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Google won't launch a music store

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2006 16:50 User comments (5)

Google won't launch a music store Despite growing speculation for many many months, Internet search giant Google has squashed rumours that the company plans to start selling music downloads. "We are not going to be selling music." Chris Sacca, head of business development for Google, said in a Thursday address to music merchants and distributors at the annual Narm (National Association of Recording Merchandisers).
Speculation had grown from many different places like A Bear Stearns analyst's predictions in January that Google could have a so called "Gtunes" to rival Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes store in a matter of months. Also, it arose again when Google started selling Sony BMG music videos via its Google Video service.

Sacca stressed the need for partnerships and innovations to the attendees. He mentioned how there is need to create an ecosystem where consumers can move their digital content freely between devices. "Once again there is an opportunity [to improve] ease of use." he said. He likened it to the way Napster transformed search and discovery, and Apple revolutionized portability and shopping. "But to really grasp this takes a certain amount of humility to look beyond your walls," he added.

Despite Google's lack of presence in music sales, he did tout the power of Google Trends in the industry to help predict success of albums and singles. "We're already in the music business, because we're the complement to the offline life. After people hear the name 'Gnarls Barkley' their next move is to go and check on Google for it." he said.


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5 user comments

18.8.2006 16:58

I have a lot of respect for Google. They refuse to give up people's searches (an invasion of privacy) and now they refuse to let the music industry try to ruin their plans of a music download service by not even having it. If Google were a man and running for President, I'd vote for him.

28.8.2006 20:59

google is doing what is best for their future!! They would make move on something else that they would have a unique and new access and know-how's abiloity and promote that to be at the pick of it... the music sales is too old... and promotig that, would also benefit others in the market ... so why endorse something that already in hands of many big-guy's ... perhaps, just waiting for somethingelse, like "Music Videos" downloads etc .. so peple can download for "Podcasting" and other ipod competitors ... and would be on top of that,... way on top!!

39.8.2006 0:45

hands down, they evaluated the market and decided how many online music stores do you need. seems, everybody business is planning to start there own music business.

49.8.2006 15:07

Music Downlaod services much like Iraq is a fcking quagmire unless you have miloins for "negotiations" and lawyers its bascily pointless to try it becuse the music industry will try and squze ever drop of profit you get out of you. Now if they could have a simple no more than 2$ for new song downlaods and no DRM I might tag a few older songs for 1$ but the Mifia dosent want anyone to do that...

511.8.2006 11:30

If google were a woman and running for president, would you vote for her? What if Google were a hermaphrodite? Just curious ;)

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