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iPod continues to dominate U.S. market

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Aug 2006 4:02 User comments (9)

iPod continues to dominate U.S. market Study by NPD Group finds that Apple's iPod continues to dominate the U.S. digital music player market.
Apple's market share of the U.S. digital music player markets was a whopping 75.6 percent in the second quarter of the year 2006, according to the NPD study. Second in the market was SanDisk with 9.7 percent market share, followed by Creative (4.3 percent), Samsung (2.5 percent) and Sony (1.9 percent).

Study, however, warns that stand-alone digital music players might be heading to the way of PDAs (pretty much the same direction where dodos went..) once mobile phone giants start making their phones more user-friendly in terms of music playback and add more capacity. To prove this point, earlier this year Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia launched N91, its first phone specifically aimed at digital music market, and recently acquired a digital music company Loudeye.

Source: Yahoo!

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9 user comments

118.8.2006 5:25

I sold my Ipod 60G and got a 256 Sandisk from Woot for 15$ and I am doing fine. I sorta miss my Ipod, but at 400.00$ I bought a DS lite, and a mountain bike that I use a hell of a lot more. I just think it is cool we have so many choices now with music players, Apple, Creative, Etc.... It's a good time to be alive! Just my 2Cents

218.8.2006 6:05

I don't need an iPod to store music on. I have a computer for that.

318.8.2006 10:31

iPod continues to dominate U.S. market. Soda pop continues to dominate U.S. market. Fast food continues to dominate U.S. market. Crappy top 40 songs continue to dominate U.S. market. Move along. These aren't the patterns you are looking for.

418.8.2006 12:45

iPods aren't all that cool imho. ...And GreyArea makes a VERY good point...

519.8.2006 13:04

iPods are popular sellers because they are offering a lot and the desighn are good

619.8.2006 22:49

Well I got mine mostly because I prefer AAC over MP3. It just sound better (to me at least).

If I always hear voices surrounding me, does it mean Im crazy or that I hear in Dolby 5.1?

721.8.2006 13:05

Just because its top in popularity doesn't mean it is top in quality. **COUGH DRM COUGH** .. I'm fine with apple's dominating the market as long as no one is dumb enough to purchase DRM music. There is no reason to buy DRM music. Its disgusting.

821.8.2006 14:42

Exactly. I just love the hardware. I don't buy music online because of DRM and Low bitrate.

922.8.2006 7:39

I think I am the only person in this country without an I-pod.

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