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What if Presidents were using BitTorrent?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 20 Mar 2006 20:01 User comments (21)

What if Presidents were using BitTorrent? The guys at TorrentReactor requested that AfterDawn announce the launch of their latest humorous project, BushTorrent.
What if Presidents were using BitTorrent?

Have you ever thought what it would be like if the President of your country was using Bittorrent technology as we always do? What sites would he visit, what torrents would he download, what nickname would he use in forums?

The President isn't afraid of MPAA, the torrents will be always seeded for him and passwords will be always known. All private trackers will be opened for the President with the highest downloading speed. Isn't he the lucky one?

We tried to imagine what George Bush would do in such a situation and what in the world goes on in that mind of his. We are pleased to announce to you the new torrent site opened by George Bush President of United Bittorrents:

We have introduced humor to make our users experience enjoyable. Besides the huge torrent database ("It was easy to grab all torrents, since I own the Internet" - says George), advanced search options, flexible account settings. The president also writes a blog updated several times a week and we also offer humorous quotes and pictures.

BushTorrent humor features are updated frequently. As a member you can ask George Bush questions and take an interactive role in joining in the fun in our forum, or tell Bush what you think of his blog.

As you surely know, there are many funny pictures of Bush: he injures his face on a regular basis, falls off his bicycle often, chokes on a pretzel, passes out and hit his face on a coffee table.

We welcome all to BushTorrent and intend to deliver a unique experience for you. And we know President Bush won't disappoint us.


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21 user comments

120.3.2006 20:55

....are you guys serious

220.3.2006 21:44

They have awoken a sleeping giant... A hillbilly moron giant but still

320.3.2006 22:18


420.3.2006 23:51

This is funny but can be risky at the same time if this govt run they may want to get as many users in trouble by creating a trap... I for one am not goin anywhere near this place...

521.3.2006 0:13

Oh jeez, what hath god wrought upon us? It's funny, might be a trap, etc. etc. But I'm pretty sure this is gonna end up to be bad publicity for the p2p and torrent community. Funny, though...

621.3.2006 3:13

Hmmm, a torrent site publicly announced on a very well know website... This is one torrent site I'll not be using.

721.3.2006 3:33

this is a riot guys .... lets see you would only be able to get video content that included Channey's hunting trips..and Bush's veitnam records for content (which is non-exitent.... so we would have to post dumby files to make bush feel better about this would also include the latest most wanted files which would be posted by FEMA which would be late..(because no-one listioned.....) also those hard to find drivers wouldnt be found either because the home land surcurity office and the fbi terroest squad would be in charge of posting them. (for those who dont know it they have spent the last 4 years looking for an 6ft arab dragging around a dialisses machine going from cave to cave hiding) so the RIAA and the MPAA wouldnt be looking for uploaders just downloaders so they could have them commited.....

821.3.2006 5:10

I heard the first thing Bush downloaded was an ebook titled "The Idiots Guide for being President".

921.3.2006 5:17

Yeah then Governments for Dummies. Would he have the balls to download a movie, perhaps,,,, JFK, or the assisnation of richard nixon. Oh sorry george that wasn't fair, you wont sleep for a week now.

1021.3.2006 5:53

with all this going on bush might have to download the end of the book he was having read to him bye the first graders when 911 happened because he just looks upset no one ever finished reading it to him thats why he's on the tierate will someone just send the presadent a copy of "the train that could"...hes been hung up on it ever since. also we could us the torent to send out messages from the vice-presadent you know like "where's my Bush?"

1121.3.2006 6:12

Ya, he was pissed that he didn't finish that book. He really loved them pop up pages.

1221.3.2006 6:26

Shane his mom had to read the words for him..

1321.3.2006 17:18

Aw, come on guys & gurls. What about his predecessor who had a server that couldn't handle the entire up-load?

1422.3.2006 8:36 i really am speechless, but I will definately be telling everyone all about this :) Gotta love your president... (watch, this guy will start selling ad space and make millions off this stupid, yet clever, idea)

1522.3.2006 14:17

People always seem to make millions out of stupid ideas.

1622.3.2006 15:40

God Bless America... (and no place else) j/k

1723.3.2006 19:18

What feeble minds do at rest I tell yah. Damb?.

1825.3.2006 16:28

Isn't this way old? I swear I remember hearing about this ages ago. Maybe it was something else, idk. :-/

1925.3.2006 22:32

This is the stupidest article I've ever seen on this site. Not only is it a waste of time, bandwidth, & LIFE; it doesn't even make any sense.

2027.3.2006 3:37

Steve83 this isnt the idea that its stupid as you pointed out its that it alowed a few to laugh sorry if you have forgotten but if you cant laugh at the pres then you shouldnt be complaining when he does dumb things or when he sends in the storm troopers to get your hard drive... it was more fun then non fiction. (like the amount of money the government has spent looking for the 911 terroest and who drove them to it... look our (USA) country has a cabnet full of dumb asses in control who lie cheat and steal...( like bushes Mom who gave a tax exempt donnation to the hurrican releif , but it had strings like it was to be spent only on software bought from one of Georges cussins software companys, thats what those poor people in New Orleans want educational software not food or help...) so lighten up and laugh a little or governments as corrupt as the next.......

2128.3.2006 10:22

can't you guys tell a freakin' joke when you see it? it's supposed to be funny - you know, a joke...get it...ha-ha?? oh wait...i forgot everyone on this site is 12.

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