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IIPA criticises Russia for piracy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Feb 2006 15:00 User comments (4)

IIPA criticises Russia for piracy The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has called on the U.S. Government to recognize serious copyright violations in Russia and to designate the country for possible sanctions. The IIPA represents copyright-based industries. The recommendation was made as part of an annual submission by the IIPA to the U.S. Trade Representative ahead of the USTR's "Special 301" review of piracy worldwide. The review gets its name from provisions of the U.S. Trade Act of 1974 and allows the U.S. to impose penalties on countries judged to not be offering effective protection of intellectual property rights.
The IIPA wants Russia to be named a "Priority Foreign Country", a designation reserved for states that are judged to "have the most onerous and egregious acts, policies, and practices that have the greatest adverse impact on U.S. products". "Russia's copyright piracy problem remains one of the world's most serious," the IIPA said in its submission. The group claims software piracy is at 85%, music piracy is at 67%, movie piracy is at 81% and entertainment software piracy is at 82%.

The report also says Russia is home to "some of the world's most open and notorious Web sites selling unauthorized materials". As an example, was criticised for selling MP3 downloads for a few cents per track. Last year, Russia was also recommended for the Priority Foreign Country list, but it turned out that only Ukraine was on the list when the report was published in April.


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4 user comments

114.2.2006 15:18

The good people of Russia have more important business than worrying about the motion picture people and the poor-is-me music industry. They are in the process of becoming an upstanding member of the western community.We welcome them!

214.2.2006 16:48

Russia has more thigns to deal with like a goverment thats slowly becoemign a dictatorship,and rapment crime and povertivty 0-o If the hollier than thou Media industry wants soemthign done thier thier goign to have to spend money to do it not just complain from thier hiddening palce here....bascily the same for china *L*

39.10.2006 22:02

It makes me f*cking sick to hear these CAPITALISTIC PIGS complain about piracy while people die of hunger/war/disease. I hope the RIAA & MPAA get totally scr*wed in Russia, and nobody buys a single DVD or CD this Christmas! What a bunch of retarded capitalistic DOGS.

410.10.2006 4:58

xhardc0re everyone is a capitalist now its all about making money the easiest way one can is no diffrent from the Mafiaa the only difference is the Maiffa wants to sue you for not buying it on their media.

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