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Two plead guilty after massive pirate CD bust

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2006 21:28 User comments (15)

Two plead guilty after massive pirate CD bust Two men have pleaded guilty to several charges after what was called the largest bust of pirated music and software CDs in America. The individuals, Ye Teng Wen, 30, and Hao He, 30, both of Union City, California, each pleaded guilty to 5 criminal counts on Monday. They admitted to making at least 200,000 pirated CDs, most of it Latin music, and to other offenses such as trafficking in counterfeit labels. A third man, Yaobin Zhai, 33, did not plead guilty and is due to appear in court in May.
The three were indicted in October of copying music CDs and software from popular companies such as Symantec Corp. and Adobe. Officials had seized nearly half a million pirated CDs and 5,500 stampers used to make the bootleg products. The software discs even came complete with an anti-piracy seal. "This is the largest case involving CD manufacturing piracy uncovered in the United States to date," Kevin Ryan, U.S. Attorney for Northern California told a news conference. "The theft associated with this kind of piracy, copyright infringement, is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, I believe, on a yearly basis."

Each of the five counts against the men carry a maximum sentence of five years. The music industry is blaming piracy for a large drop in CD sales over the past seven years. As commercial piracy operations become more hidden as technology advances, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has stepped up efforts against this form of piracy.


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15 user comments

14.4.2006 9:54

YAY these are the crimanails not the 13yro thats downlaoding a song or some guy that skipps the 400$ over priced joy of buying a over priced program...

24.4.2006 11:15

Yeah, I agree, if they have 200,000 copied cd's and software programs and they are all stamped and lebeled, obviously they are selling them and making some cash! They deserve to be caught and be punished, not the kid who downloads a song here and there.

34.4.2006 11:52

"The theft associated with this kind of piracy, copyright infringement, is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, I believe, on a yearly basis."
Is this another inflated number where they estimate what's pirated and how much , then multiply that by the retail value?

44.4.2006 12:04

Sad to say but most like much how the goverment makes up its owen numbers to suit itself 0-o

54.4.2006 12:23

Yeah, they were prob selling them for 5 bucks each, and of course the Fed's probably multiplied the number of movies times 20. But the worst part of it is, the industry didn't loose that much money. Most people that buy bootleg are only buying because it's cheap, and they wouldn't spend $20 on the movie.

64.4.2006 12:41

It's people like this that make P2P look like a criminal offense.

74.4.2006 12:43

byron02 Ya thats kinda right oh how I am cheap >< *L* some thigns I will go out of my way for but I been putting off buyign the swar wars boxc set with all 6 moives becuse of the CHANGED sceen in Return of the jedi...uhg....I can just bearly stand the new moives but to rape a classic like that.....blah......

84.4.2006 16:49

200000 CD's that's organized crime. Not some schmo that has 50-100 cd's. Big difference. What's funny is that all these big names get involved, and there is more justice for some crappy cd than there is for murder, rape, etc victims. I would like to see that same dedication applied to those criminals. Unfortunately, it won't happen, there isn't any money involved. The justice system, pff, they should call it the double standards system.

94.4.2006 17:08

Preach it!! ^^

104.4.2006 22:21

i remember like a few months when they caught them it was on the news. They estimated that they hada couple million dollars worth of earned money from bootlegin stuff cuz they had spent money on a office building that looks legit but had a shiet load of burnt stuff kinda funny i think.... thats what they should go for not the small guy in the mix but the big guys selling it cuz most of us just download for personal use not for sale....

115.4.2006 1:45

b18bek9 and jsut think the Software industry could make milloins to if it didnt have fcked up priceing shcemes 0-o

125.4.2006 6:24

thease clowns are the reason there is a RIAA ....this is the real reason to fight piracy. now if more clowns like this were caught maybe they'll back off the ocational downloader but the truth be told this incurages them to go after more..... thease guys will be the next poster boys for the RIAA or next we'll get reality tv show on Fox like "Damn the Downloaders " see people need to just stop sorry but if the software companys can let you try the product or the music company can sample the songs then it becomes a buy it or forget it world for those who dont need the government looking over their shoulders (like what you doing) like babysitters but we all know to many find it ok to download stolen stuff...this is why there lawsuites in the first place. so download at your own risk and for those boot-leggin stuff beware we might buy it but then again we might bust you just as quick..

1317.4.2006 16:46

Have you guys ever heard of Pacific Mall, Village Market and/or First Markham Place? They are all Oriental Malls in the Toronto Ontario Canada Area. Each Mall has about 500 stores which they are 10x12 feet size and 200 stores are All bootleg Games movies etc. Just stacks and PilES. They Have cops and Security Guards there everyday and nobody does anything! Once a year they do bust one or two stores but those people are released two hours later each sdtores has from 100,000 to 500,000 discs 200 stores each mall and 3 malls a potential 1.5 million BOOTLEG discs. All movies are $5 or 7 for $20 and PS2 Games are $10 or 5 for $40.

1418.4.2006 6:46

First, we need to learn exactly what the laws are. Second, we need to learn how these laws have been enforced and the sentences handed down. Third, we need to find an organization thats fighting this fight. I know of none. I beleive every artist and programmer has a right to protect and profit from their work. If they can't make a living from their work, we all lose. However I also beleive five years in prison is far to harsh. I want to challenge everyone who reads this to find an organization we can all support. An organization that is trying to change the laws and at the same time be fair to the creators. The big corporation price gouging and buying lawmakers is wrong, so is theft. This site has a few tips. United we stand, divided we fall.

1522.4.2006 1:39

i agree there is a fine line between a burned copy of somthing here or there and a SCAM this is deffently a SCAM these people were planning on getting rich not giving it out to a couple friends or family

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