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Warner, Sony BMG sign deal with Google

Written by Ben Reid @ 09 Oct 2006 12:50 User comments (5)

Warner, Sony BMG sign deal with Google Google Inc. announced today that it has agreed a deal with major record labels Sony BMG and Warner Music Group to stream each company's library of music videos free via its Google Video service. The deal will also eventually allow the Google's AdSense partners to stream the videos as well.
The software innovator is also said to be currently working on technology which would give Google Video users the ability to legally incorporate Sony BMG and Warner content into their own content submitted to the service - which would also be free.

"Continuing to give users access to premium online content is a key strategic focus for Google," said Google's content partnership vice president David Eun. "At the same time, this agreement is a highly visible platform to highlight our continued commitment to protecting copyrights."

Although the service would be provided for free, both parties stand to generate revenue. Advertising on the music video pages would be shared, and in the case of the Warner Music Group videos, downloads would also be available for $1.99 USD each - the same price as music videos on Apple's popular iTunes Store.

"Google is a defining force in the ongoing development of the Internet, and we're extremely pleased to be expanding our video relationship with them," beamed Sony BMG's Digital vice president Thomas Hesse.

"We are proud to partner with an online innovator like Google to further our efforts in this space and we are gratified to see that other major music and technology companies are beginning to embrace these new models as well," added WMG's executive vice president Alex Zubillaga.


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5 user comments

19.10.2006 13:07

first youtube, now this. man google is loaded

29.10.2006 13:26

they are buying everything lol... yes google is loaded... for every ad they put out they make money... and almost every website says ads by google =] even here

39.10.2006 15:51

I see why Google wants youtube they have the deals....

49.10.2006 18:05

I <3 Google!

516.10.2006 3:15

This is excellent news. This is the first reasonable plan to combat piracy. I really never thought I would see this day.

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