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Dogs assist MPAA in war on movie piracy

Written by Ben Reid @ 22 Sep 2006 18:24 User comments (38)

Dogs assist MPAA in war on movie piracy The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has found a new weapon in its battle against widespread movie piracy - a pair of DVD-sniffing Labrador Retrievers.
The purpose of the canine duo, named 'Lucky' and 'Flo', will be to sniff out optical discs in luggage or other containers, preventing the discs from getting to manufacturing plants where they can be reproduced.

The MPAA claims the illegal copying of movies and television shows on DVDs and other media cost them more than $6.1 billion in lost sales in 2005, and that $3.8 billion was lost to hard-goods piracy including bootlegging and illegal copying, with Internet piracy leaving it $2.3 billion short.

In recent years, the trade organization has stepped up its fight against intellectual property theft, including filing lawsuits against some individuals caught illegally sharing its movies on the Net. However, with billions of dollars still being "lost" to rampant global piracy, it's fair to say the MPAA still has huge task on its hands.


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38 user comments

122.9.2006 18:38

Next the MPAA will employ data sniffing dogs to stop the internet piracy. What will happen if the dogs sniff out a legal DVDs?

222.9.2006 18:49

- Well obviously the dogs won't be checking to see if the discs are legal or not (you'd hope !) :-)

322.9.2006 19:35

That's the problem. The idea is, that they're supposed to be back-up copies. However, the only way to prove you own the original is to actually carry it with you while you travel with the back-ups. So basically, anyone with legal back-ups is SOL since no one is going to carry the original just to prove they own it...

422.9.2006 20:11

good thing i carry those bacon-dvds with me when i travel. this is ridiculous, those MPAA n00bs will waste their time searching through 13-year old's luggage for pirated britney spears disks. i say go for it.

522.9.2006 20:52

This is stupid. Looks like I'll be carrying my drugs and illegal bombs with me. Dogs won't be lookin' for that.

622.9.2006 21:42

Uh guys, the article says something about "Preventing the discs from getting to manufacturing plants where they can be reproduced." I don't know what this has to do with having some dvd-r's in your suitcase.

723.9.2006 1:08

Well if you carry them around with you, regardless of what they are in, and regardless of where you are, those dogs are supposedly gonna sniff them. -Mike

823.9.2006 1:56

I heard about this first about a month ago, its amazingly stupid. If i take a film on holiday or something i ALWAYS take back-ups, what are they "sniffing" for? Just discs in general or burnt discs? Do they really think they are just gonna be able to stop people at a airport with a dog that barks at them?

923.9.2006 3:32

this is totally mental. two dogs @ two airports... sniffing one queue at a time! thats deff they way to catch people. at airports. I mean if u do get caught with back-ups how do you prove you dont own it. Plus, dont most people carry music+films etc on media players... is the next step dogs thats sniff HDD?

1023.9.2006 4:39

It's a shame they aren't as concerned about all the drugs that the filmmakers take (directors, actors, and actresses, etc). Aren't they worried that the filmmakers will become druggies and not be able to make good movies, and hurt the industry? Why don't they randomly take some drug sniffer dogs through the MPAA offices and to the cars of its employees? I guess it is quite fortunate that they can tell the lawmakers which laws they want selectively enforced.

1123.9.2006 6:47

i'll give em something they can sniff. Come here lucky and flo "smell that"...

1223.9.2006 8:31

So what happens if I want to send a dvd of personal photos to a friend or take them with me when travelling overseas to give to a family member?? Are they going to carry a dvd player and TV or a laptop so they can check what is on the disc, a-holes.

1323.9.2006 14:04

Isn't that invasion of privacy, Especially if you have a disc of snapshots or videos of your personal life, and they sieze it and play it.

1423.9.2006 16:14

I think they're talking LARGE numbers of DVD's. Not spindles of home flicks. Cuz if they are going after those, I'm in deep dooodooo!

1523.9.2006 16:21

Use another devise to send media to the plant LOL

1623.9.2006 21:30

That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If the package is sealed, is sucked of its oxygen, the dog cannot smell the package. They will figure that one out pretty easily, and make their dog sniffing days over before they even start. Who comes up with these ideas, a bunch of 12 year olds?

1723.9.2006 22:03

I can't wait for the day that the dogs bust some old creapy dude in his 60s with like 20 porn DVDs in his luggage to help keep in company on his business trip. thats just as funny as the story of a vibrator going off in someone's luggage and security thinking its a bomb...LOL

1823.9.2006 22:12

What about the vibrator going off in the guy's pants in the air port?

1923.9.2006 22:36

One bark for small numbers of DVDs and two barks for large numbers? I don't think so. There is no way the dogs can only target and communicate a large quantity with their smell.

2023.9.2006 22:37

They are already mistargeting legitimate shipments:

2123.9.2006 22:51

FedEx shot itself in the...tail with this one folks!

2224.9.2006 6:58

How dare they use government resources (Customs & Excise) PAID FOR BY OUR TAXES, to harrass people who carry legitimate items on their person or in their luggage. This is an invasion of privacy and in my opinion against the law. Our rights are being taken away bit by bit and they are now making up their own laws as they see fit. If they are that against us using burners and technology THEY INVENTED, why did they invent recordable media and burners in the first place? Why are they still making and selling them? QUOTE: "I think they're talking LARGE numbers of DVD's. Not spindles of home flicks. Cuz if they are going after those, I'm in deep dooodooo!" A dog would not disciminate, one disc, ten thousand discs, they all smell the same to a dog trained to smell for a particular scent. You will be pulled aside and searched/questioned and your discs scrutinised. It will spread into hand luggage checks as well. Prepare to be harassed in front of an airport full of people anytime soon! As for Fedex, they can go fx*K themselves, I won't ever use their services again. They could be using the taxes and man/dog power to catch real criminals who are destroying our country bringing smack and heroin in, instead of looking for burned DVD's. While I don't agree with piracy en-mass I think this is just extreme. Our Government are allowed to sell and ship weapons to crazy lunatics all over the world for years. Now those very weapons are being used to kill and maim innocent civilians in other countries and our own civillians & military, did they stop that from happening? No, it continues to this day. What has the world came to?? Madness!

2324.9.2006 7:37

Well, this latest scheme does have it's drawbacks. Labrador Retrievers are only trained to sniff out one Region Code of disc at a time, so Lucky, being a Region 1 dog, would not be able to sniff out a Region 2 disc, whereas Flo - a Region 2 dog, would be able to. Every disc has a hole, and we all know how dogs like to sniff out ... (ummm).... 'holes', right? Little baby labrador retriever puppies have to be trained what to sniff for, because before 3 weeks, not long after their little eyes are opened, they can only recogize music cds and mini-3" dvds. The Studios are working closely with the AKC (American Kennel Club) for a 'multi-breed' dog, a "Mutt" or "Heinz-57" type mongrel breed, that would be able to recognize any disc's......(ummmm)...."hole". So for Tourists who like to carry their entertainment with them when they travel, or who pick up foreign discs at retail Video stores, a couple of precautions would seem be in order: * Always be sure to wipe your holes carefully before packing them away in your luggage to minimize detection. * If possible, store a Region 1 hole and a Region 2 hole next to each other. This will amount to a Region 3 Hole, and confuse the dogs, as they have not been trained yet to detect Region 3's. * Alternatively, you can temporarily plug up your new discs' holes with a small piece of plastic, rendering them "Hole-Free". As we all know, Labrador Retrievers rapidly lose all interest in what they're looking for, if they can't find a hole to sniff. Hope this timely information helps. Happy Vacationing!

2424.9.2006 8:45

Now that is some funny reading A_Klingon, nice one!

2524.9.2006 11:21

I mail UPS! lol

2624.9.2006 16:43

Can I say the main reason money is "lost" yearly. Their prices for the merchandise is more than the average consumer is willing to spend. You folks want more legit money, lower prices equals higher demand. That is all that determines our desire for the product, figure it out please.

2725.9.2006 1:01

Let me put forth this question of logic: I had a laptop stolen two years ago. Why can't I check everybody's laptop bag to see if it is my stolen laptop when they get on the plane? Because it would be a violation of the 4th amendment. Mere possession of a legal item is not justification or probable cause of a search. This is the EXACT same logic. What do you guys think? Fouth Amendment: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

2825.9.2006 4:04

lower prices equals higher demand....figure it out please.
Who told you that? Lower prices indicate a lack of demand, usually indicating a GLUT of DVDs flooding the market. This situation exists _right now_ as Major Dept. Stores flog overstocked movies that used to cost $40, for just $8.99 or whatever. (Visit your local Walmart for example). They have BINS and BINS full of them. You will probably notice several titles you already own - and paid a lot more for as well. People already have huge at-home dvd libraries - the demand for them is not anywhere near as high as it once was.

2925.9.2006 8:07

I just love A_Klingon you are the best mod on this site, in my opinion. Whatís funny about this whole situation is they are probably going for recordable media (DVD-R or DVD+Rís) but would the criminals, if they are smart, send the original media and packaging. Then they canít be accused of theft, they have the cover art and disc label to remanufacture from. This has to be more of a get them before resale of the pirated materials going to there distributor(s). They donít need to have dogs to do this a simple X-Ray scan of the packages is all you need. The Florida customs went through my stored bags about a year ago and I had 2 DVD-RWís in them which they pulled out and looked over, they must have thought I had some type of destructive plans on them instead they just had software on them which they didnít seem to care about. Why they needed to look at them is beyond me what if I had personal pictures of my significant other and I nude, where are my rights of privacy. With that in mind even if they smell or see you have discís in your luggage or packages what gives them the rights to assume you are doing something illegal or wrong, shouldnít there be some amount of proof required before that assumption is made. What good is it if your fighting to preserve freedoms but you take them away to do so, I donít get it do you? As to the MPAAís claims of lose where do they contrive these fictitious numbers, would they lie about there supposive plight? You bet they would and the bigger the better theses a-ho*es are making record profits as the petroleum manufactures are but poor them, I donít think so. With the Millennium act it is possibly illegal to even think about making a backup let alone doing so, which means that if you protect yourself and carry a copy you are a criminal in the governmentís mind. This should get interesting to see if they carry it that far or if they will only go for the resellers of pirated movies and music. And by the way lower prices does not necessarily mean low demand in this case it could mean people donít want to pay that much, not that they donít want.

3026.9.2006 5:27

how dumb lets train a dog to smell plastic thats easy but hey lets think wasnt the internet a way to send those files... this is just another way for them to make it seem like its a bomb being transported from one country to another... give me a break . this is very sad movies can be sent through the mail across the net and alot of other ways, how about just putting a cracked copy on a Apple Ipod and shipping it to someone.. come one lets just call it what it is bull$#it. really if someone wants to break the law they will it only keep the masses from carrying their kids dvds with them so they have something to watch... its like the liquids and the shoe bombers and how thats effected anyone who traviles buy no more carry on and this leaves you with inflight movies to watch talk about hidden money maker .. because I'd rather watch my movies now the take that option away and force me to either sit there or rent their headphones and watch the movie.... did anyone else notice that they now control what you do in their planes.....?music movies even games used to be up to the indavidual but now the masses fallow like sheep..... hey how about we give everyone a stun gun that has only one blast when they get on the plane this way we are all armed.....and call that fair...

3126.9.2006 10:59

Hide your movies in your flash drive - hard drive if your flying...

3227.9.2006 4:43

the same can be said for games look at ebay brand new games on their only 2-6 months old since release and the game is 30-50% off the retail price......and sony is going to make PS3 games 75-100 a pop......LOL
its going to be fun watching them fail and fail hard....

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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3329.9.2006 14:19

Wonder if these dogs are trained to sniff out extortion? Need a pretty big nose..

3429.9.2006 16:09

Nose isn't the right oraface for detecting extortion. Don't drop the soap...or the DVD in this case...

355.10.2006 16:03

I just love A_Klingon you are the best mod on this site, in my opinion.....
WheW!! Mr. Movies, thank you so much for that very KIND comment !!! [blushing very red indeed] Sorry for taking forever to respond in here. (Sometimes you *have* to try to laugh; it's more fun than crying). It's just that when I see how utterly ridiculous the hair-brained plots and schemes that "the industry" keeps inventing to relieve us of as much pocket change as possible, I find it helpful to sometimes sit back, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, and think about how stunningly stoopid Big Business often is. And it *never* hurts to belittle them (if done honestly) - someone somewhere should be pointing out the bleeding obvious from time to time. Laughing at them doesn't really solve very much, but at least it helps us (me) to let off a little steam. Much obliged for the comments! P.S. I just received an official A/D coffee mug and (2) ballpoint pens today to go along with my A/D T-shirt! (thmaa-thmaa-thmaa) - [sticking tongue out]. :-)

366.10.2006 6:03

they are useing corporate logic to try and apply horribly thought plans to save a penny and they just wind up spending millions....only monopolies and governments have that kind of money to burn......

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376.10.2006 6:48

Greed, Zippy, it's all based in bottomless, unsatifiable greed.

386.10.2006 7:01

A_Klingon and to think they would be making more money if they would streamline and fight pirates with price drops and other things instead of being a mindless 900lb gorilla throwing a hissy fit that winds up costing them more...

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