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AllofMP3 refuses to buckle to US pressure

Written by Ben Reid @ 08 Oct 2006 14:30 User comments (29)

AllofMP3 refuses to buckle to US pressure, the Russian music download site selling Western pop music at extremely low prices, has vowed to continue operations, even though the US says it is affecting Russia's bid for World Trade Organisation (WTO) entry.
As the troubled WTO talks resume after breaking down back in July, US negotiators have repeatedly mentioned the same issue as one of the main problems - AllofMP3, which defended its conduct in an interview with AFP on Friday.

"Washington is using Russia's WTO aspirations as a lever to help US companies, said, Ilya Levitov, spokesman for AllofMP3's holding company, MediaServices Inc. "They're trying to help their companies in the competition with us because our prices are much lower."

"We're totally in compliance with Russian law.... It's a Russian company owned by Russian people. It's a Russian business," he added. As for foreign buyers, "we announce on our website to every user that he or she should check the laws of the country in which he lives."

In response to U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab taking a swipe at the site earlier last week, Kommersant newspaper quoted a representative of the site as saying, "Susan Schwab markets us so effectively -- she could already be our press secretary."

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29 user comments

18.10.2006 14:35

we announce on our website to every user that he or she should check the laws of the country in which he lives.
Well, how about that! Looks like the US can't do anything about that! It's a disclaimer that they can't handle.

28.10.2006 15:13

fight the power while you can,it wont take long for the Mafiaa to get into Russia all the have to do is change how they work so they can enforce their prices there.

38.10.2006 15:28

i'm glad that they are telling them to shove it where the sun don't shine (just in nice words though). i live and love the u.s. but other people need to make business too, as long as they do it legally.

48.10.2006 15:31

Wow you mean we(USA) don't actually run the whole world after all? LMAO....yes indeed other countries will and should stand up to our demands. If they don't how will the ordinary citizen here ever feel brave enough to stand up for our eroding rights? Maybe they shouldn't be selling by our laws but like they said they are obeying Russin law and that's what matters to them. Would we be the same way if they said we were breaking Russian law and that we would have to cease doing business?

58.10.2006 15:44

If they cant sue them to death they wil join the market and then take it over from the inside...

68.10.2006 18:55

during the cold war we feared the russkies but now its our govt that seems to have no effect on them. its a shame there are not more sites based in russia, we would not have to deal with microsoft or apple.

78.10.2006 20:37

funny thing is that even with the site's disclaimer this site is legal for US buyers. Per US copyright law it is perfectly 100% legal for citizens to 'import' a copyrighted product that was legally purchased from outside the US as long as it is for personal and private use. So even IF (and again that's a HUGE if) the site IS illegal (which Russia keeps ruling as being legit!) the US can't even stop it's own citizenry from using the site to import music from outside our borders under current laws. **thumbs nose at big business** Yeah, this is the world of global economies and outsourcing which YOU created. Sucks that it works for consumers who want to save a couple bucks too eh? LMFAO I really like the way the site is marketing the US action as it regards the WTO. IF Russia was to enter the WTO it could very possibly bring action against the US based upon the premise that the US govt. is trying to undermine legit Russian businesses selling music to American citizens as a protectionist measure that goes against the basic WTO rules and bylaws... Could be screwed either way... hahaha

88.10.2006 21:10

Nice. I applaud and their perseverence.

98.10.2006 23:08

So now I'm curious, is against the law here (US) to download from them since I would be paying for my music?

109.10.2006 3:47

yeah it is. because you will find the site doesnt share this money with teh mafia! which why there is this problem. But i also didnt realise that US law is now WORLD LAW! morons!

119.10.2006 10:28

<blockquote><b><i>Quote:</i><hr>Quote: we announce on our website to every user that he or she should check the laws of the country in which he lives. Well, how about that! Looks like the US can't do anything about that! It's a disclaimer that they can't handle.<hr></b></blockquote> Gogochar that doesn't really mean anything. If you remember Napster they has something along the same lines when they were free.

129.10.2006 21:58

the owners of MediaService Inc. must have some friends in high places. You don't talk like that in Russia unless you want some men in black suits busting through your door. That country is as far from Democracy as North Korea is. They have more Democrary in China than they do in Russia... As for, I hope they keep within the law so they stay online. Instead of the RIAA complaining, they should sign a deal to make it legal in the U.S. to use. I can see how cheap labor & low pricing over there could drive prices way down when compared to iTunezzz.

1310.10.2006 3:35

guess what, free is even cheaper than a buck 75! it legal to use the site from america, the site itself is illegal because im sure no agreement whatsoever has been made between the actual owners of the songs and the site. i bet every last penny goes straight into some gangsters pocket, albehim an extreemly buisness and law savy gangster.

1411.10.2006 0:11

I can't stand how the US Gov. and Co. acts like it controls the world. Just because there is an "All seeing eye" on the back of the dollar bill, doesn't mean they can spread that to another country. "Mommy! Mommy! Their selling "our" stuff in another country cheaper than Slim Jims!!! Make them stop, mommy, make them stop!!!!"

1513.10.2006 4:38

@Ofnir1: Look at what this two-faced son of a bitch had to say about sw pir8s on his webpage:,1283,59305,00.html Pretty sick, huh? Destroy someone's computer because they d/l something w/out paying for it? Here in the U.S. we have a phrase for this kind of behavior "this means war".

1615.10.2006 13:08

This is a very confusing, and extremely dangerous time we are living in. Who else finds it strange that we, the free, should be taking cues from the Russians, on protecting our civil liberties. Even worse, the guy that wants to INVADE our homes to smash our computers is guilty of using unlicensed software. I am just glad that somebody is standing up to the school yard bullys. Someone has to, for all of us.

1715.10.2006 13:18

Real1 *LOL* China is doing a better job protecting itself from outside forces and economical issues than we are,like I always say our country is screwed up the mindless elites(D) the die hard scrooges that think only of them selfs and horde money only for themselves and try and bring GOD into the issue when you question them(R) its sick and sad.....

1815.10.2006 14:21

Although I like downloading music I have paid very little for, I still wonder at the prevailing attitude here about the legitamcy of an artist or company that produces music and then finds some Russian gangster making profits from his work and no monies being paid to the songwriter or singer or company that invested in these people. The RIAA are disgusting people who, with GW Bush help ran around indicting children for illegally downloading music. However, just because this organization is run by greedy fools does not mean that a singer or musician does not deserve to be paid when his or her original music is sold by a company that ignores laws meant to protect these people. How would you like to go to work all week and find half of your paycheck was given away to Russion gangsters?

1915.10.2006 14:31

stephen47 Botht eh RIAA and alloffmp3 is bad but at one dosent not dig the dead up to sue,meaning the music industry can do something to make a profit and not arse rape the consumers but they are unwilling to do so so has become a lesser evil that just happens to have better bizzness model.

2015.10.2006 17:20

Theft is a better business model? On what planet?

2115.10.2006 23:11

@xhardc0re: That guy is a total hypocrite! How pathetic... and he tried covering it up too, what a moron. Ladies and gentlemen, if you plan on coming to America, be informed of the fools who run the GOV. xD Dude seriously, if my computer turns into a cinder block out of nowhere, I know who I'm declaring a Jihad against :P

2216.10.2006 3:39

I do not 'bleed' for who ever owns the copywrites even though they are being cheated. The only reason why RIAA is able to have copywrite laws covering a century is the laws only screw the citizenry. If they were screwing other companies copywrite laws would only last a couple of years. Pharmaceuticals may spend up to 8 figures on a new drug if you add the loser drugs that never made it to market on to the ones that do. The patent law is only good for 17 years. How in Gods name can the US government justify 100 years on a copywrite???

2316.10.2006 21:11

Take a look at the web site. They are not selling music written and performed many years ago. It is almost all current hit songs. I was able to download Justin Timberlake's recent album there before it was available on download sites here. That is music pretty current and even if you think he is paid too much for what he produces, it is still a living songwriter's music being stolen. If you have children, do you want to teach them that theft is all relative and it really only depends on who you steal from? If we disagree with the way a country is run or the way a corporation is run, will you teach your child that this means it is ok to steal from these people. If you will, then there is no point to discussing it. I tend to believe you would not teach your child that theft is relative and it's ok to steal today from this list of people and not tomoorrow from them. Think about it and see that to live in a society together, there may be some absolutes. Even it you believe that Hollywood steals from "the people" is it then ok to steal from Hollywood? Very few of us would say it's ok to meet a wrong with another wrong. Think about what you are saying when you say it's ok to steal because the RIAA are a bunch of bad guys. I think they are too, but my kids will never be taught that theft, or any crime, is ok if we think the victim is a bad guy.

2417.10.2006 3:42

Stephen47 I agree with you on this.

2517.10.2006 10:48

stephen47 Just because the Media Mafiaa has the legal right to steal money from them to dose not make them better.. However what I hope will come from this is allof will get a "deal" with the Mafiaa to sell the music at current prices and pay them monthly rolyiests or something even if things come to noguht it will show the mafiaa they are not absulete anymore.look at the bigger picture without wars and battles dictators and machines of greed and horror will never stop,the mafiaa is every bit a dictator ship and machine of greed and "war" however they are doing thigns within the vale of the law,the only way they will change is to see they can still make money and lower prices at the same time and they will not even begin to attempt it untill someone else shows them it or someone else forces them to.. Not everything is black and white ,but unless you are rich you are better off to teach your kids to fear authority because the man owns the black boots they don't take kindly to poor folk 0-o

2617.10.2006 13:57

Stephen47 To prove your point a little better you should have used someone other than Mr Timberlake. Lets all feel sorry for the guy who slept with Britney Speers, gets paid $$$ for autographs, over $110,000 per venue and hideous amounts for personal appearances. OMG, his children will starve. As weird AL said, if you PIRATE my music how will I be able to afford another gold plated Humvee...and diamond crusted pools arent free. Besides all the decadence, I hope for your sake you are a young man...because no grown man should download, or admit to downloading Justin Timberlake. If you want to live in a dictatorship, REJOICE, because with the ways laws are being written and rewritten, thats exactly what we have. If Paul Revere were alive today he would be treated as a terrorist, not the hero he is portrayed as in American History. Look up the term "proceeds of crime". This when (loosly translated) someone goes into a music store, steals Justins kiddee be bop or wannabe be gangsta cd, puts it on the internet and "profits" by reselling it. This is THEFT. This I did not do. By my rights as a free person in a free society, I should be able to buy a cd, that is, that I OWN it, and make backups for friends of mine who cant afford their own. The haves, and the have NOTS. Kind of like Robin' Hood...who I might add, would be right up there on the terror list too.

2717.10.2006 14:01

Real1 *nods nods* If you want to stay in the letter of the law while at the same time fight the insane corporate greed you have 2 choices BUY USED or DON'T BUY AT ALL. I buy used alot but I also download now and then since somethings I am looking for cant be found in used or new form.

2818.10.2006 4:44

Correction - ZIppyDSM They will only reduce their fees if they are CONVINCED that they will make more money. I think the Mafiaa has much more honor than RIAA. RIAA gets law makers to change laws so they can rip-off the public. We the consumers need to band together and get law makers to reduce copywrite laws from 100 years to 5 years. Patents are only 17 years and are very costly compaired to copywrites. When the US government starts talking about changing the DVDs to copy protect them permenently, we need to get some one to revise the copywrite law as rider on that bill! We really need to do something like that. I suspect most of our members belong to other forums. If you agree with this GET THE WORD OUT! I would love to give the RIAA some of their own medicine, which in my estimation is grab, them by the balls and twist with everything you have!

2918.10.2006 11:47

AMEN BROTHER. Think big, start small. Then during the next election, try to vote someone in thats not an egomaniacal, wannabe texan, dictator.

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