we'll(riaa+mpaa) throw you some extra cash to get the prodject off the ground ... to them its the same money they won for sueing indeviduals over downloading that they are throwing around ass funding so its not costing them anything and thats why they are sueing more people and to make it look like they are tring to help... you know R+D is exspencive when you are sueing everone to pay for your lawyers....

2614.9.2005 8:37

GOOD LAWD! That's some serious download speed! I see massive DVD movies, CD music, software, etc. libraries spread across the net like never before! It's gonna get crazy out there! I also see future lawsuits left and right! Welcome to the 21st century!

2714.9.2005 8:58

my question to the world is why hasnt someone come up with a storage space on the web that all users can dump files to this way I dont store them on one machine but on the web and I can axcess them from anywhere I go? think of the issuses solved if I get a virus on my machine then I reload the os and I dont lose my files ... dont get me wrong I'm not talking about a little space something in the 100 gb area to store content off my machine something secure doulbe passworded and not open to the RIAA or the mpaa ? anyone got any Ideas think of the money that could be made renting webbased space......load up all your own music and take it with ya.......

2814.9.2005 9:10

mystic This is just one of the hits I got using "web based storage" as a search on dogpile. If you wanna pay the dough you can easily get your wish right now. As to the media thugs getting their greezy mits on internet2 you are probably right. Money. Ugh.

2914.9.2005 10:27

Thanks GrayArea.... check out this: Lifetime full & unlimited access for only - $22.46!!! (best offer!) for movies and music unlimited downloading... this should feed everyones need... half the cost of a good video game....enjoy

3014.9.2005 14:39

mystic re: Have you signed up? I'd like to see what they actually have available for D/L. Titles, formats, bitrates, DRM??? It's only twenty bucks but I'd rather not spend it if what they have is thousands of files I don't want... Looks pretty cool though. Thanks for the tip. One other thought. Make sure this outfit isn't based somewhere in the former soviet republic, otherwise that lifetime membership could likely be cut very short.

3116.9.2005 6:35

re: Yeah, I would also like some more info about this site. Has anyone joined it? Is it legit? They were not to up front with explaining any details about their product. And did I hear a slight Russian accent on the little animated chic's intro? :)

3221.9.2005 6:00

Remember giga bytes and giga bits are not the same. 8 bits to a byte. Transfer rates are normally in bits storage is in bytes. So the max will be 1 gigabyte per second. That is still real fast. Movies are only few gigabytes double layer DVDs store only about 10 gigabytes and a good portion of that is junk.

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