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Vivendi Universal announced earnings and a changed name

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 21 Apr 2006 2:06 User comments (16)

Vivendi Universal announced earnings and a changed name Vivendi Universal and its gaming division VU Games has changed their names. The company held an annual meeting where shareholders approved the name change from Vivendi Universal to plain Vivendi. The gaming division formerly known as VU Games followed the mother and now calls itself Vivendi Games. The company also presented a new logo for the new company name, "Vivendi's new logo and visual identity reflect the company's strength and ambition. A strength founded on its ability to be creative, innovative, and dynamic and the ambition to offer customers the best products and services."
The company also revealed its first quarter profit. The gaming division was the leader with revenue gone up 18.6 percent from the first quarter in 2005. The obvious reason for this is the huge, continuing success of World of Warcraft, but other games were also cited as making contributions including Ice Age 2, 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Crash Tag Team Racing.

The other divisions didn't compare to what Vivendi Games managed, the Vivendi Universal Music Group had a 8.4 percent "bump" and Canal+ Group film division went up 7.7 percent making it overall rise of 5.7 percent for Vivendi, a total revenue of 4.77 billion euros ($5.87 billion).


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16 user comments

121.4.2006 3:30

what a story

221.4.2006 4:41

Well it interests me, so you can take your criticism elsewhere.

321.4.2006 6:16

Nice to see some computer software company making strides forward . Its been a while but W.O.W has made an impact on the world as a web based game to bad they dont offer an off line version for those who cant get a cable or broadband hook up... kids at my high school rave about their product... so cheers to them and a new namecouldnt hurt since they are only a division of the partent company.

421.4.2006 7:07

Sir, I don't give a good god damn whether this article interests you or not. Members are encouraged to post whatever the hell they want, it's their membership. If you don't like it move to China. In the meantime I suggest you look busy and say nothing.

521.4.2006 9:24

Yes, but "what an article" if intended to be sarcastic (how I assumed it to be) is just derogatory, and doesn't add anything useful to the discussion - I believe there's something in the AUP about not posting irrelevant comments. I don't like to argue, makes me sound to be an old arrogant fool (of which i am only the latter). But don't back up people who have nothing to say. Do Vivendi produce some of their major titles or just publish most of them?

621.4.2006 10:48

LOL @ carg0

721.4.2006 12:07

Yes posting irrelevant or smart ass comments is reason for a mod to throw you out, or you could get banned from posting to news comments altogether. We don't really enforce it tho, but some idiotic people have been tempting us lately by turninmg news comments into safety valve-like threads, or starting world war iii.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 21 Apr 2006 @ 12:08

821.4.2006 13:23

precisely, like for instance "MPAA should go to hell" whilst not theoretically breaking forum rules, does nothing but waste the time of both the writer and reader.

921.4.2006 15:07

Even if MPAA truly does deserve to go to hell.

1021.4.2006 19:49

Great diffrent name same stink *L* Sicne when do they ahve anythign to do with WOW? 0-o I tohught blizzard owen it wholely did blizzard get bought out is that why there has not been anythign since WOW? 0_o damn I am confussed *L*

1121.4.2006 22:45

VU Games started as Universal Games. Yes, VU bought Blizzard quite some time ago. After the destruction of Universal... I think it is good that Vivendi Universal is going back to it's original name and rebranding the divisions that it kept. I was with Universal before the merger with Vivendi. VU did very well in the Music and Games arenas, but not so well with the Movies and TV divisions.

1221.4.2006 22:59

Raidenko damn no wonder BLizzard hasnt done anythign sicne WOW I tohught it was odd theyve been milking it to death...I guess thats why SC ghost was made..the suits wanted to cash was fianly startign to look good..ah well mabye when all the systems are out they will release it *L* MMm building up devs are they..mabye soemthign worth while will coem out Mmmmmm I'll go look it up but I wonder what games they owen...mmmmm damn they have Fallout "such as it is" 3 (well didnt serria have wait bethsda has it now *L*)....mmmmmm FEAR was good...mmmmm they do have some good titles ...christ...interpaly should ahve finished FO3 befor cansleing it it could ahve saved them atleast from the looks of the leaks now no one knows what 3d trash it will be....Mmmmmmmmmm altho if done right a FPAdventure game wouldnt be so bad mabye mroe simple than morowind and no timed quests >< always messed me up in FO1 *L* ack I ranted to much sorry all *L*

1321.4.2006 23:07

Sierra is also part of VU Games...

1421.4.2006 23:10

Raidenko Bethsda? Serria had the FO rights at one time I think,now bethsda has it and 10 to 1 its going to be a Morrowindish clone.

1522.4.2006 0:50

Lol, what happened ZippyDSM, you wrote that last post in english!!

1612.6.2006 17:15

If they stopped putting rootkits into their games maybe they would be more profitable.

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