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Wii browser beta released

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 22 Dec 2006 1:19 User comments (11)

Wii browser beta released Nintendo has released a free beta of upcoming browser for Wii. The Opera powered browser can be downloaded from the Shop Channel, Wii Software section. Both the beta version and the full version of Internet Channel that will be released in March 2007, are free, but if you'll wait until July 07 to get it, it'll cost you 500 Wii Points ($5).
The Opera browser includes favourites and zoom features, and the point-and-click interface is controlled by "Wiimote" using the A-button to click and B-button to scroll. The browser is flash enabled so you can view YouTube and such content as well.

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11 user comments

122.12.2006 2:51

just noticed the lil pic... it shows the wii in silver and red, too. is tha new colours? and just noticed the new AD thing at the top. its cool!!

222.12.2006 8:12

Yeah, it does look like new Wii colors. They look pretty cool in red, IMO.

322.12.2006 8:18

black would be cool, me thinks.

423.12.2006 10:53

they've got at least 5 other colors from the basic

523.12.2006 21:22

Wow..... we're not off topic at all!

Rename this thread: "Look! New Wii Colors!"


624.12.2006 19:02

not impressed with the wii browser so far needs mpeg wmv AVI mov mp3 support to download files and worse no keyboard support when are we going to be able to use the usb ports on the back of the wii for something good like a keyboard and mouse maybe

726.12.2006 7:09

well see if a usb keybboard that came with ur computer works

826.12.2006 8:57

still, i think nintendo is putting their names back on the map.

926.12.2006 12:06

no the usb keyboard doesn't work in the beta don't get me wrong im glad that the beta is there but it sucks because Opera has released really good beta's before even for pc this beta is a piece of junk im amazed that Opera which prides itself on great software devlopment would release this garbage im very sad

1026.12.2006 13:40

Opera didn't develop this,
it's just based on Opera code.


115.2.2007 8:45

i got hit by lightning for spamming this fine site!!! edited by ddp

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