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Association sends out E3 invites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Mar 2007 19:35 User comments (1)

Association sends out E3 invites ESA,The Entertainment Software Association, has begun sending preliminary invitations for the upcoming E3, which is to take place from July 11-13.
The invite says that this year's E3 will offer "the opportunity to engage in one-on-one meetings with leading game company executives in an intimate setting, as well as network, socialize, and test pilot major company offerings".

E3 will take place in "an environment designed to ensure that you can get your business done efficiently and effectively".

Complete invites will be sent out in April and will include further details of the event such as schedules, transportation, and travel planning.

This is the first year that E3 will be hosted at a smaller venue, and the ESA has promised that this E3 will be smaller scale then in years past.

Although its not completely clear how many companies will be in attendance, you can expect to see Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and many other third-party companies.


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1 user comment

19.3.2007 9:29

E3 is dead to me, since last year, when they started turning away longtime attendees due to 'New Policy'...

I'm looking forward to PAX and the other new one that is looking to spring up (The name of which I cannot recall, yet is to be in the LA convention center as well, geared towards consumers.)

Either way, this new 'version' of E3 is a farce of what it once was. Now it's an 'elite' meetingplace for high-ups to discuss their next steps. E3 was about getting people excited about new products, new things they had never seen before, and getting people to really 'pass it on' by word of mouth, in ways that nothing else did. I suspect this may really hurt the industry this year; but only time will tell.

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