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First PS3 pre-orders sell out in minutes

Written by Ben Reid @ 10 Oct 2006 12:15 User comments (29)

First PS3 pre-orders sell out in minutes GameStop and EB Games began accepting a limited number of pre-orders for Sony Corp's forthcoming PlayStation 3 console in stores accross the United States on Tuesday morning, however most stores had sold-out within minutes.
"Due to extremely limited supply, we expect to deplete this allocation very quickly, most likely in minutes," GameStop said on its website.

It is believed that most stores were promised eight consoles each, however a few select stores will recieve double that amount. Employee pre-orders are limited to two consoles, leaving only six consoles available to customers, which are limited to one per household.

The $100 deposit that GameStop are asking secures the customer a system, however, the company added a clause into the agreement stating it doesn't guarantee the person will receive a PS3 at launch, as it has no control over shipping or production issues.

Some sources are already speculating that Sony's small pre-order offering indicates possible early problems that the PS3 could have at retail. While rival Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is anticipated to be widely available toward the close of '06, Sony's console may struggle to meet demand.

And with Nintendo's Wii console - which so far seems to be free of production problems - launching at around the same time, sales troubles could be on the horizon this holiday season for the Japanese electronics giant.


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29 user comments

110.10.2006 13:34

SOny is either playing games with us or is having a hard time manufacturing PS3s,in anycase I think most would rather have t all delayed then get a 500$ system that breaks after a month of play. still I think the horde of PS2 fnaboys around the world will keep sony in cash tis holiday season...

210.10.2006 14:05

Well any system can honestly break and sony has always been pretty good about replacing defective consoles. I had one of the first ps2, bought the first christmas they were available. Mine lasted years, actually the slim ps2 was out and mine still worked fine, until my 2 year old son got his hands on it.

310.10.2006 15:12

I got 3 of those pre-orders!

410.10.2006 16:10

yewah mee too had to wait outside for 6 hours though, but i got it free!!!!!!!!!!

510.10.2006 16:12

I would like to take a moment to say that Nintendo systems NEVER break. (Well almost never).

610.10.2006 16:52

my NES and super NES broke all the time what are u talking about?

710.10.2006 16:55

"I would like to take a moment to say that Nintendo systems NEVER break. (Well almost never)." i think gamecube is a object in which u could used as a blunt object to kill someone with and then sit down and play some super smash brothers after the deed is done.

810.10.2006 17:14

Indeed evilbunny, indeed. lxfactor: I was referring more to the newer systems but you’re still the first person I've met who has ever complained of the older ones breaking. I once dropped my N64 in a bucket of water (long story) and it still works to this day. I had a friend who left their old Gameboy Pocket outside and exposed to the elements from November to June and it worked for another four year before he sold it. I’ve never owned any of Sony’s Playstations but from what I hear they’re the least reliable consoles on the market, but hey I’d love to be proved wrong with the release of the PS3. Maybe if they work I’ll actually buy one in several years :p

910.10.2006 17:45

I have 2 nes that still work and they are the original models.
Some people just dont take care of their systems because honestly without me even being a nintendo fan i can say that their systems are the most reliable over the years; Especially since those older console play cartridges and not disc. By the way that includes all of nintendos systems past and present. Lasers are needed to read the disc and that is the most common malfunctions on newer systems. Lasers loose calibration and needs adjusting from the system being moved, and bumped and jarred around over a period of time. When you move yours console around a lot the shock from bumping it cuts down on your systems life expectancy.

I thought about ordering a ps3 but i think i am going to wait to make sure they work out all the bugs. If i did get one at launch i would only put it on ebay and mark the price up and sell it.

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1010.10.2006 18:02

After the PS2's "disc read error" on 2 of my systems, I'll pass on the ps3, since it will most likely be made of the cheapest pieces-or-crap parts available.

1110.10.2006 19:12

Sony know what they're doing, I'll give 'em that. This will extend the lifespan of their beloved PS3... It's all marketing imo.

1210.10.2006 19:53

Better get that good warranty for those people pre-ordering

1310.10.2006 19:58

if i could still get a preorder somewhere i woulnd t mind buyign a PS3 and then selling it for about $1500. i already see them at that price and higher on ebay. The low end version though is crap from what i hear it doesnt come with hdmi and cant even bee upgraded to it so if i do get 1 then it will be the 60. looking at some videos of the wii i might just have to get it to play the new trauma center game b/c the ds 1 is amazing

1410.10.2006 21:01

"The low end version though is crap from what i hear it doesnt come with hdmi and cant even bee upgraded to it so if i do get 1 then it will be the 60." you heard wrong....check here

1510.10.2006 21:43

A good warranty sounds like a great idea with a system bought at launch. Especially one costing so much. Better protect your investment.

1611.10.2006 0:07

After the PS2's "disc read error" on 2 of my systems, I'll pass on the ps3, since it will most likely be made of the cheapest pieces-or-crap parts available.
Same here. And I hear the same from a lot of other people who had PS2's also. I don't have a clue in the world where all these fanboys are that everyone is talking about. Fanboys are usually kids, and kids usually can't get mom and dad to drop $500 plus $60 and $60 for one system and two games.

1711.10.2006 2:27

I'll buy the WII first just because of the price. My son wants one for Xmas so maybe .I remember all the probems with first gen game systems and for me to shell out between $500-800 that might not work that well or even over heat theres just no need for me to spend that much money on a video games system . Ill use the money on something more important,like blank dvd media, cases, some toner for laser printer, and the ice cream truck that still comes daily even though its around 55 degrees outside.

1811.10.2006 5:06

Got my Pre-order Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1911.10.2006 5:10

Also you guys that thinking about getting the Wii.Nintendo is having problems with heres the link.....

2011.10.2006 5:50

Yeah Im mad They are not takeing any more pre orders.
Thanks to the people that work there and thanks to the Buttheads
That think there going triple there money on ebay.
There is probally going to be bugs as allways in the first model,
so whatever I guess i can wait.

2111.10.2006 7:33

I thought there was something wrong with your post :P
ait it looks like there is something still wrong with it 0-o the this page ....odd 0-o

anyway I hope enough PS3s get launched day 1 so the rest of us wil know what the quality of the beast is...

edit:and now that I post teh glitch is gone *L*

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2211.10.2006 15:39

Most consoles have bugs to work out a first no matter who makes the console. I do think that sony has had a few more problems with consoles but then again wouldnot it also be fair to say that if have never sold anywhere close to the number of consoles as your competition than you dont have as much chance for complaints because you dont have as many units out in the general household.

2312.10.2006 7:40

Not so long ago many of the PS2/3 people were stating Sony sucks and they wouldn’t buy another Sony product, what a laugh, I guess they speak from both sides of their mouths, which I knew would be the case. LOL… I could see buying a PS3 if they come down in price, heck the BD player might be the main reason I get one.

2412.10.2006 21:36

have u heard that sony wont release the ps3 at the same time as it will release in united states and japan it has delayed its release in other parts of asia and other countries due to the less availability of somethin blue laser diode (`am not sure of) and will be released in Q1 2007 in these parts of the world

2513.10.2006 6:04

Have you seen the allocation?

I've read 8 to a store in the USA with store employees only allowed 2 of that 8.

No wonder it sold out quick.

Europe isn't getting any until sometime next year (it might be next spring it might be next summer).

I suppose it means that, unless you are one of the devoted, 'normal punters' won't be able to go into a store and get one until sometime late next year, if even then.
(and if it does prove to be buggy and unreliable and there are lots of returns then this really could drag)

That level of supply doesn't look good to me and kind of puts all those glowing reports about being sold out so fast into some sort of perspective.

2613.10.2006 9:54

hughjars it would be better for them to just wait and sell it at better quantity in the 1rst-3rd quarter of 07,but Sony is trying to jump the gun or is lieing again *L* In any case if they do launch "early" has stable consoles they will be heads above MS's pitiful launch. Heres how I see it 1.It has a shaky but solid launch(why shaky price of the console and the odd early release they are trying to do) ------ 2.The system will have some glitches but nothing like the 360 Hardware nightmare. ------ 1 years time games with stabilize at 60-90$ it can I see them easily jacking up games 10-20$ (the games are were they are making up losses) ---------- 4.In one years time a revision will come out being cheaper and easier to manufacture the price however wont change unless its Christmas and they need to push consoles sales. 5.No hard price drop for at least 2 years. 6.In 3 years time if BR has not met its potential of 80GB a disc HD DVD will win the Movie format war. if BR can match HD DVD with at least storage and hollywood is ok with playing both sides the format war might take till 011 to end fully.

2713.10.2006 10:14

I have a friend that is one of the regions prime sellers and he is getting 100 units with no stipulations of who he sells to just limited to sell dates and if he violates that then they won't sell to him in the future.

2813.10.2006 10:16

Mr-Movies so non nation wide chain sellers have less restrictions?

2915.10.2006 12:18

How many PS3 will be available at launch?

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