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Franz Ferdinand's view on iPods and downloading

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Feb 2006 1:49 User comments (26)

The band Franz Ferdinand, recently gave some opinions on iPods and music downloading during an interview with Playboy. It is interesting to see what bands have to say about how consumers enjoy their music, whether its legitimately by buying a CD or paying 99c per download, or by downloading it for free from the Internet. The interview saw two answers that are most interesting. They were asked by Playboy for their view on the iPod music player.
NICK: Iím not quite sure. I think if youíre in one place, itís nice to have an actual album, a record sleeve, the lyrics. So there will always be that element of wanting to own something and not just have a song on a hard drive. But I know I travel a lot - and Iíve always liked to travel light - I donít like to have a lot of posessions. What I do is buy a CD and stick it in and rip it. Then I can listen to it and have it with me even if I lose the CD or give it away.

ALEX: I like the idea that, because of downloading, people are going to buy songs only if they are good. I think thatís a positive thing. It means lazy bands arenít going to get away with giving you one hit single and an album full of filler. We like the idea that every song should stand up in its own right so you donít have to listen to a song in the context of an album to understand it. I suppose thatís why Iím sympathetic to the download environment.

The fact that the comment by Alex mentions "trying before you buy" would indicate that he is talking about P2P users, as opposed to talking about users of services such as iTunes. An interesting point of view indeed. One of the main complaints by consumers about music these days, is the lack of breathtaking albums. Sure, you can easily find amazing tracks, but more often than not, they are on an album with 12 other average or less than average tracks.


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26 user comments

115.2.2006 2:54

that try before ya buy thing is bascially the way i do it. download some songs.. if there shite dont buy the album.. if i like them i go and buy it..

215.2.2006 3:38

I do it a different way. I download one song, and if its good, i download the whole album off a torrent. lol Ash

315.2.2006 7:31

I'm more than happy to pay for the music that I like, even at today's buzz-killing prices. Talented folks like Nick and Alex deserve to be rewarded for sharing their talent with the rest of us. (Man doesn't live on groupies alone.) If we don't find a way to make sure that the majority of what we pay goes to the artists, then many of the talented musicians may not feel like going through all of the hassles that being in the limelight bring with it. It seems like this is already showing signs of happening as the talent seems to be spreading a little thinner than it was, even just a few years ago.

415.2.2006 9:45

Then you should mail them the 15 bucks instead of giving it to there greedy ass label.

515.2.2006 11:10

during an interview with Playboy.
omg I love the articles!!

615.2.2006 12:04

I wonder how much they are getting sued for.

715.2.2006 12:06

Oops, wrong topic. It won't let me edit that out for some reason.

815.2.2006 13:17

"Sure, you can easily find amazing tracks, but more often than not, they are on an album with 12 other average or less than average tracks." -- I think it's been that way for the past 30 years, hopefully P2P will break the formula, although i think if it was going to happen it would have happened already, but you can never tell.

915.2.2006 17:39

Well, even though most albums don't have all the tracks hits, they do sell singles albums, that have like one or two songs from an album and some remixes. It's not like the formula is new, it's just people find it easier (and cheaper) to do it online.

1015.2.2006 17:50

The reason that artists don't release cd's with a bunch of hits is because of money. Having 1 or 2 hits per cd, will still drive sales of the album but they only have to make a couple hits. This way they can keep coming out with cd's that only have 1 or 2 hits on them. If a cd had all hits, then they wouldn't make as much money becuase they wouldn't have any hits to drive the sales of there next album.

1115.2.2006 18:26

Metalica=Lazy band that are lable gets all the moeny and they have to bitch whine and moan about MP3s to get paid *L* YES!! MP3s will cull the bad and generic bands out so the good oens will get money...well at least the companies of the bands will get money....0_o

1215.2.2006 18:30

"What I do is buy a CD and stick it in and rip it. Then I can listen to it and have it with me even if I lose the CD or give it away." So he likes to keep music even after he no longer has the physical copy.... I'm sure the RIAA would have something to say about that... That said, I do like how they seem to actually care about the consumers, which is a refreshing change.

1316.2.2006 3:10

Then you should mail them the 15 bucks instead of giving it to there greedy ass label.
Well LazyW, I wish it were that simple, but unfortunately, here in the real world the "greedy ass labels" contribute large sums of money to the "greedy ass politicians". It just so happens that the "greedy ass politicians" are the ones that make the laws concerning this kind of thing. (Can you understand this, so far?) Well then, coincidentally enough, the copyright laws are applied in such a way as to allow the "greedy ass labels" to keep almost all of the money that we pay them (that's known as revenue) when we purchase music in the current economic model that we have. If you would like to learn more about how this works, I encourage you to read some of the other threads on AD concerning this problem (I have contributed to some of these as well). Cheers:)

1416.2.2006 4:26

I don't really need the education FreshG. All I was saying is that I'm sure ole Franz Ferdinand would really appreciate the $1.40 that they get when you go down to the ole record shop. It's just a sad thing that these artist pour their heart and soul into their music and then have to turn around and pay out to these "greedy ass labels & greedy ass politicians" just to be heard. There is so much good music out there that nobody will ever here about because these bastards get to pick and choose what is heard and what is not heard. As for your economic models, who cares? Here is an economic model for you, the rich get richer and the poor get sued. Oh and by the way, thanks for the definition of revenue. You should be a college professor.

1516.2.2006 5:22

I did not mean to hurt your feelings LazyWorkr, but you must admit that your comment directed at me was pretty ignorant. I'm alway open to and will readily accept constructive feedback on anything that I post. While the remark you made in reference to my initial post sounded really cool, there is nothing useful or constructive that anyone can gain from it.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 16 Feb 2006 @ 5:23

1616.2.2006 5:55

My initial comment was not directed at you specifically, Fresh. When I post to boards of this sort it is strictly an opinion and not to be directed at anyone, I am speaking to the board unless I am answering someone's specific question. I am speaking of anyone that pays $15-20 for a CD. My original post was not meant to be derogatory at all. I guess I should have used "we" instead of "you". Because I'm just as guilty as the next person when it comes to keeping the rich, well, rich. My apologies. It is a nice thought though, to say "Yeah I really like this song. I think I'll pay the artist for it.". Then log into your Paypal account (or whatever)and send them $10-15 bucks for the album or a couple of bucks for a track directly. There are alot of indie artists out there and maybe someday they will all be. Then we won't be told what we should like and everyone can be entitled to their own opinions. It is just crazy to think about how many people get a cut out of the price of an album. When it would seem that the artist should make the majority of the money, it's quite the opposite.

1716.2.2006 6:39

It's cool, LazyWorkr, no big deal. I think if you had been on this end of that comment you would probably understand my response. I think that we probably agree on the main point that the current way that the Recording Biz is allowed to operate screws both the artists and the consumer audience. It's total BS when the man in the middle (RIAA) is allowed to not only keep most of the income generated from the consumers, but also somehow is allowed to keep the rights to the intellectual property that should logically belong to the artists. I have to say that I think that the idea of my paying full price to the RIAA for music, only to be told when, where, and how I can enjoy this music is basically government-condoned theft by the RIAA. I guess we should save any hostility for that much more relevant fight.

1816.2.2006 6:46

I agree.

1916.2.2006 6:48

Oh and by the way, thanks for the definition of revenue. You should be a college professor.
Thanks for that, but it's amazing that I even made it through high school. Sorry, I forgot to say LMAO before that because I am. :-D
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2016.2.2006 7:59

They have these new things at all my local record stores now that are located on just about ever Section where you can preview tracks from just about everything they have in the store... every artist... every album... every genra..... you search and preview... and it will give you about 20 seconds of each track.... I love it cause i'll walk in a music store with no idea of what i want. so after ten minutes of playing around with that ill have a even better idea of what i want from when i walked in there so that whole try before you buy thing is solved.... i havent downloaded in a LOOOOOONG time.... i dont need too... i got a job and i have no problem buying cd's... ussualy used... but the sales rack comes thru more often then not.... maybe its just me... but the music and album ussually "sounds better" when i buy it... i like to endulge in a album... from artwork, sleeve, all the way down to every track in its order..... i just appriciate music more when its bought the right way..... downloading has become such a frivilous activity... and it really does take away from the "full album experience" but then again.... i dont listen to "one hit wonder artistS" or any kind of pop music... but im definatly not picky..... and as for ipods.... i love em... but i've bought all the cd's you'll find on my ipod... unless they were a friends... which is really cool in my book

2117.2.2006 6:03

WAIT A DAMN MINUTE.......Playboy has articles??????

2217.2.2006 18:25

I take the same approach. Try before you buy. Download a few and if it's to my liking, I buy. I rather pay the Artist direct than pay to label. Past stories were that the Label were holding on to royalties for several years till they got sued. Did read about it. Other choice I like using itunes to purchase for $0.99 (CAD $) of any music of my choice. Labels like to control Music Industry and seems consumer opinions are NOT important. Monopoly in its true form.. Azim

2317.2.2006 20:40

decus2002 - lol

2419.2.2006 21:40

Apparently now itís unlawful to copy you cd to your mp3 player/ipod!

2520.2.2006 6:09

I think you complete misinterpreted what Alex was saying. He doesn't say try before you buy. He is referring to the fact that people will only download (i.e., purchase) songs that they have heard (presumably on the radio) and liked.

2621.2.2006 21:34

the trouble is I hate nearly everythign new on the radio now adays,dislike most of the songs I preview so its jsut easier to downlaod and when I hear soemthign I like I buy it...speaking of whitch I wonder if I can find a CD with all the opening and endings to Kenshin...probly not...another reason I hate CDs it only has 1 or 2 worth while songs on it ><

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