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DS Lite arrives in US in June

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 05 May 2006 1:50 User comments (12)

DS Lite arrives in US in June The long anticipated Nintendo's improved version of the popular portable gaming device has been announced to hit US in June 11. DS Lite was released in its home country, Japan, in March and was sold out immediately. DS Lite is a lighter version of the original Nintendo DS which has sold millions of units.
The delay in shipping was because of huge demand of units in Japan, but Nintendo was finally able to increase the production. The DS Lite will make its debut in US as "polar white", while the two shades of blue are not yet promised to hit the shelves, however as in Japan, they could come week later. The Lite version will have a price tag of $129.99, the same amount as the original DS.

There aren't any major releases targeted at the debut week, at least not yet. Many thought that a simultaneous launch with new Super Mario Bros. would give both the game and the DS Lite a boost, but while the game is released in May 15, the handheld is waiting in line. However DS Lite isn't all alone, games, including THQ's Cars and Nintendo's Big Brain Academy will be released the week earlier.

DS Lite release dates outside US haven't yet been confirmed.


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12 user comments

15.5.2006 3:01

Im going to wait 5 years after a system launches, that way i can get the smallest, coolest looking one instead of the bulky, ugly original one. Yes, thats sarcasm, lots of it too.

25.5.2006 7:06

I put off getting a DS.... but now.... 129 seems a steal, and Im a sucker for all things Castlevania Seems like a cool little system, some people I know are trading in their PSP's

35.5.2006 7:43

People are trading their PSP's in because they suck. I have a buddy who absolutely loves his DS, he is a kart fanatic and loves the fact that at anytime anywhere he can get a fix against anyone in the world. The DS sounds cool as hell, I may have to get one now just to keep up with the Joneses.

45.5.2006 9:06

lol, you mus have sme very fusy frinds, my psp delievers and it does it bloody amazingly! But the DS is a great a machine, i guess its to bring in more ppl...

55.5.2006 12:51

I have PSP 1.5 my girl has DS. Differnt strokes for differnt folks. Limelight you may not be out of luck. At EB-games a couple years ago they ran a deal. I traded in my bulky PS2 and any 2 games ,and I got a slim ps2. We can only pray that they do the same for PSP and DS. I would not trade my PSP do to the firmware.

65.5.2006 14:59

Think I'll get the DS once this lite version comes out. Didn't like how big the original one was. I'll have to wait and see it in person.

76.5.2006 0:43

the lite actually makes me debate getting one.. no way in hell am i getting rid of my 1.5 psp though.. might try and pawn off my GBA:SP to cover the costs a bit...

87.5.2006 17:32

eh I never cared for Nintendos screwing of the system by new reversions I liekd the GBA if they made it backlited it would have been perfect...the SP small....I wonder how bad the DS lite will be...

97.5.2006 17:38

eh I never cared for Nintendos screwing of the system by new reversions I liekd the GBA if they made it backlited it would have been perfect...the SP small....I wonder how bad the DS lite will be...

108.5.2006 18:33

Would you pay twice the price of the original ds for the lite? Right now its 120 at walmart. Its 100 on amazon with free shiping and animal crossing. So if you calculate that since animal crossing costs 35 and take that outta 100. that leaves the cost of the system at 65. So ds lite costs $130 which is twice as much. I really think I'm going to get the ds lite though, it looks way better than bulky original.

1110.5.2006 14:16

Has nayone watched dslite vids on youtube? that guy has an imported one and it looks hella kickass! but i won't get one till latr so ill hav an sd card reader and an mlauncher by then so i can play all the ds games i want. Im still using the dinosaur-sized one... lol

1213.5.2006 16:34

I hope that some store will have an upgrade deal. I remember a few years ago EB Games letting you trade in your Gameboy Advanced towards a Gameboy Advanced SP. It was well worth it since the difference in price after trade in was nearly identical to what it would have cost to add a backlight to the original GBA. Both of my kids have a DS so I hope they do the same again for a DS to DS Lite upgrade.

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