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HDTV comes to mobile phones

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 01 Dec 2006 2:54 User comments (26)

HDTV comes to mobile phones As insane as the idea might be, 3DLabs has announced the world's first media processor for phones and PDAs that is capable of 720p resolution AVC/H.264 video playback.
The chip is 3DLabs' first product after it announced to split off from Creative who has owned the company for the last four years. Chip is called DMS-02 and it is a multi-core, ARM-based array of floating point processors.

Company's obvious target market is the expanding portable video player market and the chip is obviously capable of decoding also "standard" resolution videos. For those not familiar with the HDTV acronyms. 720p stands for progressive 1280x720 resolution which means that the video has three times more pixels (or "details") than a regular TV or DVD clip.

Source: TechReport

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26 user comments

11.12.2006 6:46

at the size of a mobile phone's screen, what difference could hd possibly make?

21.12.2006 6:55

I'm more interested in a PDA or cell phone that does 1280x720????

31.12.2006 7:51

oooh, iPod 6g... NICE!!!

41.12.2006 9:12

this would fail as nobody would spent alot and the company cannot afford to do budget cell , dont get me wrong i like the ideal but this is going to fall right before it even starts

51.12.2006 10:28

i think your wrong...

61.12.2006 10:30

i think there's no real purpose for this.

71.12.2006 10:32

i think i don't care... its cool!

81.12.2006 10:38

i think you're addicted to useless technology :-P maybe this could somehow have an impact on the pricing of larger-scale hd. that's what i would like.

91.12.2006 10:40

i think i want to know if you mean cheaper or dearer... and so what if i like useless sh*t

101.12.2006 11:43

does anybody care about ipods anymore?

111.12.2006 11:45

don't fire up the fanboys; we'll all get burned.

121.12.2006 11:53

"FIRE, FIRE!" -- beavis and butt-head i like iPods... thats why i chose my nano argument here --

131.12.2006 11:54

your invalid nano argument?

141.12.2006 12:08

no, my valid one. D

151.12.2006 12:09

oh; i have yet to see that one.

161.12.2006 12:17

oooh! your funny!

now thats [a type of] irony.

do you agree yet?

heres the link to my valid argument --

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171.12.2006 12:30

With this chip in it, maybe i'll get to watch about 45 minutes of a movie on my next iPod before the battery dies! Yeaahh!

181.12.2006 12:33

craig, i already told you about that falsehood that makes your argument invalid. or, if we go with the traditional views of analogies as inductive arguments, it would be a weak argument, succumbing to my strong argument.

191.12.2006 13:44

How about a phone that gets a signal everywhere?? What a thought!!!

201.12.2006 21:48

They can make a satellite that can view objects from millions of lightyears away. They can make virtual reality a reality. They can clone sheep and other animals. But, they can't make

Originally posted by limelight:
a phone that gets a signal everywhere??
Good grief!
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212.12.2006 8:31

Anybody consider a portable video player/ mobile phone/ ipod that has an hdmi out so can play HD video on a big flat panel at full 720p, whats so bad about that ?

222.12.2006 8:57

i know. the big car size battery, with ultra small cells, that you would need...

232.12.2006 14:12

the purpose of this chip is not for cell phones, but probobly for personal video players, that have video out capabilities. there is no need to display high def on a small screen, especially considering how much bigger of a file a hd video would be. you would need a huge hard drive to playback that quality, unless you have a super highspeed streaming capability. this would be cool if your phone could hook up to your tv, but i think its mostly going to be used to prv's, like archos, that have huge hard drives 100+ gigs.

244.12.2006 11:34

Q "at the size of a mobile phone's screen, what difference could hd possibly make?" A: Size is not the issue, it's clarity. With a smaller screen, more clarity is important. To get all those pixels in there 1280*720 92160 they have to make dot pitch very small. This also requires a powerful processor to run a smooth pagination, frame rate, and buffer for clean OTA (over the air) trasmission. Now, if we can only get cell phone TIVO ? We just need a holographic media disc about the size of your fingernail capable of holding about 12 gb, and we can have an HD movie on the phone - Now that's addiction to technology. P.S. One day - your grand children will call that OLD SCHOOL

2515.12.2006 12:36

Watch movies on your dawm tv , this is why you bought it!!!!!!!

2618.12.2006 13:46

Owning a television makes no sense. Anything I want to watch can be done on a monitor. So whether you have an HD monitor at 80" Plasma or a 3.5 LCD on your phone, content is HD, and mobile content is both personable and portable.

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