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YouTube to add music videos

Written by Dave Horvath @ 16 Aug 2006 10:57 User comments (14)

YouTube to add music videos Internet users everywhere enjoy the sometimes amazing, comical, thought provoking and often outrageous video clips available on YouTube. Looking to expand its current reach, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen was quoted in saying "We're trying to bring in as much of this content as we can on to the site. What we really want to do is in six to 12 months, maybe 18 months, to have every music video ever created up on YouTube."
YouTube Inc. is currently in negotiations with the leading record labels to possibly post thousands of music videos available for mass consumption. They hope to bring a different service than the normal pay-to-play services like Apple's iTunes or AOL Music. Hoping to gear the site much like Yahoo Launch where users view videos within the web browser, however Chen is hopeful that YouTube's community feel will win the masses. YouTube currenly holds 60% of all video internet traffic, even rivaling Google Video.

The critical obstacle for YouTube is to get the record labels to fall into their business model to gain the rights to broadcast intellectual properties via their website.


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14 user comments

116.8.2006 11:52

I just don't want to have to pay for it.

216.8.2006 12:06

I mean that's cool but I could just go elsewhere like mtv or yahoo music for instance.It's nothing really special you know? However you tube generally has great quality and if they could give near HDTV quality I would switch.For instance yahoo music(launch) has this little window and making it any bigger distorts the video big time.

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316.8.2006 13:53

I think its a cool idea, and just one more reason not to watch mtv.

416.8.2006 14:24

Well, first of all, YouTube already has a few music videos. You just have to search for them. And second of all, the videos would have to be high quality for me to even visit the site. Most, but not all, of YouTube's videos are low quality.

516.8.2006 16:26

UUmmm but they already have elast fan versions...I bet the RIAA is wanting to abck soem of its "lost money" back by makeing youtube pay *L*

616.8.2006 17:34

Great Idea...

716.8.2006 17:41

damnit >< (UUmmm but they already have elast fan versions...I bet the RIAA is wanting to get some of its "lost money" by makeing youtube pay *L*)

817.8.2006 5:46

one thing is sure, pay to play... nono... its must be quick, easy and no agreemenents. like now... That is what youtube all about.

917.8.2006 9:52

ramu2000 *L* well the miffa is going to try and make them but I see more advertaveing stuff disguised as music vides,or run ads on music videos that way everyone wins,altho knowing the miffa they'll try and force a pay shceme and youtube will simpley drop them.

1017.8.2006 11:48

halfhere you are right, if we have to pay there are other sites to go in why pour into tube..

1118.9.2006 21:13

Users already add their own videos and its about time they added there own to keep our interest going on watching the latest great video. Also, Google wants to provide Apple's iTV (that names a total ripoff of the UK namesake so sue) and this increase competition further. I like YouTube, but I do wish YouTube would make the most of hi-speed connections by making higher-res versions available - or how about having the option of burning these great videos to CD/DVD to show you mates?

1219.9.2006 0:14

champman god its hell enough to see it on dailup don't make them bigger *L* you already can download the videos BTW ^_~

1319.9.2006 15:41

You are joking ZIppyDSM about being on dial-up, right? How do you mean you can already download videos? What do you press to do that because they just automatically play when you click on the link... unless you're referring to adding them into your favourites as 'downloading'? If they were DivX files or mpeg then I could easily burn them to SVCD to play on mates TV prompto, instead of watching Worlds Wildest Videos or something at night.

1419.9.2006 16:31

champman No I am on dailup been on it sicne I move to rualness in January,it takes 22 hours to download 160-198MB. 5MB on a page can take 3-6 minutes depending on how fast the site is. the only site I have had a hard time loading is Gamespot,that site is simpley not dialup compatible,in a week the Sat Net guy is to come and install the 3 foot wide DSL dish..its 120 a month but fck it just cant stand dailup....

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