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Nintendo responds to lawsuit

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 21 Dec 2006 13:37 User comments (25)

Nintendo responds to lawsuit The class action lawsuit filed earlier this week, concerning the broken Wii wrist straps was condemned by Nintendo. The Japanese company found the lawsuit meaningless and has now come forward with an official statement:
"We believe the lawsuit to be completely without merit. Nintendo has a long tradition of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we take all reports from our customers seriously.

At the time we became aware of the lawsuit, we had already taken appropriate steps to reinforce with consumers the proper use of the Wii Remote and had made stronger replacement wrist straps available. This suit has had no effect on those efforts."

American law firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of Wii owners against Nintendo of America claiming that the defective "Wiimotes" are contradicting with the warranty of Wii. The class action lawsuit didn't quite get an echo, as not only Nintendo seems to find it ridiculous, but Wii users as well.


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25 user comments

121.12.2006 14:10

I would have to agree that the vast majority of Wii owners and players think that this lawsuit is just ridiculous. I am not doubting a few accidents happened, but I do not think it is Nintendo's fault.

221.12.2006 14:11

Good job Nintendo, keep fighting off the idiots!

321.12.2006 14:16

Effective Immediately!! All idiots sueing or thinking about sueing must turn in their Wii Console so it can be given to someone who will appreciate it and can follow instructions and warnings.

421.12.2006 15:03

To bobiroc you are so right all those idiots should turn in there wii console so real smart people who know what they are doing can make use of it. I had this system since day one and not one problem, as for the straps me and my whole family play young and old and no one has ever threw or let go of the wii mote :) those idiots damn them all

521.12.2006 15:13

Way to stand up to the money-hungry legal types who'll jump on any bandwagon if they can make a lawsuit out of it. Does this legal firm have ANYTHING to do with these people? Or did they just "assign themselves" to the issue in hoped of making a few bucks and a name for themselves?

621.12.2006 15:15

well wii know that nintendo wanted to expand their system to attract a broader audience it seems like they attracted some idiots along with it.

721.12.2006 15:27

I just received an email that my Replacement WiiMote straps are being shipped. I think I will sue Nintendo because it took a whole 3 days to fulfill that request. I ordered the straps just in case because accidents do happen and that is all these people are bitching about. They had an accident and instead of blaming it on themselves and being overzealous they rather blame Nintendo

821.12.2006 18:02

It's all about greed. This law firm wants to get their name out in the public. What better way to advertise than to sue Nintendo for something so silly. These people that are breaking their TV's need to calm down. When I was a kid and was playing my NES, sure I would get out of had and throw my controller but the internet wasn't around for me to compalain about it breaking something. Grow up.

921.12.2006 19:17

nintendo diserves something bad, thought i dont know if this quallifies they are selling a console to the consumers loss. why would you give a company money? i take solice in the fact that i robbed sony of atleast 200 dollars in my ps3 purchase. i dont feel like giving away my money, i believe in fair prices, not a money making scheme. thats all the wii is.

1021.12.2006 19:20

i ment a period after quallifies up there ^^

1121.12.2006 21:50

people will sue about anything now a days. I can't believe that someone would stoop that low just to get some money. there is no way that this will hold up in court. At least I hope not. If something breaks just replace it and move on don't bitch a long the way.

1221.12.2006 22:00

Mabye this is a bad idea, but:

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1321.12.2006 22:05

well if your not holding onto the remote its going to go flying into a tv. the videos ive seen are from people being stupid and not taking care. its there own fault. i think people need to get a life and not sue companies for a little cash.

1421.12.2006 23:07

What part of no spamming don't you understand?

1522.12.2006 9:04

nintendo diserves something bad, thought i dont know if this quallifies they are selling a console to the consumers loss. why would you give a company money? i take solice in the fact that i robbed sony of atleast 200 dollars in my ps3 purchase. i dont feel like giving away my money, i believe in fair prices, not a money making scheme. thats all the wii is.


Anubis, that may be the least intelligent comment I've ever seen you make - and not just by a little. This is bad by leaps and bounds...

I'm having trouble believing that is actually you.
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1622.12.2006 18:31

I've never had any problems with any Nintendo products and I own every system. Of course, I never threw my controllers around...

1723.12.2006 21:08

I think the Wii was a good idea to get the fat kids off the couch and moving around with the video games... But, then again, someone is always trying toyank money away from the rich, any way the can with any reason the can come up with. heh. I still use my original N64 controller to this day, and with the same TV I started playing it with. Neither are broken.

1824.12.2006 9:30

@anubis I totally agree... However the law suit is totally ridiculous!!!

1928.12.2006 11:31

Anubis, are you joking? The reason you bought a ps3 instead of a wii is because you were "robbing" sony of 200 dollars? that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Maybe you will get some insight of this, every ps3 game you buy you are giving sony 30 dollars, by the time you are done with your ps3 you will have given sony more money in video game sales than you would have given nintendo for the wii. Personally I believe the 600 is way too much for a ps3, all it is, is a console to me. The graphics aren't much better than the 360, and I already have everything ps3 has to offer, except for linux, who needs linux anyway. As far as this lawsuit goes, come on people, the controller is motion sensitive, that doesn't mean you have to swing it as if you were trying to throw a 90 mph fastball. I've had a wii since it came out, I've never had it slip out of my hand, nor have the strap break on me, and all my friends play it as well, without a problem. These people that have these so called "defective Wiimotes" really only have "Defective Brains" and feel they need someone to blame for their absolute stupidity.

2028.12.2006 15:07

I was talking about the odd notion that a company "diserves something bad" for selling a good or service for profit. The idea of profit is one of the most basic concepts that I can even think of right now. How long has trade been going on in the world? Here:

2130.12.2006 16:29

I have a hard time believing that Nintendo put out anything thats defective. I have a NES, SNES, and N64 and the original gameboy, and the only thing that doesnt work as well now as the day I bought it is one of my N64 controllers. I had two so that me and my neibor could play excite bike and some Pepsi got spilled on it and the joystick and buttons dont work very well. That is the only that has ever gone wrong and it certainly wasnt Nintendo's fault for not making a controller that was Pepsi proof, like it isnt Nintendo's fault that they didnt make the Wiimote idiot proof.

2230.12.2006 18:28

Okay guys. You all have an extremely good point on the lawsuit against Nintendo. A few straps broke. Big deal. Notify the place where you bought the game from or Nintendo and they will replace it. But then again, there are people that will jump on the chance to get a few extra bucks from a lawsuit. Yes they are ignorant for doing this, but here's the real joke. It is a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. If the case is won, or if Nintendo settles out of Court, quess what?? All of the litigants in the case will only get $50.00 at the most for their trouble. The lawfirm representing the Class Action, will get the majority of the money and laugh all the way to the bank. It's a stupid, stupid lawsuit and all litigants involved in this lawsuit, in my opinion, are extremely ill educated. They accomplish and gain absolutely nothing, but yet they stuff the pockets of lawyers already financially stable. How sad!

2331.12.2006 14:39

If all of these idiots didn't buy a Wii,, I would have one by now

242.1.2007 22:37

damn ambulance chasers. Why don't these guys sue the RIAA for file-sharing harrassment or something? :)

252.1.2007 23:29

Unfortunately I dont own a wii yet, but "do" own snes, nes, g/ cube. Yeah ive broke shit, like this one time when fighting against Ryu in sf2 champ edition and I hurled my snes controller across the room to only find the chip inside split, only allowing myself to use the direction pad (2 weeks old). My fault or nintendo's? It's pretty obvious that mad ass mofos with tendencies to not hang onto their remote/ joystick/pad,( for whatever reason, no judgement here) etc deserve their own consequences. Believe me thrown many times only one time came back unusable. If you believe it's lawsuit material, I'm sure society might toss you around and who would we blame for you coming back defective. Whos the liability?

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