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EA games for Nokia phones

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 12 Sep 2006 23:02 User comments (9)

EA games for Nokia phones Nokia, the leader in mobile communications and Electronic Arts, the world largest interactive entertainment company have announced collaboration in terms of this and next-gen mobile phone games. This contract will allow Nokia users around the world to download EA games through Nokia Content Discoverer.
“Nokia and EA have a common vision regarding the opportunities in mobile games and how to turn them into a reality. When you combine Nokia’s leadership in hardware, usabiliy and software platforms with EA’s brands and quality thresholds, the results will speak for themselves,” said Jaakko Kaidesoja, Games, Multimedia, Nokia.

Planned to debut this holiday season, the service will include seven EA games, Tetris®, Tetris® Mania, The Sims™2, Doom®, FIFA 06, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 06 and FIFA Street 2. The launch of Nokia's next generation mobile games platform in the first half 2007 will be supported by EA with upcoming S60 custom-designed EA Sports and other EA titles.

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9 user comments

113.9.2006 1:22

Now thats a partnership i would love to see progress well. atm the java games are ok and some are good and most i dont like. But the combo or nokia and EA Games will be a great combination and im glad they are the forerunners of this idea. I would love to play Fifa 06 that is a game i would download on my phone.

213.9.2006 1:32

hope the game not need high speed CPU and many RAM. im afraid the game only for "new nokia phones" my 6600 only have about 100MHz cpu and 10MB RAM but NEW nokia symbian phones, have more than 220MHz cpu and more than 14MB RAM...

313.9.2006 5:47

the newer phones also have more res on screen. but cant you already get ea games on nokias i had tiger woods on my 63somthing or other last year

413.9.2006 19:03

not a fan of EA. They've come to represent commercialism in videogames. Nothing inovative at all. They killed James Bond. They seem to excel at sports games, but sports games don't require an extreme amount of imagination either. They pump out games which look good visually but otherwise it's just another shooter, or sports game, or lotr game. But more video games on phones is a good thing overall, so whatever. As long as they don't screw up Tetris it's ok.

514.9.2006 0:24

In regards to tetris as the old saying goes "If it aint broke don't fix it"

614.9.2006 7:38

Yea it sounds niffty but I mean they might as well put phone capibilities on a GB or PSP if they want to have better games on the phone

714.9.2006 12:41

Yea it sounds niffty but I mean they might as well put phone capibilities on a GB or PSP if they want to have better games on the phone
Well they sorta have already... well with Nokia they have. They brought out the NGage remember. That was a phone and game system in one. Personally i dont play any mobile games except Snake. If I wanna play all the EA titles I will just buy the PC or PS2 Version.

814.9.2006 18:41

id would be lost at the min without worms and poker on my phone

915.9.2006 9:28

Yes, I remmember the ngage but I havent heard anything about that in a good little while i had forgotten they were around.

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