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Will Wii Win?

Written by Matti Všhškainu (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2006 16:18 User comments (125)

Will Wii Win? Analysts at the DFC Intelligence shocked quite a few eyepairs when it reported last month that the upcoming war of next generation consoles is half over before it even started. The San Diego-based company stated that Sony would end up last because of the high price of PlayStation 3 and leave Microsoft and Nintendo fighting for the gold.
Now DFC has released an industry briefing which continued their theme. In the briefing the company said Sony is giving up one of consoles' strengths if they'll stick with the plan of providing upgrades to the PS3. DFC was refering to Sony CEO Ken Kutaragi who implied that their next-gen console would be more like a computer than a traditional gaming console. "We believe that under Kutaragi's techno-elite PlayStation 3 strategy, the PlayStation 3 could end up with a market share more resembling Apple products as opposed to the dominant PlayStation 2 market share," stated DFC.

Further into the war, DFC will expect Xbox 360 take the hardcore video game markets and even though the start in Japan has been somewhat sticky, it might be the future market share leader aswell, while Nintendo's Wii could be taking the win with the advantage of the lowest price.


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125 user comments

118.7.2006 17:17

LOL!!! Don't make me laugh.................

218.7.2006 17:59

I hope the big N does very well this time, I have the ps2, xbox, and gamecube and I liked the gamecube most of all. Yes the games were sparse, yes a bit on the childish side but the wavebird was tits and the nintendo style and feel that came with the snes was there... I do believe that many of the consoles that sony sold was due to the terrificly easy modding that could be done to the ps2. Hell, it was the only reason I bought two of them! I have more than 300 games for the ps1 and ps2 but the system never impressed me much. xbox was a great system too because it had a blend of both worlds, good games and good tech. Gamecube was a great package, just without the games. Now with the PS3 looming I am not even remotely thinking of buying it. I think the xbox 360 has some very nice features and the price is in line with sanity. I do believe the Wii will do very well, its the system I put my money on first this time and I will no doubt get a 360 next and then in a few years I might pick up a PS3 used. I just hope Nintendo kicks some serious tail this time, they deserve it.

318.7.2006 18:26

Just a notice to Wii bashers - you're taking a dangerous road posting here.

418.7.2006 19:43

DFC will expect Xbox 360 take the hardcore video game markets and even though the start in Japan has been somewhat sticky, it might be the future market share leader aswell
The start? The whole damn run is going to be poor in Japan. They'll do well everywhere but there... I agree with pretty much everything else they came up with though. The Wii is the only one I'm planning on buying for now.

518.7.2006 20:43

I still can't decide wether I should buy a Wii or stick with only a PC...I guess I will buy a Wii if it has lots of good games...that are exclusives that do not exist on still remains to be seen wether Wii or PC is better at fps games...which is one of my favourite areas of gaming!! If Starcraft Ghost comes to Wii and uses the Wiimote for more than just aiming, I will buy a Wii...second thought: I might still buy a Wii if Starcraft Ghost does come out even if the only way the Wiimote will be used is for aiming. P.S. If someone can help sort things out for me, I'd appreciate it... I like Xbox's/PC's games...I hope Nintendo can deliver on that area of gaming (aka the mature side)...

618.7.2006 20:55

I hope Nintendo does well enough so they will continue to make video games and video game consoles, 'till the day I finally put down a controller.

718.7.2006 21:45

if you ask me, thats far far off. Wii shouldve been called Niche, because its only going to attract a smaller, specifically targeted market, whereas 360 will really start rubbing ppl the wrong way when HD-DVD ONLY games will be releasing, forcing the microsoft game base to buy an additional drive for what 150, 200 more? Ps3 is at a high price, but it will come down, and when it does its first price drop, those who held on to the last-gen systems will finally upgrade.

818.7.2006 23:02

"if you ask me, thats far far off. Wii shouldve been called Niche, because its only going to attract a smaller, specifically targeted market, whereas 360 will really start rubbing ppl the wrong way when HD-DVD ONLY games will be releasing, forcing the microsoft game base to buy an additional drive for what 150, 200 more? Ps3 is at a high price, but it will come down, and when it does its first price drop, those who held on to the last-gen systems will finally upgrade."- Maybe you weren't here when this was said, but having a choice of whether to buy a drive that supports high definition video is the key. Paying extra for a format that may be extinct in 5 years is just plain stupid. And i don't know what your talking about with nintendo because at e3 it most certainly drew the most attention out of any of the systems, which could be seen as some indicater of what kind of acceptance they should prepare for. ps- oh yeah, and to the best of my knowlegde i distinctly remember reading that microsoft had no plans on developing HD-DVD only games. You might wanna read up on that.

919.7.2006 3:03

Adding Bluray to the PS3 was a mistake and if Sony had stuck with DVD they would of gained more market share with a lower price tag. It's like having a bus to take two kids to school, Bluray isn't needed for games. Bethesda's 'Oblivion' took 4 years to make and they could fit their massive game on one DVD. Nintendo and Microsoft will steal a load of Sony's market share this time making competition hot which will be good for the consumer.

1019.7.2006 6:35

I dont understand why folks on these forums say "I am sticking only with microsoft or sony or nintendo" why not buy all the systems you only live once and each system has pros and cons why limit yourself by being loyal to only one system i

1119.7.2006 7:24

sharps: i doubt many people have the money to buy ALL three systems!!! I hope the Wii Will Win! I agree with what the DFC said... I expect people who are loyal to xBox to say the Wii is stupid and crap and stuff and the people who become loyal to Nintendo to say the same about the xbox... Only time will really will tell really but i am routing for the Wii!!! P.S. Loving the title :P

1219.7.2006 8:03

cant wait to see how this actually plays out. interesting to hear someone report that ps3 might actually come in last place.

1319.7.2006 8:59

You should check out the wiki page for the wii. The wiimote is gonna be sweet. Duck Hunt might be back! I think the best part about Nintendo has always been their innovation. With the NES, they had the gun, the glove, the track pad. Even with the SNES they had the superscope. I think they got away from that lately, but I am glad that they realize these gimmicks help revolutionize the way you game. I hope to see them come out with a wider variety of games. I think the controller can be leveraged toward companies to draw them to make games for the wii. People at EA are already excited about the seemingly endless possiblities. Also, for those of you who are badmouthing the PS3, realize that they are also incorporating some sensory controller functions into their system as well. Look for an early price drop to counter microsofts move to quash their launch. All said, if wii expands their game base to include staples for more hard-core gamers, wii will overcome!

1419.7.2006 9:39

I just sold my PS2 and after hearing the price of the PS3, I've bought the gamecube. I plan to buy the Wii when it comes out. True, most of the games on the Gamecube are 'childish', but thats what made Nintendo so good when it came out. What better game is there than Mario? Xbox in my opinion is all war games, shoot em up, blood and guts. I could care less for that type of game. Maybe in years to come, when the price of the PS3 comes down, I'll buy it. Until then, Nintendo rules.

1519.7.2006 10:27

"if you ask me, thats far far off. Wii shouldve been called Niche, because its only going to attract a smaller, specifically targeted market, whereas 360 will really start rubbing ppl the wrong way when HD-DVD ONLY games will be releasing, forcing the microsoft game base to buy an additional drive for what 150, 200 more? Ps3 is at a high price, but it will come down, and when it does its first price drop, those who held on to the last-gen systems will finally upgrade." What the hell theres so many things wrong with this comment its unreal. Nintendo has stated a number of times they are trying to appeal casual gamers and non gamers alike. That isnt a niche market. Its the opposite .Microsoft has stated no HD-DVD games will ever be release on the 360. To be honest theres no need as the games at this are less they 4 gigs. Please get your facts straight before posting.

1619.7.2006 13:07

LOL!!! Don't make me laugh aswell. i reacon sony have sc***ed up big time with the ps3 :( , firstly its to expencive, secondly they cant even emulate s2 games on it properly they have to put the acuall chipset of the ps2 built in $:( and thirly i read somewhere that the grapics card on the ps3 dosent even 'go well' with the motherboard. (by go well i mean 'communicate'or not very compatible est).

1719.7.2006 13:08

All I can say that Nintendo is "roots" I grew up learning my video game skills and all on the Nintendo and it is still a GREAT children's console as well as a pretty good pop-culture console. I will forever get the Nintendo systems as they put them out just because of the Zelda games :) I don't care who is in the lead as long as Nintendo is making enough money to further develop games and systems for me to play...

1819.7.2006 13:54

I hope nintendo does well for its self I would hate to see another sega happen. I think it will go like this 1.ps3 2.wii 3.360 Just an opinion so don't hammer me about it.

pc games with gamepad support by tycobb.

1919.7.2006 16:24

2 things are we going too be able too play tregular dvd on the PS3 because if we can play the old games then we should be able too play reg DVDs right. The other thing is why are they putting the games on the new disk format if they dont need that much space but i CAN SEE DOING THIS IN A FEW YEARS after the system gets out there and then finnally utilizing its potential because they did this before. Remember when they were increaseing the games sizes on the snes and making it do things they thought it couldnt do its just like every new system they never use its whole power when it first is released.

2019.7.2006 18:55

first off, if you truly believe microsoft, I feel bad for you. do you honestly believe that in 2 years time, when the new systems start hitting their strides, you wont see massive sized games developed?? especially when ps3 games can handle that capability? you honestly believe microsoft will say "oh man, we would make that dynamite ground breaking game, but geez, we said we wouldnt make HD-DVD games 2 years ago, and shucks, we dont want to look like liars" who cares what words come from talking heads at corporate in the beginning light of a next gen launch, really. secondly, i stand by the fact Wii is a niche system, the graphics are not true next-gen, and the gaming will not appeal to alot of markets, (especially the fps genre, and the realistic sports markets) they will have their systems compatible with olders roms, and of course theyre cartoonish flagships, zelda, mario,etc. so to those who called me out, go ahead and reply with the title posting of "yes, I believe microsoft wont lie to me"....then we can talk. lmao

2119.7.2006 19:25

Can you imagine buying three systems??? Xbox 360 - 300 to 400 Wii - 250??? PS3 - 600 to 700 That adds up to 1,150 to 1,350 for all 3 systems.

2219.7.2006 22:33

"PS3 - 600 to 700" what? I pretty sure its 500 to 600 for the PS3. Im just going to have to wait it out for the PS3 and 360 to lower their respective prices. No matter how cheap it is Nintendo can't pawn off the Wii(Revolution) as next generation and maybe that why they changed the name--its far from revolutionary.

2320.7.2006 4:07

Microsoft is probably saving the High def games for it's next system when more people will have HDTV's cause let's be honest, what percentage of the US population has them? Last I heard it was around 12-15 percent. Personally I'll be going with the Wii and possibly buying the 360 in 2-3 years. Hopefully HDTV's will be at an affordable price in 3 years.

2420.7.2006 5:23

The way I see it if the wii is everyone's second console it automatically wins, only a very few people with a lot more money than me can buy a PS3 and an X-Box 360, I'll go for a wii first (no pun intended), then maybe when the price comes down a 360 but the PS3 is way out of my price range. It looks like the wii could easily be number 1 by default. I think the success of the DS has given people a lot of confidence in Nintendo which after the N64 and Gamecube has been sorely lacking.

2520.7.2006 6:46

Wow. It continues to amaze me how deep the PS3 fanboys are in denial. Sony has delayed the launch of a full scale Blu-ray release due to a number of problems. Not that HD-DVD hasn't done the same thing... but IMO it's an awefully large risk to goto market with a game system that will only run Blu-ray. At least HD-DVD is backwards compatible, so if some long term durability problem is discovered, you have a backup. Can you imagine buying a PS3 for $700 then having Sony come out and say "Gee, we're sorry, but the hardware / game discs won't last more than a year. You'll have to buy them again." HD-DVD for Xbox360 is still a possibility down the road, so don't leave that option out either. I would never buy a 360, but I'd still get that before a PS3. I recall an episode a few years ago at a local shop where a little kid was whining and begging his mom for a PS2. They rung up the total and it was over $500 (CDN). The mom had a stroke! The clerk said "Well, a Nintendo GC is only $240". Sold. With an even bigger price differential this time around, I can see a lot more of this. Recall, a large portion of the target market for games has little disposable income. I will absolutely be buying a Wii. Dorky name aside, Nintendo always does a good job of appealing to gamers. Content might be more for youth, but the gameplay is always excellent. Plus, being able to download anything from the first Nintendo on - you bet I'm on board with that. I am a computer hardware engineer, and from what I can tell from Sony's releases so far, I am very sceptical about the stability of the PS3 hardware. It will run, just not very smoothly or efficiently. So a first gen PS3 is likely NOT a smart purchase. Plus the fact that Blu-ray is having such difficulties getting off the ground, plus the nagging rumor of games being registered to a single console. So no renting, selling, and God help you if your system dies. You get to buy ALL your games over again. YAY!! The PS3 will do well, just due to the fanbase, but with over $1 billion in expected loses over the first year, I hope this crashes and burns for Sony. They deserve it way worse than Nintendo or even (it hurts to say it...) Microsoft.

2620.7.2006 11:58

Money aside, looking at the consoles worth (based upon gameplay, graphics, etc.), I would be totally into getting all 3. I mean, the Wii is gonna be sweet because of the full-on backwards compatibility, the PS3 is sweet cuz of the same thing, plus it's line-up of games, and even the 360 because of it's online capabilities. Of course, out of all 3 of these, I'll more than likely take a Wii, and possibly in the furture, a PS3. gsuscrazy said

secondly, i stand by the fact Wii is a niche system, the graphics are not true next-gen, and the gaming will not appeal to alot of markets, (especially the fps genre, and the realistic sports markets) they will have their systems compatible with olders roms, and of course theyre cartoonish flagships, zelda, mario,etc.
I totally agree with that! Yes, it will be a niche, a niche everybody but fps players will get :P. I think people are getting tired of the fps scene, cuz it's been played out so much over the last several years. Nintendo is bringing back something people are looking forward to; a system that even parents can play with their kids! You can't deny that those "cartoonish flagships" are one of the reasons you started playing games, I know it was for me. I like some realism in my games, but I also like it somewhat unrealistic as well, cuz that's one of the main appeals of games, to escape from reality. So yeah, I think fps games are good too, but not as much as something more gauging, like an RPG or something to that extent.

2720.7.2006 12:42

What a lazy job of "intelligence" gathering. Don't expect any PS2 owners to dump their plans for buying a PS3 in favor of a Wii. Nintendo is a children's gaming console first and foremost, and will not appeal to today's PS2 owner. The price point of the PS3 will have little or no affect on those who are planning on buying it. I'll use their own analogy in my rebuttal - Apple. No one thought the iPod would take over the industry, and the same is being said about the price of the PS3. Analysts were wrong about the iPod, and they'll be wrong about the PS3. Gamers planning on buying the PS3 are more mature, older, and have more than enough cash (like myself) than yesterday's gamer. Here are some important statistics from the ESA that this "DFC Intelligence" group of bozos obviously did not consider when formulating their flawed opinion: 1. U.S. computer and video game software sales grew four percent in 2005 to $7 billion -- a more than doubling of industry software sales since 1996. 2. Sixty-nine percent of American heads of households play computer and video games. 3. The average game player is 33 years old and has been playing games for 12 years. 4. The average age of the most frequent game buyer is 40 years old. In 2006, 93 percent of computer game buyers and 83 percent of console game buyers were over the age of 18. Moral of story - Wii will not and cannot (by definition) replace the PS3 as a household gaming machine for most who already own a PS2. The PS2 (and future PS3 owners) are older, more mature, and can afford a PS3 just as easily as a Wii - so price will NOT play as significant a role as the hacks at "DFC Intelligence" would lead you to believe.

2820.7.2006 12:53

The Wii and the 360 are in my opinion gonna be the masters of gaming systems because the wii has the interactive games while the 360 has the other hardcore and somewhat interactive games and the add up to roughly the same price as a ps3. Wii60!!!!!!!!!!!! GIANT ENEMY CRAB LOL

2920.7.2006 14:50

secondly, i stand by the fact Wii is a niche system, the graphics are not true next-gen, and the gaming will not appeal to alot of markets, (especially the fps genre, and the realistic sports markets) they will have their systems compatible with olders roms, and of course theyre cartoonish flagships, zelda, mario,etc.
Those "next gen graphics" can only be fully realized on a HDTV, which less than 10% of TV the TV owning population possess. How is that not a Niche market? The fps genre is dominated by the Western Xbox products, and PC gaming. However, with games like Red Steel and COD: Airborne scheduled for the launch window, there's no doubt in my mind that we'll see a lot more fps support on the Wii, since the controller is as perfect as a mouse for fps games. And seeing how Wii sports was voted best sports game at e3, I have no idea where you're coming from. EA also has your more traditional madden 07 for Wii on the way as well. pirkster: I realize you have a good point of how the next "war" will play out, but the video game market isn't consistant. It's volatile. Where were the statistics that pointed to the PSone being such a huge success? You might also might want to check out how many ps2 owners are (for lack of a better word) fanboys. There are a lot of things different between the ps3 and the ps2. The ps2 didn't carry a 500-600 price tag, it had a regular DVD drive, and appealed to a whole lot of people, not just the tech-elite generation, as this new console is apparently aimed at. THe bottom line is that the system with the most developer support will win. Check the statistics on that. :-)

3020.7.2006 16:49

Sorry Buddy Nephilim....... You know that I am a good guy. It's just that nintenod has been very dissappointing in the last couple of years. In my personal opinion......Nintendo sucks balls. I bought a viper modchip and that was the greatest mistake of my life. Nephilim and I are good buddies.....

3120.7.2006 18:46

oofrome, you are being shortsighted, along with some other people here, 10 percent of ppl own hdtv's? how many next year, or the year after? i picked up an HDTV for 500 bucks, no sweat, 2 years from now it will be the walmart special for a HDTV...its a growing market, All im saying ya, Wii will be fun, I might actually buy one, because I am a niche gamer, I dig snes games as well, but I am well aware of the current market, and I know for a fact that graphic power of a 360 or ps3 will overshadow the "fun-ness" the wii will produce, once the games roll out that blow your socks off for realism. And as for sports titles, I am a huge basketball gamer, nba2k6 all day everyday for the realism of it, You see 2k7 and live 07 video and screenshot on 360? that is dynomite, I dont believe the Wii can compete with that, which is why it has to be a secondary system, It will alienate a major market (fps) in the next 24 months (with 2nd and 3rd release titles on these nextgen systems, when game developers start taking advantage of what ps3 and 360 will be capable of handling)hey, im not bashing the wii, im sure it will be fun, just like a summer crush on the girl across the lake when your 14, but just like that "crush" the Wii is only going to break your heart.

3220.7.2006 19:32

Lol, duly noted vgaddict8 but let's leave it at that ;) Just got done with my daily Pee Wee's Playhouse fix so I'm in a good mood right now :P

3320.7.2006 21:09

oofrome, you are being shortsighted
I am still not realizing your point. There's no doubt in my mind that the HDTV penetration will continue to grow, perhaps more rapidly than expected. But I don't see how I'm being shortsighted. If you look at the success of any console, you'll find that graphics aren't quite the dominating factor as you're making it out to be.

3420.7.2006 21:40

oofrome.....if you dont realize my point by now, then there shouldnt be any more conversation between the two of us. good graphics=more sales lesser graphics=lower sales why do you think they make next gen systems, for gods sake man, why you think we arent still rockin the ps1 and n64? heck, if we only bought systems based on playability, then we would still rock the snes dude, come on peter pan, get back down here and stop flying in the clouds made of marshmellows and sunshine.

3520.7.2006 22:22

come on peter pan, get back down here and stop flying in the clouds made of marshmellows and sunshine
Getting a little too personal there. Don't make me go Dr. Hook on you.

3620.7.2006 22:36

Alright, sorry for the previous long-winded post. The following facts remain: 1. A large price differential between any two systems WILL MATTER in terms of sales. There will always be the fanboys (of which AD members mostly are, so we aren't in a position to argue) which will keep sales going. However, your regular Joe "occasional gamer" or Mom buying for their kid will think twice after looking at two very different price tags. You'll remember that a few years ago, Xbox and PS2 price drops mimiced each other for a long time. Neither was willing to let the other be lower priced. Both were losing money on hardware, but neither was willing to give up the advantage of low price. 2. Both Microsoft and Nintendo are upgrading their hardware, but in much less drastic fasion. By far, Sony is taking the greatest risk in terms of hardware, and it's costing them a lot of money to do it. That being said - there will be very little graphics difference between a 360 and PS3 on a non-HD disk. PS3 will have HD, and Xbox360 can add it. 3. A large number of people have stated that they will "sit and wait" to see how the new VHS vs. Beta war (aka. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray) ends up. Due to licensing restrictions and whatnot, many people are scared that they will have to buy 2 DVD players to play all the released moveis that will come on the market. This could hurt Sony given Blu-ray and regular DVD formats are currently incompatible, while HD-DVD doesn't have that problem. 4. The Wii stole the show at E3 this year with its new gameplay ideas. I agree with the post that said the FPS's have been done to death. New gamers will be interested in the interesting gameplay options, and the older gamers might look to something new. And then there's the fanboys, who see "SquareEnix" and buy 8 copies. 5. While the Gamecube was largely geared towards younger audiences, it wasn't entirely (RE4 anyone...). Also, the N64 most certainly was not aimed at the same market as the Cube (007, Perfect Dark, Conker etc.). To assume that the Wii will be a younger gamer's system is purely speculation at this point. And even if it is, there is market share to be found there as well. Nintendo has dominated that portion of the market for almost 20 years. My opinion is that the PS3 has a lot of uncertainty in all aspects of its release, while its fairly certain that the Wii will do fairly well. The PS3 has the potential to do better, or worse (personally I hope worse). It's rumored that Microsoft is holding Halo 3 until PS3's release to provide additional competition. There are many factors to consider, none of which we can be certain about. However, Sony is taking the largest risk with the largest amount to lose. Based on what I have heard, when all the new systems are available, I will consider a Wii, but will not look at a 360 or PS3, both for price and personal taste reasons. Wow, that was longer. Flame on PS3 fanboys, it's just opinion and speculation anyway.

3720.7.2006 23:22


it's an awefully large risk to goto market with a game system that will only run Blu-ray. At least HD-DVD is backwards compatible, so if some long term durability problem is discovered, you have a backup.
Sony (or whoever) has made it so that there is 2 lasers in the ps3 so the ps3 will play all current dvd and cds, so backwards compatible has easily been solved. but i do agree with
However, your regular Joe "occasional gamer" or Mom buying for their kid will think twice after looking at two very different price tags
The PS3 is more of a hardcore gamers system, definitly not for casual gamers. And yes Nintendo and microsoft are playing it abit safe hardware wise, where Sony is being abit dangerous with theirs. As for "PS3 will have HD, and Xbox360 can add it." Microsoft have already said IF they release a HD-DVD drive for the 360 it will only be for movies not games. So that means HD content is going to be limited. IMO the 360 will only last a few years, then MS will have to release a new system, the ps3 will last probably twice as long, the WII will be around for ages. EDIT: finally remembered what i was going to say, IF they release a HD-DVD addon for the 360 at about $200 what does that make the price compared to a PS3?
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 20 Jul 2006 @ 23:34

3820.7.2006 23:52

oh, and just to mention, I own Gamecube DS Snes advance sp dreamcast xbox coming soon...Xbox 360 Coming soon...psp those are my systems, I am far from a fan of one particular company/product/genre I am a fan of games. I actually never kept my ps2 because I didnt care for it, and unless something is a "must have" I will probably hold off until about 2 price drops to get a ps3, if ever. So, that was just to clarify my overall position. just in case someone thought i might have been favoring one company.

3921.7.2006 2:27

A HDTV for 500? What store is selling it and what kind is it?

4021.7.2006 9:22

Personally I'll prolly buy all three systems. Mainly based on the games. PS3 Will have the next edition of Burnout. (Burnout 2The Revenge was pretty sweet for the PS2) Xbox360 Has Halo 3 and the Revolution (wii or W2 ;) will have Metriod Prime 3: Corruption and Zelda. I don't base my decisions solely on price, although it is a factor in my decision. My dream is to have a 150' widescreen plasma HDTV with a 7.1 Digital Surround Sound System and as many game consoles as possible and Some PC's Hooked Up to Said TV. That Will Be The Ultimate Game Room! :D [psst.does anyone have spare Powerball Lottery Ticket You Can Give Me? lol ;)]

4121.7.2006 13:36

Xenon, where in the heck will you put a 150' widescreen plasma HDTV??? 150 feet is prett darn big! Dang! I settle for a 150" plasma!

4221.7.2006 16:02

Pirkster said: "DFC Intelligence" group of bozos obviously did not considerÖ The bozos are the people that bought iPods they obviously didnít do their home work as there are other systems that are better, cheaper, and have been around long enough to get the bugs out of them. And as to those wonderful statistics I believe they are a bunch of crap, they donít focus on all areas to be accurate and that is very typical of how statistics are used to deceive us these days. For one, young kids will always play games more than the mature adults out there; they have more time to do so. He is right though about PS3 people they tend to be a cult and you canít tell a cult anything different no matter how right you are. Iím not a Nintendo fan persay but I know plenty of young and old fans of that system so when others say they will fare well I would agree. P.S. BDís are backward compatible and when the price comes down they will do well too. Who gives a crap about HD-DVDís lack of capability.

4321.7.2006 16:27

OOOPSSS!! sorry I meant to say inches instead of feet. (yeah I'd need a movie theater to put that puppy in!) I'd have the best sound system money could buy! I'd have ruptured eardrums but damn I'd be in game heaven!! :D

4421.7.2006 18:28

Hey Xenon, your Ultimate Game Room sounds most excellent, even if it's only 150", lol! But it would be costly! I'm working on my ultimate game room (note the lowercase "u", "g", & "r"), but it's downgraded to a 65" DLP instead of 150" plasma. I've got a kickin' Onkyo 7.1 receiver (although no 7.1 content), MCE PC, DirecTV HD receiver, and a non-HD DVR. I started a few months ago and I probably have $10K invested in it already... and I still haven't purchased several items, like PS3 & Wii, HD-DVD upgrade for Xbox 360, a primo subwoofer, DirecTV HDTiVo (ok, the new ones are not REALLY a TiVo product), a couple Buttkicker LFEs, and an HD disc player! It's about 70% done... I'm figuring I'll be in around $15K before I'm done! Back on topic, I think Wii will be a great seller. I suspect some will buy it as their primary console and many (360 & PS3 owners alike) will buy it as a second console. I'm a sucker... as long as Mario et al remain Nintendo exclusives, I'll buy every console they make. I've been a bit of a combo Nintendo/Sony/MS fan"boy" for sometime, but Sony seems to have lost their way lately. They used to be a "safe" choice regardless of the product. There was a time when, if you bought anything with the name "SONY" on it, you were getting a quality product... maybe not THE BEST stuff, but at least respectable. A few lousy Sony HTIBs and a few junky Viaos later, I'm trying to avoid the Sony brand. I see a number of people mentioning Wii is not "Next Gen". I thought Nintendo had been fairly clear in stating that it's NOT a Next Gen console. My predictions: Console Sales: #1 Wii (so cheap that everyone will get one) #2 tie: Xbox 360 & PS3 Game Sales: #1 tie: Xbox 360 & PS3 #2 Wii (many Wii owners will buy more games for their primary console) HD DVD Sales: #1 HD-DVD #2 BR-DVD $500 DVD players make me say "hmmmm".... $1000 DVD players make me say "gulp!". Sure, BR prices will fall but so will HD prices. Provisos: If HD-DVD can quickly get a large group of users, some BR studios may freak out and break ranks to support HD-DVD also. If that happens, BR will collapse. If the BR studios stand firm, we're all screwed and there will be an all-out format war lasting AT LEAST a few years before one or the other finally drops out. If MS can get an HD-DVD Xbox 360 add-on to market a few months before PS3 release, I know I'm going start amassing an HD-DVD collection. It's safe to say I won't be purchasing any BR discs prior to the "low-cost" BR Player (PS3). Nintendo gets to sit this battle out, while MS has taken a safe road, and Sony has gambled big-time on this battle. When it's all said and done: Nintendo will be successful with their new Non-Next Gen console, which will be a better seller than the GameCube. Microsoft will grab a larger market share with the Xbox 360 than they did with the Xbox, so they'll be better off. Sony will definitely lose market share... the only question is how much. It may only be a small reduction, but, after gambling billions, they will lose market share. The PS3 will be a great console, but it will be too much ($), too late.

4521.7.2006 18:40

Good points sheri and another thing. The wii maybe directed at kids (like some people say) and it may be true but that doesn't mean adults can't enjoy it. I've had many consoles in my time (from an old colecovision and atari 2400 right up to my gamecube i currently own) and sure the 'cube and nintendo may have a majority of so called "kids" titles but I've seen many people get hooked and actually enjoy them (myself included) I'm just waiting to get my hands on the w2 so I can play the latest Zelda and MP3:C (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) I think one of the main reasons I'm going to buy a w2 is because of the ability to play all the old Nintendo games on a single console. I used to have an SNES and my TV hooked up to a surround sound system and I'd play Space Megaforce for hours on end because of the soundtrack and listening and FEELING the explosions when I played. ahhhh the memories :D

4621.7.2006 20:49

Atari had a 2400??? I think you meant 2600 and than the 5200 and finally the 7800. I personally am looking at this whole war now. I picked Sony when they first came out after being a Nintendo Fan. But as a father of 3 and seeing what my kids want they want Nintendo, I like the idea, and probably a 360 also. Sony is always plagued with launch problems, and they just aren't making sense. Losing 3rd party developers to Nintendo, and Msoft. High development costs and Sony just took a huge loan, and they plan to lose money?? How do you pay what you owe when you lose??

4721.7.2006 20:53

Very good points all. It's obvious there's a lot of opinions, but only time will tell. For example, if Sony licenses the next GTA game exclusively to PS3 (which is unlikely), they could gain substantially. But even Rockstar isn't that stupid to limit THEIR profits to only one console. Our only major hope is the development of a dual HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVD player (and hopefully recorder too). It happened with the DVD +/- format, and although this is substantially different technology, it's likely the only way a LOT of people are going to jump down from the fence and buy a High-def DVD player.

4821.7.2006 22:43

I have been a gamer for many years with lots of systems to many to count i aways thought that there should be a joint system witch will alow a gamer to thow in a game and play it a system that plays every thing known to man lol. any body rember the stuff that was made on the good old tech tv The Screen Savers Show they made a system or someone made it cant rember that had all the old game systems in a modded computer case build it they will come lol All the hackers, geeks,gamers diehard computer buffs unite all the stuff they do to a system make it fly if they wanted to... for the cost of the new systems they should be able to be modded your way

4922.7.2006 0:56

Skipping all the other posts I will just post my own comments. most people will be gettign a PS3 or a 360 a wii will take 2nd palce in most gamers homes the reson is simple price,nintendo wins in the long run,and if you think Nintendo is a Kiddy system think again the Cube almost has as many T and M games as the PS2 (if you avraged out the games,the PS2 has a ton more games but al in all it dose almsot has the same %) Presonly for my the 360 is half aresed and the PS3 is coemign from the arrongt bastards from sony thier the nly ones with teh bals to make a half arsed low end system and a 600$ "high" end one.....I'll be happy with the WIi and new new copies of metroid and zelda thank this day and age of cash in games Nintendo might be the last bastion of non crappy or medicore games.....mabye....MP2 is a bit cheap but oh well its still is eaqule to Halo 2 *L*

5022.7.2006 1:29

---------------------------------------------------------- quote: by pirkster (Junior Member) 20 July 2006 16:42 Don't expect any PS2 owners to dump their plans for buying a PS3 in favor of a Wii. Nintendo is a children's gaming console first and foremost, and will not appeal to today's PS2 owner. ---------------------------------------------------------- im a ps2 owner and im dumping my plans to buy ps3 to buy the Nintendo wii the ps3 doesnt apeal to me as the ps1 and the ps2 did

5122.7.2006 1:42

ddilbert to ture sony has manged to turn the PSX into a monster and its just not worth it to have 100 medicore games and 5 good least on the cube you get 10 good 30 medicore and 50 bad L* oh well most games will hopefuly be madeon all systems with the PS3 being the hardfest to code for tis going to be intresting how it is going to.

5222.7.2006 2:05

its sad how sony coudnt make a new controller they just made the ps2 controller wireless

5322.7.2006 2:24

Hey Warvick! It was Yoshi's Box, if .I remember correctly

5422.7.2006 5:30

sorry it took me so long to reply folks. one person wrote they doubt that most people have the money to buy all three systems. well its really not that much money about $1500 thats less than a good computer and people buy those all the time. im not rich but i have a job a make a piddly $11.00 dollars an hour. i allready have a 360 and am going to buy the other two. i will do this and still be able to pay rent. the release dates are still far enough off that there is plenty of time to save, sell current gen gear, give blood, kill, just kidding but seriously who cant save a grand? im not trying to be a dick i feel this is a goog point.

5522.7.2006 5:35

i meant to say good point not goog point and one more thing these are toys we are talking about. you only live once drop the fanboy loyalty save some money and get all three you wont be sorry.

5622.7.2006 8:08

I got 2 of them already and I am kinda sorry I spent 500 on the PS2 and all the gmaes for it so far 0-o I spent more time on Metroid prime 2 as frustateign as it can be than on nimusha 3 and the bad voice acting that makes me want to turn the game off....

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5722.7.2006 15:29

HDTV walmart specials?! your forgetting to get the most out of the PS3 you need HDMI. I bet the Walmart specials will be the left over outdated junk that doesn't come with HDMI. There is nothing from Sony that I must have, not one game. Gran Turismo um yeah XBOX has that covered and honestly after GT2 the rest were just blah. Does Sont have a Halo killer??? NO! Sure they released that game that was supped to be a Halo killer, I can't think of the name (hmmmm great game eh, I can't even think of the name), but it wasn't any good online and that's where it matters the most. I see my self buying a 360 when Halo3 hits and I will most def buy a Nintendo. Hello MARIO! As the cheapest system and lots of must owns who won't buy a Nintendo? Oh god and lets not for get about all the empty Sony Promises like the HardDrive for the PS2, still kickin my self in the ass for buying an overpriced hard drive that was only good if you stored and played your games off of it. Taking a look at Sonys past do you really think they'll get away with the upgrade game? "people buy 1500 computers" um yeah cause the computer does it all, we don't need a bootleg PC runing off of a TV. Even if you have an HDTV it still pales in coparison to a monitors resolution. Ok so who has a DS, raise your hand. Now who has a PSP? Hmmmm a shortage of hands, exactly you know why. BECAUSE THE PSP is not as fun plain and simple, yet another Sony investment I sorta regret. Lets face it people, just about everyone will own a Nintendo along side their 'high end' system. Nintendo will do very well this generation. Whether your a Nintendo fanboy or not $200 is hard to pass up when everyone else is at $500+

5822.7.2006 16:21

I mostly agree with you, ceno82... but my local Walmart has some cheapo HDTVs with HDMI... now is it fully-compliant HDMI? I dunno. I have a PSP... somewhere... don't know exactly where... haven't played it in many months... it's totally slick and has awesome graphics... but alas and alack, it is nonetheless boring! My DS is sitting on the table by the front door, ready for action... PSP is MIA.

5922.7.2006 17:19

Who can't save $1500 dollars was asked. Well people in some countries don't make that much money. Many in the US are strapped for cash. Places where the rent is much higher than yours. I.E higher cost of living making the same as you. Lets face it PS3 is unattainable for many. The WII is very attainable.

6022.7.2006 18:15

sheri1983 ya the SP is neat but lackign in games the same could be said for the 360 still, gsuscrazy actualy its the horde of causle gamers that blindy by anyhtign new game thing that they are told to buy,I go for playabilty and fun,being neck deep in medicore iffy games gets old I refuse to by a system at full price that dose not offer good games. Besides in all price matters most it the low price means you can sell more units more units sold = more game sales its realy a win win for nintendo do I think they will be number 1 again....I dout it..unless they have made deals with alot of devs to produce richly detailed and fun games that are way above medicoreness.....its simple not going t happen the day of the old 1 system rule are gone much like when the Turbo graph was around it was always number 3 world wide,1 system will be on top the other 2 will fight over their nichs and fight each other constanly for a nubmer 2 rakeing...altho...truth be told I dont thin they can even do that sicne most of the system are so alike the WII gets ahead by price alone. but sad t say if you want al the games you'll have to buy all the systems >< as a stand along game machine the PS3 fails simpely becuse of the price,as a new format moive palyer it looks a bit better but...we are gamers frist if we wanted soemthign to do more than gameing on and paly some games w'd get soemthign else. I dont dout the graphical power of the PS3...however I have seen so called next gen games in motion....lets take Quake 4 for exsample....the overall design and gamepaly are so stale it makes me want to break out blood and duke 3d to remeber and ejoy what fun gamepaly is.....hell even Quake 1 is better thought out....

6122.7.2006 19:54

I have to agree that so far 360 doesn't have a lot of games that I'd call blockbusters, but the 360 games greatly outnumber the Wii releases and the PS3 releases thus far. COD2 is very well done and GRAW is totally awesome! I wonder how many people will buy a PS3 instead of a regular, more expensive, dedicated BR player. I'm sure some people will be thinking "You mean I can save $400 on a BR player AND play next gen games???". PS3 certainly seems like a no-brainer for that sort of person. I myself am only getting the PS3 to get a cheap BR player. If Sony would pull the plug on the BR drive, I wouldn't even think about purchasing it. The BR drive will certainly boost sales of PS3 consoles, but will it also boost PS3 game sales enough for Sony to recoup their investment in the PS3? I just don't know, but I've got my doubts. I never found a PSP game that caught my interest. To be fair, I have a short attention span and there may be awesome PSP games now. I just got bored and lost interest in it. DS always seems to have some wacky or gimmicky game coming out every month or so.

6222.7.2006 22:34

Sheri: Your hopes of getting a "Cheap BR-DVD player" in a PS3 are far-fetched in my opinion. You have seen before how the price on technology drops very quickly. Maybe for a small period of time a Blu-ray DVD player and a PS3 might be in the same ballpark, but it won't last at all. The first DVD players were $500+, and now Costco sells them for $50... This will be even more notable during the upcoming format war. I think we'll see prices on hardware drop very fast to keep up competition. I'm still praying for a dual format player, and I likely won't buy either high def DVD system until that happens. So go ahead, rush out, buy a PS3 for the Blu-ray player, watch the 4 movies that will be available at the time. I'd rather wait one or two months and get the BR player for half or a quarter of the price.

6322.7.2006 22:59

Ceno 82: research before you speak... Worldwide Hardware Sales (End of March 2006) PS2 - 103.69 million Xbox - 24.4 million (unofficially estimated) GameCube - 20.85 million Xbox 360 - 3.2 million Game Boy Advance - 75.13 million PSP - 17.03 million Nintendo DS - 16.73 million PSP's have outsold Nintendo DS, even after a late start, and ps2's have outsold nintendo and xbox combined, do you really think that will change because sony lacks a "halo killer" or because some people are tired of re-hashing the same racing game? The Gamecube was released at 100 dollars cheaper then the competition, the same arguement was used "secondary system, great titles, blah blah" but if you look, worldwide sales as of march, the PSP that you say no-one owns has almost passed gamecube as for walmart specials (please note that i didnt say i had a walmart special, but soon it will be just like theyre flatscreen tvs, big screen tv's etc, everyone will be able to afford one, my tv is a Magnovox 51' HDTV that I picked up off a co-worker who upgraded to a projecter) they have a 32' lcd HDTV with hdmi for 790 right year, im sure it will be under 500...just something to think about. and as for the HD in the ps2, there was alot of cool stuff u could do with that, if you didnt take advantage of it, you shouldnt have kept it, someone would have bought it on ebay or something for near cost, it really sounds like you have resentment towards sony, if so, then you shouldnt be arguing about it, because your opinion is jaded, and close minded, just my opinion though.

6423.7.2006 0:37

gsuscrazy you should if those stats have been undated since the reless of the ds lite because the salles of them have going out of the roof.

6523.7.2006 0:57

So Thonor, if I understand you correctly, you're asserting that with the passage of time, prices of high-tech gear actuallys FALLS? Gee, I must be having a "blonde moment"! I had never noticed that trend, but if your theory is correct, won't the PS3 be around $50 by the time Sony gets around to releasing it??? FYI & FWIW, Netflix is listing around 39 HD-DVDs & 29 BR-DVDs ... but it's late & I may have miscounted Jesuscrazy, I'd be interested in seeing the numbers on PSP vs. DS GAMES sales. My instinct tells me there is a wide gap here. This would be a better statistic, since it's game sales that determine profitability, not console sales, which are typically a loss leader. I've purchased approximately ten PSP UMDs and nearly sixty DS cartridges, and that's not counting the GBA cartridges that I've purchased since buying the DS. I suspect GBA cartridge sales have increased, or at least decreased at a slower rate, since the DS release. Now, one area where the PSP blows the DS out of the water is movie sales. No one has purchased a DS movie, but I read somewhere that Sony has sold at least twelve UMD Movies. In fact, the UMD movie sales have been so brisk that the local Wal-Mart is remodeling their UMD section. They have ripped out the old UMD racks and I suspect the replacement racks will be HUGE, since it's taken them nearly two months since they've taken down the old UMD movie display.

6623.7.2006 1:54

The games & system price WILL determine who comes out on top. Never has system price been such a big deal (only with the 3DO was it so high) & will affect the Xmas shopping season. Parents are not going (to want or be able) to afford a $600 system for their children. What about games? There goes another $60. And a 2nd controller? Another $25-30. And a Blu-ray movie costing $20-$25. So right there you have $700+ at one time. Without a single other toy. From a parent's point of view, this is VERY bad. Not just for poor/middleclass, either. A rich parent will want to get their child several different toys. They'll look at the PS3 as an investment, but not one they want to make now. Smart people also understand the hardware will need a firmware update, one that might not be possible unless the hardware is switched out. Whatever the case, i'm not buying any system until 2007. If the games are as innovative as i've seen, Nintendo will get my $$$. I'll stick with the PS2 i own (and would never touch bill gate$ or his Xcox360 garbage), and the GBA & add to that DS Lite. For now, PS3 is not on my radar. Well maybe for de-engineering purposes but that's another story altogether :o

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6723.7.2006 18:35

As a high end pc user, i really don't see a need for any console. soon as vista comes out with LIVE, it's all over!! using a mouse and keyboard to kick a gamepad tooting console player will make MY day. no matter how we look at it, bill gates will win. also people at least know what high definition means or have heard of it before....What the hell is a blue ray...screw this, i'm getting high def...Catch me drift? As for wii? nintendo had me has a kid, but just couldn't keep my attention as an adult...well somewhat adult.

6823.7.2006 19:49

Actually, I think the PS3 might end up being a (sorta) cheaper console. I probably sunk $2000 in Xbox 360... two premium consoles, some extra wireless controller, battery packs for every controller, two wireless adapters, two Xbox Live subscriptions, and a handful of games for each. I plan to buy two PS3s and maybe a couple games and BR-DVDs... might end up cheaper... than 360s... doubt I'll buy a subscription to whatever Sony has for online play, at least not initially.

6923.7.2006 21:27

SayYes Frist off the 360 has stolen half the could ahve been PC titles,2nd the PC is a dieign game market to use it soley for gameing is kinda sad sicne the PC has a limited number of games on it,3rdly LIVE on PC will force keyboard to keyboard and pad to pad thus enforceign thier balanceing scheme so it sounds like you are beign lied to or dont have a cule ass to what is happening in gamedom. BTW guys sicne you keep talkign abotu HD,I would like to get a cheap 19inch HD TV or LCD/TV montoir thing.

7023.7.2006 21:50

altho once the PC gets full XboxPSP,DS,PS2 emulation ...oooo *droool* it might then become worthy as a main game rig but untill then its not realy worth to throw a ton of money into it ><

7124.7.2006 6:35

I don't know about the rest of you, but the only thing I want out of the Wii that I haven't looked up yet is the ability to play online right off the bat. I mean, I'm still addicted to Phantasy Star Online, and would more than be happy to just buy that with a keyboard than hunt down a broadband adapter for my Gamecube. Also, and this might cause some revelations, but does anybody remember the last time Nintendo had to improve the version of a system of thiers? As from what I can tell, in the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube deal, PS2 had several versions put out to improve on the console, and I believe Xbox did as well, but have you ever seen the Gamecube having such a thing happen? As far as I know, the console I bought in 2003 could have been manufactured in 2001. It was so solid that there was no need to update it, and I feel fully confident in getting one of the first Wii's when it comes out. All this HD format wars bull, do games need to look that much better? I mean, the jump in graphics from the PS1 to the PS2 was very noticeable, but looking at the Xbox and the 360, I really don't see much of a difference so far, and I doubt that the PS3 will be so much more incredible than the PS2. Even though it's plainly marked as Not Next-Gen, I would say that the Wii will be far more in that catigory than the rest of the consoles. Maybe the 5-year generation plan isn't working out too well, maybe they should extend that until they can get real Next-Gen systems out, or maybe developers will begin to move their prospects over to PC.

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7224.7.2006 8:26

Rikoshay you have a point but on the other hand the newer systems will games more spcae to paly in even system cache of what can be used at once will be improved (biger aeras lesser loading times)altho its still all up to what the devs do and frankly I dont see anything new there.... Improve by what? i recall the SNES haveing 2 or 3 revisions to cut down on price and 2 or 3 models even,so all the Console makers go thru a Model changes and revesions of the same model the Cube itself has 10 or so revisions the PS2 about 15 inculdeing the slime line. "Improvements" can mean many thigns bug fixes ,cheaper chipset design,ect,ect No system that I know of has 1 or 2 versions/reversions only...

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7324.7.2006 10:56

Ok, I must say I pretty much dislike consoles since I think the PC beats most of them in what to graphics and playability is concerned. However, if I had to buy a console it would definitely be Nintendo's Wii. And believe me here in South America (specially in Uruguay where the minium sallary rounds the U$S100) price DOES MATTER (don't forget that what in USA costs $600 when it arrives here costs $900 if not more, the same with the games). In my life I have never seen an XBox with my own eyes nor heard of someone who has one. The Cube is a bit more popular and I know ONE person that owes one. PSP and DS are words that don't belong to most people's vocabulary. But even some people from the most poor areas of my city has played at least once a PS2, wanna know why? Because PSX games are pirate copies and cost 2 bucks (U$S) each. That's what made PSX (and PC) so popular here. Uruguay is a special case but price does matter in many other countries.

7424.7.2006 11:59

Why does everyone keep on refering to the price of the consoles as the factor that will determine who will win the war of the next generation consoles. Sure, i agree that the PS3 will be a little pricey (especially with the crappy job i have), but is what i want, so i am willing to save up my money to get one, besides, i don't want the first batch anyways, i would want to wait till all (or at least most) of the bugs have been worked out before i will get one. Plus it will be equipped with the latest in High definition technology, even if i don't use it, i still want to have it, one of these days i may get a HDTV :) but the thing that i think will really decide who will come out on top will be the cost and the quality of the games, i am already checking out screenshots and the PS3 games look pretty solid, so i am already building my list of must haves. To wrap up; i don't have a problem with the X-box, its just that the PS2 had more games so i bought one, i am expecting the same for the PS2 and the X-Box 360. And as for the Wii, like someone said before, it was fun when i was little, but now, i think its somethink for the kids coming up, it just lost its spice.

7524.7.2006 13:31

Badbone: That's fine if you're willing to chock up the dough for a PS3. You've done your research and you know what you want. You're willing to put off buying something else so you can have a PS3. It's my opinion that a large portion of the gaming consumers aren't like you. They buy what appeals to them, what they see on TV, and what they see when they go to the store and look at price tags. If every PS3 game suddenly cost $250 compared to $70 for a XB360 game, you be lying if you told me you'd have the same willingness to buy one. Like most people, you'd likely just about have a stroke. Many people will do that with the price of the console unit. A $700 console is more cost than most people spend on games for the entire year. Especially at X-mas, kids will all have a PS3 on their list, and many Moms and Dads won't buy them. Either they won't be able to afford it, or they won't see the value in it. You do see the value in it, so you'll get one. Mom doesn't see much value other than keeping junior's whiny mouth shut. If you read my other post - I've witnessed it. Mom goes to buy a PS2 for whiny kid - too expensive, takes a Cube instead, despite kid's protest that he NEEDS a PS2... Your other large-type gaming consumer, the 20/30 something guy who knows little about the intircate details of the systems - will think twice about just taking the system with the highest price tag. Many people in this age group are starting families, buying houses etc. etc., and money will be an issue. Money is always an issue. I fit this 20-something demographic, and in my opinion, anyone who doesn't consider the value associated with any purchase, which looks at both the price and the "return value/savings" of the purchase has a brain that only Mastercard could love. We on this site all are fanboys, so we already know what we all want. We won't be dissuaded unless the price quadruples, and even then we'll still think about it. We see higher value in games than say, a new car, a big screen TV, a new air compressor or a bigger house. To assume that price won't drive the market is just not seeing the whole picture. The fanboys aren't as anywhere near as numerous as the average consumer. Ask yourself - If the price was going to be double what it is right now, would you still buy? Yes? How about triple? Quadruple? Where would YOU draw the line. Now imagine people who just barely convinced themselves to buy a PS2 for $250. How will they think about a better than double price increase for the console? My opinion is "not very kindly".

7624.7.2006 13:45

Hey BadBones, The reason people keep referring to the price is because it has now become a major investment for many people. The fanatics (that is, the people posting here) are a bit out of the mainstream... most "regular" people won't put forth that much thought or effort into their purchase... these average people are the ones that make a console successful or unsuccessful, not you and I (there are too few of us to make a difference). The average person may look at the prices and say "hmmmm.....$600 vs. $400 vs. $250... they're all new consoles... I have $600... I could get a PS3 with no games, an Xbox 360 with 3 games, or a Wii with a boatload of games...". Many will choose the Wii, some choose the Xbox 360 or PS3. The Average Joe will make or break the consoles. For most of my life, a $250 purchase was a major investment, leading to much consternation. My first car cost $600. There is a price point the typical person won't cross... I don't know what that price is; it may be $300 or $500 or $700, but the point does exist. I haven't seen Xbox 360s flying off the self at the local Wal-Mart, so the "magic price" may be below $300-400.

7724.7.2006 13:49

Dang it, Thonor! You stole my thunder!!! All excellent points, though!

7824.7.2006 14:00

Sheri: Sorry. You made some very excellent points though. Kudos to you for a wonderful post. Definitely, I agree 100% with the $600 vs. $400 vs. $250 comment. If 90% of us didn't already know which price belongs to which console, we'd all be sitting here saying "Please let the $250 be ...<insert favorite system here>."

7924.7.2006 14:29

Good points everyone. but prolly within the first year of the consoles release, you'll see a decrease in price. By how much who can say? (Prolly depends on how many units get sold) Does anyone remember when the first VCR came out and how much it cost and within the first year the price decreased? (They weighed in excess of 10 pounds and were about 3 feet in length and they were top loading)

8024.7.2006 16:05

360 rocks,with oblivion, full auto and farcry but i think wii will be better. ps3 is cool and everything but its waaaaaay too expensive i also think ds is the best handheld but i still like the psp. the ds has better games and its the games that make the system. i need an HDTV...

8124.7.2006 17:23

Hey Xenon! I think the first VCR I can remember was over 20 pounds, if you include the remote control... the CORDED remote control! At least it never got lost! Hey DKMurphy, Never cared too much for Far Cry & Oblivion... Full Auto was OK, but GRAW is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Just picked up Chromehounds, which looks like it's going to be a great game. Two words describe why DS is clearly superior to PSP: Wario Ware!

8224.7.2006 17:32

lol sheri! No doubt the remote weighed in at around 5 pounds...gain some muscle just by using the damned thing!! lol

8324.7.2006 19:11

Thonor you have a point the new format palyers will drop in price steadily over a years time mabye 50-100 in 5 yeras from now they'll be worth 50,in 2 or 3 yars 200,and the PS3 will cling desprately to its lauch price for 3 years 0-o it will probly go down 100 but knowing sony they wont play with the price untill they get hit hard.... Paulie8 PC is a mistake to put your money in for gameing,I hate to say it as a PC gamer since 95 its just looks bad theres a few things around but MS is constanly stealing titles to stick on the Xbox,and devs are looking away from the PC,if you can find enough games your happy in good for you.

8424.7.2006 19:33

I keep forgoting about the world of emluation god I was so into it back in 97-01 I am now kinda burnt out of 16bit games sad to say altho I'll enjoy a good rpg I just cant seem to stay focused anymore 0-o and again thinking late as I always do if you had a choice between PC gameing as a whole or PS2/Xbox ya I could see spekaing it all to have a PC...and cube.....:P cant go on livieng without the newest zelda and metroid :P and you know some devs like capcom port games over ot the comp 0_o I wish kanomi would get off their arses and do the same >>

8524.7.2006 20:15

PC is a mistake to put your money in for gameing

8624.7.2006 23:00

Nephilim I say it as a mistake compared the current gen of systems,and ocne you remove older win95 and some dos games from the ist just gets smaller and smaller...ltho with the moderate comp you could avrage about teh same qauilty if you had all the I guess long and shrt of it is the PC might not get alot of new games but it has a ton of old 0-o

8725.7.2006 0:01

i dig you sheri1983 you are willing to spend serious money on your game addiction! thats cool! if it is really something you are in to, the fact that you are strapped for cash should be a non issue. life is short screw the bills and feed your game habbit

8825.7.2006 2:47

Sharps, In my not-too-distant past, I went a bit aboard on my "gadget" addiction... not enough money left over to pay the bills! You can't play ANY of the new consoles without electricity! Truth be told, I actually lost cable service for a few days... no cable service = no Xbox Live + dialup AOL = painful experience ---> "in the future, I MUST pay my cable bill!!!"

8925.7.2006 5:56

sheri1983 been there done that.....its sad and pittfull,also went almsot a year without power and water altho mostly due to my dad went off tenncare and we had troubles paying bils when we had to shell out 500-1200 every couple months

9025.7.2006 6:02

bah I dont want to go thru the forms to edi it so I'll just add,lvieng inthe stone age for a few months shuld cure anyone from want not to pay bills >>

9125.7.2006 6:58

Wii will win, watch.

Yours Truly; Rav
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9225.7.2006 8:29

I guess long and shrt of it is the PC might not get alot of new games
I'm not trying to argumentative in a mean spirited way but have you looked at all the available and more importantly the upcoming titles for PC's? There are just as many if not more than any one console can boast. PC gaming is a thriving market.

9325.7.2006 9:13

Nephilim Mmmm it dosnt feel like it,altho I guess I need to get up to date more on the PC market acouple years ago it was bad. how do you feel the PC maret is doing as far as good soild non rehash or clone gameing goes?

9425.7.2006 9:17

Nephilim BTW you know any dailup friendly PC gameing sites gamespot and 3dgamers sometimes take forever to laod ><

9525.7.2006 9:56


That's fine if you're willing to chock up the dough for a PS3. You've done your research and you know what you want. You're willing to put off buying something else so you can have a PS3. It's my opinion that a large portion of the gaming consumers aren't like you. They buy what appeals to them, what they see on TV, and what they see when they go to the store and look at price tags. If every PS3 game suddenly cost $250 compared to $70 for a XB360 game, you be lying if you told me you'd have the same willingness to buy one. Like most people, you'd likely just about have a stroke. Many people will do that with the price of the console unit. A $700 console is more cost than most people spend on games for the entire year.
The value of the PS3 is: Blu-ray player ($1,000+ standalone), full HDMI support (read: rich people with $4,000+ for HDTV), and networking out of the box So there's the value. Price too high? Agreed? Value good vs. what I just mentioned?? HELL YEAH !!
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if you're a college student, do NOT settle with the RIAA

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9625.7.2006 10:04

Hi ZIppy, I'm not aware of any dial up friendly sites. Sorry :( Here's a good list of all the available PC titles. The initial list is just the most recently added, be sure to browse the games by letter to see what's available to a PC gamer :) There are quite a few popular titles that start out on PC then get ported to consoles - Far Cry, Half Life 2 and Doom 3 being some examples.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 25 Jul 2006 @ 10:07

9725.7.2006 10:49

xhardc0re: As I said before, that's fine if you see the value in it. I think Blu-ray DVD player prices are going to drop like a rock once the full HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray wars hit. The same thing happened (or is happening) with DVD players, computer equipment, TVs... I won't go on. It happens all the time, and it will happen here too without question. I have a nice HD TV that I bought last year for $4000, but I still won't buy a PS3. It all depends on what you value more. I want a nice TV, but I place no value on any type of high def DVD system until things become more clear (ie. someone wins the war, or a dual high-def player is made). The entire point was that the average consumer probably doesn't know what the heck HDMI support is, or that it's even available on a PS3. Even if they do, most people you'll talk to don't see a decent value in spending $700 on a gaming system, regardless of the number of bells and whistles on it. It's just like buying a Ferrari, and living in a cardboard box, just to sit in rushhour traffic every day. Some people would think it's worth it. Computers generally serve a much broader purpose (eg. email, business, internet, information, communication, gaming,) and therefore most people see enough value in all of those items to rationalize spending $1000 and buy a computer. You see $700 as good value for the money, fine. I'm certain that if a PS3 were going to be $25,000 there would STILL be people going to the bank for a loan.

9825.7.2006 13:15

Nephilim ya the net is jsut not made for dailup anymore if you surf regualy give up and get dsl at elast *L* hopefuly DSL wil be in the aera by Xmas... Didnt farcry get a Xbox only Exspation/Spin off?

9925.7.2006 22:11

Well personally, I will buy the one I can mod. If I cannot do that on PS3 then it's going to be Wii. Even though PS3 is very expensive it does look good and Sony as a brand has a lot value on livingroom. I mean at least on our household my wife is the one who says what goes to the livingroom and I am sure if I show pictures and tell names Microsoft, Nintentdo and Sony brands there is no doubt Sony will be the one.

10025.7.2006 22:24

Tell your wife "Honey, Nintendo is the New Sony!" and all will be good.

10126.7.2006 5:02

n0rd0s meh the cube is inda pointless to mod,and how many years did it take them toget this far? *L* so the Wii will be a pain to hack altho I'd gladly mod it in order to run downloadable content ...hehehehehehhee

10226.7.2006 5:57

I agree 100% with wanting the downloadable content, and I think it will be a big selling point for the Wii. Nostalgia never goes out of style... But that being said, some games are just plain funner on a TV with a control, so I likely will download (and likely pay for) a bunch of old Nintendo content. Come on, everyone out there who's over 20 knows at least 5 nintendo games (either NES, SNES or N64) that they'd want to play again. Don't deny it, you ALL are waiting to play something you haven't played in years... This is the first console in my lifetime that I'm actually following very closely, and one that I likely will buy close to the release date. I bought my Cube about 1 1/2 years after it released and the prices had dropped, but I don't know that I can wait that long with the Wii. I'm a cheap SOB too, so you know something must have tweaked my interest. You just can't argue against just a $50 increase from the Cube ($200 to $250). That's called good value my friends. As I said, the only thing that could possibly make me even look at a PS3 would be the next GTA game being exclusive to that system. But as I said before, Rockstar isn't stupid, and that'll happen when hell freezes over.

10326.7.2006 8:02

Thonor I would not say that,altho it is nice t not need a comp to paly it,I prefer emluation becuse it just gives you alot of options when makes the games look and soemtiems sound better,as well as load save states,altho I think N64 emluation is a bitch to run right so that might be a bit better than the 16bit stuff. I am wanting a WII and when MP3 and Zelda TWP are out I'll tag it *L*

10426.7.2006 8:37

Don't care for computer emulation EXCEPT for load save states... the only way I beat some of the games!!! I guess it is kinda nice to load up some ROMs on my laptop and go at it awhile. I have a decent/cheap USB controller with a retractable cord. But still... console playing is best... just because it is!

10526.7.2006 8:58

sheri1983 I have a PS2 pad on my comp love VGBA with tis speed button to get thru tidus aeras ,when emluatin runs as good as the console if not better its just better *L*

10626.7.2006 14:34

@Thonor hmm Mario Brothers, Metroid, RC Pro-AM (NES) Super Metroid, Space Megaforce, Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers (SNES)Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, True Crime Streets of LA, True Crime New York City, etc etc etc. well there's more than 5 lol!! :D

10726.7.2006 18:07

sony ps3 is not going to win the war $599+tax, xbox360 $499+tax and all of its ports going to cost alot hd drive, ps3 one unit,the wii just chep

10826.7.2006 19:06

I figure enough that Wii will have ALOT of childish games, but with this new technology they are going to have a LOT bigger audience and they know it, people who play war games will want a fps on wii... How cool would it be for like CoD3 on Wii? Point and shoot style... Plus, the sports games, if they come out with better ones than ' Wii Sports ' package, then it'll be sweet. The way the controller is set up will allow for alot bigger audience to enjoy the games rather than the mundane blur of most systems, wher it is just what do you prefer? Graphics or games or a mediocre mix? (IMO graphics would be xbox, gameplay/games would be ps2, and mediocre with some drawbacks to both would be GC...note IMO, means NO FLAMING) I too hope that wii will come out on top

10926.7.2006 19:10

oh and the next gta (@ thonor) will most likely come out for PC at the same time.. if not a few weeks later, so what, wait for the Pc versions, they are nearly ALWAYS better.... w/ mods and such

11026.7.2006 21:11

I think the Wii will come out on top. Xbox 360 and PS3 are going for the same thing. Graphics. Nintendo is not going for graphics but for a "revolution" on game playing. I agree with the article saying PS3 will come out on bottom. The 360's graphics are very close and its cheaper. Parent's will not want to buy their kids a 600.00 system

11126.7.2006 22:03

megaBLS - AMEN BROTHA!! Zippy - I agree completely with the emulation. I have all the Nintendo emulators except for Cube. I just didn't know if mentioning emu on these forums would get me in trouble... Anyway, I will still DL a bunch of older content on the Wii. Some games (007 anyone?) just look waaay better on a big screen!!

11227.7.2006 3:31

Point taken Thonor. And $ony has that convincing everyone they need Blu-ray & where else to get it for under $500? In a PS3 of course. And once someone owns a game system, they purchase games for it. Expect them to blanket the U.S. & Japan with ads about how "BLU-Ray will change your life". There will be more propaganda coming out of $ony then Washington, D.C. & Tony Blair's ass combined!

if you're a college student, do NOT settle with the RIAA

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11327.7.2006 13:19

After reading this article it just convinces me more that i will stick to computers cause they are flexible enough to chop and change and u dont have to deal with over priced crapp things.

11427.7.2006 14:38

borhan9 Nah i can't agree with that becuase it will be completely different playing with Wii or ANY console for that matter than to play on a pc... yeah a mouse and keyboard is gerat and all, but playing w/ a console is just a differen experience... Although your point is very well taken. PS3 is just too damned expensive, that is why it will lose, just systems v systems, if the wii comes out w/ some good mature games, it will easily be on top (becuase of the revolution in gameplay) followed by ps3 then by x360... x360 doesn't really bring anything to the gaming industry, ps3 has the new Blu-ray, and hdmi support ect ect.

11528.7.2006 11:01

I feel sorry for the Xcox360 users who will be stuck w/a worthless system once M$ adds an HD DVD player to the next version (in Spring 2007). Who's going to want a 360 when they can get the 360+HD DVD for about the same price?

11628.7.2006 13:05

xhardc0re I tohught the HD DVD was a add on. besides t wont be worth it untill they have a nice line up of games. Sega CD had Lunar,and shing force CD the 32 X had shadow sqauderen...god I loved that game...pissed me off so many tiems becuse I didnt hold back on energy and by last level I was out of energy and conteniues *L*

11728.7.2006 16:39

M$oft but them in a position similar to Sega. The SegaCD wasn't necessary to play Genesis games at all. But, if they had bundled it together they could reduce the overall cost. It was no mystery that Sega wanted to screw Nintendo (which was already in talks with Phillips, and later Sony which of course created the PSX from their work with Nintendo), and so they thought the SegaCD would be their trump card. It wasn't necessary to bundle, but it would have been smart. Had Nintendo succeeded in making a CD drive for their system, Sega would have been forced to bundle or build an entirely new Genesis + SegaCD. M$oft is going to look @what $ony does and make a decision. Either keep the two units separate (which is always more cost to manufacture) or convert the two units into one. That would save them money over time. Depends on how successfuly Blu-ray movies are. If $ony is right, and people with $$$$$ start buying HDMI sets that cost like $2,000+ they will win. They make the TVs. They make the Blu-ray players. And they'll make the PS3, at an even lower cost. Nintendo hasn't backed themselves into a corner. They have the lowest priced system, and the graphics are adequate for what they want. For now.

11829.7.2006 0:06

xhardc0re nicely put,SO you see M$ going into harder save money mode and jsut put out the 360 with the HD DVD in it in a year or so? kinda makes sicne,altho will the add on be vaporware I wonder. I will admit the cube bearly clung to the number 2 spot,but the WII should reign in the 2 or 1 spot on price point alone,then add all the new innovantion .....clearly nintendo is in a win win spot for ocne sicne one of its ravils has gone insane.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 29 Jul 2006 @ 0:24

11929.7.2006 15:19

Well put Zippy and xhardcore..... I agree, x360 is going to be like Dreamcast. It came out too early so it will be CRUSHED. Except dreamcast was a kickass system.. Either way, x360 will be destroyed with Wii, if Wii decides to get some good fps games or RPG games (aside from Zelda) manuZ btw by good fps games i dont meant the standard metroid i mean like CoD or something like that

12029.7.2006 23:10

i wish 360 games were as easy to pir8 as Dreamcast. That would be really sweet :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

12130.7.2006 4:48

Why? So no game developers will want to make Xbxo 360 games????

12230.7.2006 4:49

dmanuz when I said one of its ravils went insane I ment SOny,the 360 its more or less a upgraded Xbox all in all it should do ok ut the PS3......unless all the fan boys come out of the wood works and sell body parts to buy 2 systems each its going to be hard for sony to stay anywhere near where they were. xhardc0re what you mean the moders ahve not decrypted the 360 discs yet? a shame :P and whats so easy about copying DC games frist you ahve to connet it to the comp then get that working then edit the content to fit on a bloody CD 0-o no thanks that and cube copying are off my list of thigns to try >>

12330.7.2006 20:25

It was actually a joke guys, don't you know what satire means? Here's another joke. Do you think GameCube would have been more popular if the discs would be easier to rip & burn? ;)

12430.7.2006 21:18

ZIppyDSM wrote:

...the 360 its more or less a upgraded Xbox all in all it should do ok...
Well, more or less, the Wii is an upgraded Gamecube, but it didn't slap on a $500 price tag. I'm not one to judge here, but I haven't really seen any games that have gotten passed normal Xbox graphics with the 360, just some with a higher framerate than normal. I mean, with that $500 I could buy a high-end video card, a Raptor HDD, and about 2GB of RAM for my desktop, and match, if not overpower that performance, all the while being able to do everything else that I would normally do with other appliances.
If Im online, Im usually on Steam:

12531.7.2006 8:27

xhardc0re darn it quit confueing me :P Rikoshay you got a point but I bet the Wii costs mroe to aesicnes its custom hardware and the 360 is sotly jerry rigged PC stuff...its freaky ! Mmmm the 360 is only 100 or so more than what it should be its not that bad but the PS3 is like WTF.

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