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Universal Music Group sues MySpace

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Nov 2006 21:08 User comments (29)

Universal Music Group sues MySpace On Friday, it emerged that Universal Music Group is suing one of the world's most popular social networking sites, MySpace. Universal claims that MySpace encourages its users to illegally share files and provides them the ability to upload music videos. The recording giant claims that material from The Killers, Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani is available.
MySpace has dismissed the lawsuit as "meritless litigation". "We have been keeping Universal closely appraised of our industry-leading efforts to protect creators' rights," MySpace said. "We provide users with tools to share their own work - we do not induce, encourage, or condone copyright violation in any way."

Universal doesn't see it that way and in its lawsuit (lodged in a US district court), it claims MySpace "encourages, facilitates and participates in the unauthorized reproduction, adaptation, distribution and public performance".

"Our music and videos play a key role in building the communities that have created hundreds of millions of dollars of value for the owners of MySpace." A statement issued by Universal reads. "Our goal is not to inhibit the creation of these communities, but to ensure that our rights and those of our artists are recognized."

The statement sounds remarkably like claims that were made by well known record company figures about how they should have got a cut from sales of iPods because the iPod relies on music. With that thought in mind, remember that Universal just recently scored a cut from each sale of a Microsoft Zune player.

Copyright cases brought against Internet giants like MySpace and YouTube should be watched closely because now it is the rich taking on the rich; MySpace is owned by News Corp. and YouTube has Google behind it. This is not like a small start-up company being easily forced down by an entertainment giant.

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29 user comments

119.11.2006 22:13

The plot thickens....

220.11.2006 2:29

Sure does...

320.11.2006 6:45

Just leave MySpace alone! They have enough problems with their junky website as it is!

420.11.2006 7:01 big as the Universe..............idiots.....

520.11.2006 7:16

Universal are real money hungry eh?

"MySpace will begin blocking illegal content" that wasn't too long ago, Universal haven't given them a chance..


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620.11.2006 16:46

For God's sake, will these guys ever quit filing law suits for every single little thing?! Someone glue their eyes shut for crying out loud! By the way, I don't mean to be offensive in any way. If it is, tell me to edit this and I'll do so as soon as I can.

720.11.2006 16:51

Ace_2 if they did that they would stop making moneyies off the music *rollseyes*

820.11.2006 17:04

Right, but remember that they're trying to find every single way to get every single penny possible. They should all be taught how to live with the money they have(yeah, like they'll even be listening, they'll just say, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. What garbage.").

920.11.2006 22:14

These lawsuits are pathetic, I tell my friends about new ones almost everyday. And they are sick of it, either that or I keep telling them about these stuff that are making them sick. :P

1024.11.2006 17:02

Of course they're trying to get every penny they can. That's what businesses do. They have a single purpose, to maximze profit. What else do you think they do? Grow flowers? Paint with watercolours? Universal's responsibility is to its investors and shareholders. That said, I'm not a supporter of Universal. I just don't like seeing people say silly things that show their ignorance. I am the IGNORANCE ERADICATOR! I always wanted a super power.

1124.11.2006 20:29

phantasee well there are reasons to be evil and thats one of them. My super power is sillyness or being a jaded gamer.....Wii could have more power,PS3 is to costly and uninnovative..and the 360 is a hog pog of parts. 0-o *L*

1225.11.2006 8:48

i think that those stupid lawsuit people are complete idiots! OMGOSH! They need to get a life! Myspace is awesome. Has nobody heard of second chances? noobs.

1325.11.2006 13:33

gee.... I Can't believe this.... These companies should spend more time signiging up decent artists, than suing people.... From my own experience most of what I get from these sites is always home footage, bootlegs or TV material anyway..

1425.11.2006 17:11

I have said it before, and will say it again, its all about GREED. Universal, want to get their finger on every penny they can. They sit around with their corporate laywers and dream up ways to squeeze someone else. No, they are not stupid. They are smart people who know that they have nothing to lose. Just keep sueing people until you win. I hate all of them. I wait for movies to go to DVD then check them out from my library. I guess they will try to put an end to that soon. Does that mean we will also have to give up books too? Where does it end?

1525.11.2006 17:14

hans471 when the have thought control chips in everyones head.

1626.11.2006 6:58

what an endless circle of nothingness, users (us) will always be ahead of the game, I don't know why these companies think they can get in front of us. If myspace gets sued, then someone will just create another web page and thus the circle continues

1726.11.2006 7:13

halfhere and thu gain a endless supply of money. I hate uncontrolled capitalism LOL

1826.11.2006 10:56

Universal are just making sure that their artists (yaknow, the nice people who actually MAKE the content that we all pirate so readily) feel secured in their distribution, licensing and recording contracts. AKA covering their *assets*....

1926.11.2006 11:07

DR34MER not really sicne they only get a small cut of what the RIAA gets from suing people. I dont mind capitalism ,but uncontrolled capitalism will only lead to us all begin slaves of not governments but to corperations. its high time this BS stops now the goverment should step in and force the RIAA and others to leave peopel who downlaod ALONE and put a tax in place so that the people can have fair use back with the added bonus of free infermation(news,tv,movies) and programs. however the resale of such items should be prohibited ,if these "agencies" for the corperations are left unchecked they will be sueing and "taxing" the consumer and the populace into oblivion It could happen int eh US once the lobbists nudge more of fair use out the windose and the current goverment dose not mind at it since its trying to ciremvent rights to better "protect the people" IE protect we dont need oversight and 3 eaqulely balanced parts of goverment naw...that slows down "progress" and "trade" >>

2026.11.2006 12:16

From what it says there, the RIAA aren't suing on UMG's behalf, UMG are suing on the artists's behalf. The RIAA might be a nasty association but they need to be sicced on someone before they can get involved.

2126.11.2006 12:44

DR34MER same diff really.. they are all part of the media mafia (music and film industry association) and thus all of it needs to be bitch slapped into reality.

2226.11.2006 13:11

Well see, it's not the same difference. (god that's such an oxymoron). It's not enough to call them all a mafia by association. If you produce something, you also want your rights as a producer to be protected. That's all UMG is attempting to do in this case. I personally feel it's a little shortsighted of them as people have a harder time downloading music from myspace rather than uploading, so suing myspace will only lessen the artists listenership in the long run and will ultimately just piss their fans off. Still, UMG has a right to do so and I think we're all about protecting people's rights, right? ;)

2326.11.2006 13:24

while the diffrance in the who,where,what are not 100% the same in end trapmleing fair use and consumer rights is soemthign they almsot all have in commen. WHat they are doing with this is suing their own groups who are having a part in free distribution of their own music,sure there is some abuse but like Isohunt email them and tell them to remove X/Y they wind up removing it but instead of sending a C&D or letting them know in a clam and friendly manner they sue them in the hopes of getting money out of it.... its the joy of the society we live in its like calling its like calling white people rassict for being..well....white 0-o

2427.11.2006 13:40

Speaking of suing people and squeezing every penny out of the consumer... I went to a movie over the weekend, paid $34.00 (for four tickets) and before the movie started, I was bombarded by 10-15 minutes of commercials, then another 10 of previews. I'm thinking of suing the movie studios and theaters who do this for harassing a captive audience. There are enough commercials on TV, etc that it is not necessary in a theater. Sure, I could have hung out in the lobby for those 25 minutes, but then I probably would have missed the begginig of the actual movie. It's rediculous that shoving unnecessary products and talentless "artists" down the people's throats is so commonplace that it is accepted and no one seems to pay it attention anymore.

2527.11.2006 13:48

labroni then if you heckle the PREVIEW'S they want to kick you WTF its preview 0-o People are not paying for the ads they are paying for the movie........

2627.11.2006 14:05

Zippy Thats what i'm saying- previews and advertising before a movie suck. I pay for the movie so I don't have to sit through commercials and previews. Studios and theaters already make money when we buy the tickets, but now they make more on top of that when third parties pay them to advertise. The same goes for cable TV. We pay for it, by choice (or because we can't get reception otherwise in our area), but the cable networks don't think that's enough money so they throw in commercials. Broadcast TV is only supported by advertising, so I can forgive them a bit.

2728.11.2006 5:24

"Thats what i'm saying- previews and advertising before a movie suck. I pay for the movie so I don't have to sit through commercials and previews. Studios and theaters already make money when we buy the tickets, but now they make more on top of that when third parties pay them to advertise. The same goes for cable TV. We pay for it, by choice (or because we can't get reception otherwise in our area), but the cable networks don't think that's enough money so they throw in commercials. Broadcast TV is only supported by advertising, so I can forgive them a bit." labroni, I know we all hate adds, but you can't hate TV. Your cable company charges you because they bring you the stations in one easy to use service, that's what you are paying for. The adds are to support each individual station, as they need money in order to pay for the TV shows that they have. Without ads, there would be no content. That is why you pay extra for HBO and other stations, instead of adds you cough up $10 a month. But if you have cable can you imagine coughing up $10 a month for each station just for no adds? 60 Channells would drain you of $600 a month, dunno bout you, but I dont have that much fun money. The Cure? Tivo and other DVRs, low cost and no commercials, score.

2828.11.2006 5:38

h8xor I am sorry 40 a month for 70 stations with adds and I only can stand to watch 5 or 6 of them more than than a hour a day... I hate TV its pretty bad and its devolving into reality TV at that the only way cable TV could becoem worth the while is when they let you pick your channels at 80 cents a pop a month 80X60 is 48 and since I only watch half of that I would be happy to pay 10$on top of 80X15-20. don't forget stars and such they have 10 no ad channels for 10ish a month. so theres a cheaper better way for them to do it they jsut will not change becuse they dont have to.

2928.11.2006 6:08

still don't understand why it was more accepting to copy audio tapes and video tapes back in the day and now i would get sued for copying my dvd movies and audio cds that i spend 20 - 100$. I guess they just don't care about our hard earned investments. Cant have mp3s on the pc anymore cuzz one guy got sued for ripping his music to his pc. Didnt have a shred of evidence regarding any P2P clients on his pc. The U.S. says they dont spy on us ya right. (Money the root of all EVIL - living proof)

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