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McDonalds join digital content market with m-Venue

Written by Ben Reid @ 12 Oct 2006 14:52 User comments (19)

McDonalds join digital content market with m-Venue Fast-food chain McDonald's joined the growing digital content revolution on Wednesday as it began beta testing its digital media content service, m-Venue, in the U.S.
Whilst tucking into their Big Macs, customers will be able to browse and download their favourite tracks from several record labels, including Sony BMG and Universal Music Group via a Wi-Fi connection. The first restaurant to offer this service is located in Schaumburg, Illinois.

The resturant is equipt with wireless Internet, and has added widescreen displays to help promote the service and its content, whilst also allowing users to send text messages to be displayed on the screen. According to McDonald's, the introduction of the service has already seen food sales increase by 17 percent.


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19 user comments

112.10.2006 15:13

that sounds pretty cool.....mcdonald's is pretty nasty, though. I never eat it.

212.10.2006 15:26

McDonald's = china burgers its as bad as it sounds BK is still kinda ok I guess 0-o *brain flash with bad china accent* DO you want a side of fried pop music covered in smelly brown substance? blah...

312.10.2006 15:39

Seems interesting. Junk food and pop music don't mix too well with me, but may float some people's boats.. ba-da-ba-ba-ba..

412.10.2006 15:46

I'm already hatin' it. :(

512.10.2006 15:48

me thinks mcy d's would be better of putting that money to quality of food.....

612.10.2006 17:37

mickey dees is good

712.10.2006 17:37

mickey dees is good

812.10.2006 18:16

McDonald's= fast food. Itunes= fast music. Let's keep it that way, k?

912.10.2006 18:56

man McDonald's is a fast food jiant and trust me half of the people saying they hate it wouldnt say no if some one gave them a free big mac

1012.10.2006 19:44

Mikey'ds is etbile thats about it *L*

1112.10.2006 20:47

Schaumburg, IL? Widescreen displays in a McD's?? Texting onscreen??? NO

1212.10.2006 20:49

DOnt forget the whole MTV look with wide screens everywhere palying crapp music vids and crap :P

1312.10.2006 20:50

man mtv is so boreing now i cat stand it with all thier corny host

1413.10.2006 3:05

do we get the mcdonalds theme song for free if we join :) stay away from maccas it reminds me of microsoft.

1513.10.2006 8:41

So lets say you have technical problems with the service. Who you gonna ask for help, the 16 year old, pimply face teen behind the register who can't even figure out what NO CHEESE means??? No thanks.

1613.10.2006 11:19

pruh pruh pah pah pah IM HATING IT! not gonna be good

1713.10.2006 23:09

Schaumburg, IL home of my fav Medieval Times dinner show! If only they sold DRM infested music files to people... i still wouldnt buy! I'll stick to the drinks and the souvenirs ;)

1815.10.2006 4:46

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1915.10.2006 16:04

McDonalds is your kind of place Hamburgs in your face French fries between your toes Mustard up your nose, and don't forget them crazy shakes They'll give you tummy aches McDonalds is your kind of place.

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