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Report claims piracy is NOT to blame for falling record sales

Written by Dave Horvath @ 24 Aug 2006 6:37 User comments (14)

Report claims piracy is NOT to blame for falling record sales A recent report issued by Screen Digest suggested that record labels should be warned against blaming piracy as the sole reason for suffering sales in the CD market. This study, administered in Europe, showed that there is a significant increase in Europeans who own a portable music player. With this incline of hardware, consumers are less focused on the purchase of CDs and more focused on services such as iTunes and Napster.
In 2006, online music purchases in Europe alone has reached 280m euros (189m, $359m) and is expected to become a 1.1b euro (744m, $1.1b) market by 2010.

Instead of focusing efforts on CD music markets, the record labels need to figure out a new and better way to deliver music to the consumers. With the rise of the online markets, its expected for the physical music market to continue to decline.


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14 user comments

124.8.2006 6:55

Makes sense why people don't by CD's because the mp3 player is more popular.And cd's scratch.

224.8.2006 7:00

Very true and also sometimes people don't want to buy a whole album for one song & its easy to just donwload it.

324.8.2006 7:03

Report claims piracy is NOT to blame for falling record sales
Yeah no sh*t, this is what we've been trying to tell people the whole time!
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424.8.2006 10:21

yea u sound like a racist but shiet i could careless thats your opinion and yes the makret is flood with rap which isnt liked by alot of ppl an also liked by alot of ppl...but of course alot of the rap now-a-days is just about material bullshiet an sex an drugs an so its kinda of understandable why ppl dont buy alot of the fake wanna be thug rappers shiet ...noone buys cd's anymore alot of ppl copy friends cd's or download it..... but the majority is downloaded because u can make your own mixed cd of stuff u like or add to portable music players so its like why waste your money on a music has taken over get the picture RIAA ur living in the past......

524.8.2006 11:39

The $$$ that online music stores make Obviously are cutting into physical cd sales... Lets not forget about CDripping, cd copying. If my buddy has the disc....then i'll just copy it. I'm not paying $20 for the cd. Thats a rip. If the record industry makes consumers feel ripped off...they in turn will not feel guilty in copying, downloading or using other means to get what they want. Its called Karma

624.8.2006 12:41

Racial comment above deleted **

724.8.2006 12:43

The real reason is that today's music sucks. I don't ever turn on the radio, I only listen to cd's/mp3s.

824.8.2006 13:08

"...the record labels need to figure out a new and better way to deliver music to the consumers." BINGO!

924.8.2006 13:30

Lol wonder what the RIAA will think about this!! I agree about the online rather than CD sales but online sales aren't all recorded so its not much of a deal...

1024.8.2006 14:38

While I can see why people arnt buying cds because of PMP(ipods,sandisk,etc.). not all of use can just up and go buy one. I still listen to my car stereo and cd player, but $20 for a cd that has a total of two maybe three songs i want to hear is a BIG @#$%ing rip. As for rippin and copying, they just dont seem to last me as long as the original.

1124.8.2006 17:22

I don't get the whole racist comment or where that even came from.I still listen to rap, even though I admit there has been a drought as of late, not that you would know because I haven't said any such thing. Anyways though I like just getting the good songs and not the whole album you know? There's usually only about half the album that's good and the rest are crappy songs. Piracy being only 1-5 percent can't be hurting them that much.

1225.8.2006 10:17

The claim that music/video piracy is to blame for falling sales is similar to the claim here in the UK and in Ireland that falling pub sales are because of banning smoking in pubs etc. The truth is that whilst smoking in pubs is banned in Ireland and Scotland, in England and Wales the ban doesn't come in until next May. But nobody is drinking in the pubs anywhere. Why? I went to a pub with a mate last week and beer was 3 a pint (about $5). (We bought just one pint each and left.) Three times the price of buying it at the supermarket, taking it home and relaxing whilst watching television or similar. The pub sucked by the way. In other words it's just bad value. True bugzy. If I don't want a full CD of crap I can now buy just the track I want. The music and movie industries should get real. The days when you could force people to buy over-priced garbage are gone. They should real up.

1325.8.2006 11:05

The report also doesn't reflect a certain percentage of people such as myself that does not purchase music, movies, go to concerts, or go to the theatre anymore in protest to the overkill tactics of the MPAA and the RIAA. The studios need the people more than the people need the studios. If one analyses the extent to which the entertainment studios have infiltraited into the lives of people and applied music and movie studio control, it becomes more apparant how 'big brother' is not the governments but is the entertainment industry. The studios want to control new technologies and control their distribution and use. The studios want to control where, when, and how anyone views or hears entertainment media. The studios distroyed the concept of 'public domain' by getting the copyright extended from 21 years to 99 years with the right to renew for another 99 years for the price of one dollar. Old material, movies and music that was formerly in public domain, can now be recliaimed and covered by the new 99 year copyright. The studios already have conned most governments to collect taxes on blank media and distribute the proceeds back to them. This means that proceeds from the CD or DVD that holds a backup of your computer has bought some cry-baby millionare another Mercedes Benz or another villa in France.. These studio mogules are really laughing.....all the way to the bank..

1425.8.2006 13:55

I wonder what the artists think..I wonder if they are sitting there and saying, "well, we told you so". Mr. Big isn't so big anymore..a victim of his own greed, and blaming 'pirates' won't wash.

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