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HD DVD gets European site, group

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Mar 2007 19:35 User comments (5)

HD DVD gets European site, group The HD DVD group has launched the European version of the HD DVD Promotional Group, to be led by Toshiba, Microsoft, Universal, and French movie producer Studio Canal. In Europe, HD DVD is estimated to have an 85% market share, which it captured in just four months. The HD DVD group is now trying to cement its presence in Europe ahead of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) launch.
The European group has gotten its own site, but it doesn't exactly look very European. For example, it only offers English and German versions and the intro video is helicopter shots of the skyline over Manhattan. it is effectively a copy of the American promotional site.

When the PlayStation 3 (PS3) launches in Europe in a week, it will no doubt alter the market share in little time.


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5 user comments

115.3.2007 20:12

I hope HD-DVD wins.

215.3.2007 21:32

As part of the European market I am yet to see a single HD-DVD player, and yet ive seen several BD players and know companies that sell computers with BD drives installed. HD-DVD isnt doing well 99% of people I know dont have a clue about it, and yet because of the PS3 nearly everyone knows about Bluray. Doesnt look to good for HD-DVD.

316.3.2007 11:54

Because of the massive slowdown in HD-DVD releases stateside in the next month or so I've had to get my HD-DVD fix from Europe and Studio Canal.

416.3.2007 12:54

85% market share
I don't think its that high but i guess it all depend on how big the market there & also im very curious to see what happens to that market 6 months from the PS3 launch in EU.
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517.3.2007 19:34

I hope HD-DVD wins.

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