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Malaysian pirates put out bounty on sniffer dogs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Mar 2007 2:07 User comments (26)

Malaysian pirates put out bounty on sniffer dogs Officials in Malaysia reported today that Malaysian movie pirates have placed a bounty on the heads of the two sniffer dogs who helped bust an illegal fake DVD ring with a seizure of $3 million USD worth of discs.
"Lucky and Flo, two female black Labradors deployed by Malaysian authorities in their crackdown on pirated movie DVDs and music CDs, carried out their first major successful operation in Johor state on Tuesday."

Syndicate bosses have now offered a reward for the killing of the two dogs.

An official for the MPAA had this to say: "As a result of the extent of loss to the pirate syndicate, we have information from the domestic trade ministry that the Johor syndicate is intent on killing Lucky and Flo...The Malaysian authorities are taking this threat seriously and the security around the dogs' current location has been beefed up."

During Tuesday's succesful raid in the southern city of Johor Baru, 6 people were arrested and the dogs helped to seize about a million pirated games and movies.

Replicating machines, the DVD's and many other tools used to create and distribute the discs were found hidden in concealed spaces and hidden compartments spread out over four floors of an office building.

Malaysia, who is in negotiations for a free-trade pact with the US has stepped up its handling of piracy recently.


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26 user comments

122.3.2007 14:44

How do the dogs sniff out pirated Games and DVD's??
That is awesome lol

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222.3.2007 14:54

Originally posted by theridges:
How do the dogs sniff out pirated Games and DVD's??
That is awesome lol
they just smell out large amounts of CD/DVD media.

322.3.2007 15:22

@theridges here is the article that was published when the two dogs were originally trained.

422.3.2007 15:25

At least they have accurately valued the haul, $3 million sounds reasonable for about 1 million discs, as opposed to the numbers the US authorities pull out of their butts, to think that someone willing to pay only $3 for a bootleg has deprived the industry of anything more than $10 or so is ludicrous.

522.3.2007 16:07

Am I the only one who thinks that situation has gotten kind of um... I dunno, just a TAD scary? You have a Malaysian kingpin putting a *HIT* on two police dogs! Geez! That whole situation is just a little too crazy.

622.3.2007 16:10

Originally posted by handsom:
Am I the only one who thinks that situation has gotten kind of um... I dunno, just a TAD scary? You have a Malaysian kingpin putting a *HIT* on two police dogs! Geez! That whole situation is just a little too crazy.
silly comes to mind,like the mayor of soem US/mexico boarder town whining abotu video games picking on his city ,portraying it as a drug slum that terrorists use.....when he himself is a kingpin of crime for the town....

722.3.2007 16:48

Lol we've gone from drugs and weapons to pirated games and cd's. I see a sequel to the departed here. Don't mess with Malaysian pirates. They have to be hardcore to put a hit out on a dog.

822.3.2007 18:33

Some of the movies pirated include Alexander, Basic Instinct 2, RV, and Cat in the Hat. The movies stink so bad that the dogs could follow the smell.

922.3.2007 19:16

err go watch the real hong Kong version, Infernal Affairs

1023.3.2007 03:30

Originally posted by club42:
They have to be hardcore to put a hit out on a dog.
Naa.... hardcore would be if they put out a hit on the unit handling the dogs. That's how much of a pu$$y (pardon my french) these crime bosses are. They only have the balls to go after dogs. Lets hope we start seeing more of these crackdowns.

1123.3.2007 05:59

Granted the dogs are doing their duty, but every crime organization will try to put a stop to any one or any thing that is hampering their making money. The government is using dogs on the border right now just sniffing out drugs. They protect those dogs with a vengence. Don't ever make the mistake of commenting to a border guard about his dog. Do not attempt to pet, or take a picture of a dog. Keep your cameras down when going through a check point. There are several contracts from the cartels out on border guard dogs this very day.
The media could have handled this a bit better. They could have just mentioned that the dogs existed, but they wanted to glorify the dogs and showed their names and pictures. This just hung a target on the dogs and the trainers. It takes a lot of money, time and effort to train a single dog. These dogs are only specific for a special "plastic" smell. Unfortunately, these particular dogs will probably soon be history, not by gun shot, but by some insidious means. But, they will be replaced and I hope the feds and media would be smarter next time.


1223.3.2007 07:25

Sounds like they could make a movie about it.

1323.3.2007 09:06

bhetrick, targeting the dogs is smart business. Dogs have little or no value to the public. If you kill them there will not be a backlash as their would if a policeman was killed. Killing policemen is bad business. The real Maffia learned killing is a double edged sword early on. The dogs are cheaper to hit and do almost as much damage.

1423.3.2007 12:22

Just another example of stupid criminals are the only ones that get caught. If they had run their illegal business better, then the dogs wouldn't have been there at all. It's not like the dogs are patrolling the streets, sniffed, looked up at an office building, and then said in their best Scoobie Doo voice, "Rofficer! I think think there's irregal DVD media in this roffice building!" Why kill the dogs? If I was a DVD pirating kingpin, I would kill the idiot employees who got caught and lost all my money, equipment, media, etc.

The police and dogs are just doing their jobs, just like the pirate industry is. Most police and criminal groups look at this stuff just like that -- everyone's just doing their job (illegal or legal), and how it works out is how it works out. It's only the stupid or radical element entering the picture that results in these hits or vendettas.

1523.3.2007 13:41

I wonder how much the boss of the piracy ring is offering for their heads. Actually according to NBC they moved the dogs to a different location but if I was making millions from pirating materials I would be paying out the nose to get these labs wiped out.

I wonder how much it costs FACT (the people who trained Flo and Lucky) to train a single dog. Probably a decent amount, so thats another reason why they are protecting the dogs. If they loose one (or both) it would probably cost the agencies that trained them millions (or at least high-thousands) to re-train new ones.

1623.3.2007 13:54

Originally posted by Pop_Smith:
I wonder how much it costs FACT (the people who trained Flo and Lucky) to train a single dog. Probably a decent amount, so thats another reason why they are protecting the dogs. If they loose one (or both) it would probably cost the agencies that trained them millions (or at least high-thousands) to re-train new ones.
If it costs more than the six month salary of one person to train 4 dogs, then I know some agencies who are wasting a lot of money on trained dogs. The dogs are bred/born with all the skill they need. A trainer simply trains the dog how to apply that skill in a professional setting (like for police work).

However, the value of those dogs goes up quite a bit if they are officially certified police dogs. In some countries, assaulting and especially killing a canine unit is considered pretty darn close to the same thing as with a human police officer. Not to mention that you get the big-time animal lover sympathy from a judge who has the power to recommend or even actually raise the penalty handed down in trial -- I wouldn't mess with the dogs. If I'm going to go to jail for life or some significant punishment like that, it's not going to be for killing a stupid dog.
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1723.3.2007 16:35

Anybody get the feeling this article was written "tounge in cheek" about the dogs?

1823.3.2007 16:42

changed my mind

1924.3.2007 02:47

I have heard some strange stuff, I really have. But this takes the cake. By virtue of the fact that this stuff is copywritten, the intellectual property thing kicks in. Buy where does it stop. I get various spam e-mails about 'Replica' watches, etc. The whole world has gone mad. The film industry is notoriously greedy, with actors being paid huge amounts for starring in movies, that are often mediocre 'Hitch Hikers Guide' for example.
Like an actor asked some Jewish film makers in the film 'Bulworth'

'why are you all so paranoid, how much money do you actually need?'

The pirates are as stated above, filling the demand for economy dvds and cds. Even if they deteriorate in a years time who cares, if you've seen the film, you've seen trhe film.

Don't worry about it, it's all s**t anyway, and really there's a lot more important stuff in the world to worry about than how much money some American Film mogul is going to lose because of a few, and it is a few, pirated dvd's.

There used to be a logo on record sleeves that read 'home taping is killing music' with a skull and crossbones made from a cassette tape. But did the record industry die, of course not. If anything they're richer than ever ripping us off 12 for a new release.

The best thing that ever happened to music was 'Napster'. Not only because it was free, but because you could get rare stuff really easily. But, it was the one thing that big industry hates, and now they're the same with bit torrent.

And that thing is 'SHARING'

2024.3.2007 19:33

The problem is also technology. No, I don't mean that's too easy to rip a DVD or music CD, I mean the technology we have at home is what is killing the movie and music industry.

If I can buy a $50 iPod Shuffle and hear CD quality music that's a good (if not better) than any concert I can go to, then why would I want to go and get trampled at a stupid, overpriced concert? Anyone here old enough to remember when bands used to make most of their money from touring? Journey, Cheap Trick, 38 Special, The Eagles, etc., in their heyday made their main money from touring -- not from selling albums, singles, and cassette tapes. Then when techno started getting big, then rap, and now any lousey singer can have their voice digitized better, the artists couldn't put on a concert because then everyone would know they completely sucked on stage, so they all started completely relying on cassette, CD, and even video tape sales. Unfortunately, by that time, everyone had a cassette recorder or a VCR, so that's when all the copying started happening on a lesser, non-internet scale. Now very few bands or artists tour, so they try to squeeze every penny out of every online release that they can, but because the copying is still occurring on more of a grand scale, these new loser "artists" aren't seeing anywhere near the revenue (relatively speaking) that old touring artists used to see. Rather than looking in the mirror and telling themselves to get some real world talent so they could successfully tour, they instead point the finger at all the evil people sharing their music on napster, torrents, etc. To this day, it's difficult to make a good copy of a concert, so if these idiots would rely more on touring and less on iTunes singles for their million dollar paydays, they wouldn't have to worry about piracy at all, now would they?

Another thing that is hugely killing the movie industry is DVD (and now Blu-ray), and home theatres. Not to mention that some good electronics sales people are telling people about perspective and screen size, etc., so people now realize that the perspective of holding a 3" iPod screen in front of your face is the same thing as sitting in the back row of movie theatre, so....why go to a movie theatre and pay $12 for a frickin' ticket and $28 for popcorn and drink, when you can just stay home and watch the movie on your iPod or better yet watch the Blu-ray DVD on your 60" plasma TV with 7.1 surround sound. Need to pee during the four-hour drama? Press the pause button and go. You feet don't stick to the floor, the seats aren't made for legless midgets, and you can watch it over and over and over. Personally, I haven't been to a threatre to watch a movie since the Lord of the Rings - Return of the King first came out. And I don't estimate going back again any time soon. I just wait for the DVD. There are very few movies released that make me want to pay that much money to sit in an uncomfortable theatre with 300 strangers to watch it. As soon as Hollywood get that throught their thick, stuck-in-the-past skulls, maybe they'll start releasing more movies directly to DVD. It's getting to the point where they might as well release all of them to DVD (or maybe to movie channel) because as home theatres become more and more popular and affordable, fewer and fewer people are going to go to theatres. Further improvements in technology (ie, Blu-ray) are going to do nothing but further this along.

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2126.3.2007 02:41

GernBlan, where is your spirit! I will admit I don't go anymore for the same reasons. I am an old timer and have no desire to go to the mayhem. People pay to experience what I now wish to avoid and I don't blame them one bit. An ipod has no where near the power of a live rock and roll band. Ipods have miliwatt amps vs. the megawatt amps of a R&R band which is a big reason I now avoid them. I want to keep what little hearing I have.

Back to the dogs. First, I do not condone pirates or the shooting of dogs. I do not know about Malaysia today, but they used to eat dogs 30-40 years ago. People don't usually get worked up over killing something they eat or even used to eat. I doubt if they have many animal activists there. I fear mouse traps and rat traps will be banned in the US. In some area you can be jailed for not monitoring traps closely. If a wild animal stays in a trap too long that is a crime.

In my area they brought back coyotes to control the deer population because all efforts to control that population were blocked. The deer population reached epidemic proportions in my neighborhood. All out lakes and streams are severely polluted with deer poop. If you walk in the woods, deer poop is everywhere! The coyotes dont usually kill the adults but they are quite effective with the little ones. Being eaten alive does not seen very humane to me but it is quite natural.

In Malaysia, they still are so backward that they officially use corporal punishment. That also means their streets are safer than the US streets. A few years back our local schools tried to use the Singapore math plan because their students were learning so much faster than in the US. We did not achieve their results so it was discontinued. I am sure they still whack kids in school if they do not behave. We might have done much better if we used that technique along with the criculum.

2215.4.2007 17:30

excuse for grammar mistakes etc. i have to comment on this..ive never heard in Malaysia back in the 30-40 yrs they ate dogs because i am from malaysia.. i do know that in China, Myanmar they do that even in Thailand.. in Malaysia if it ever came close to eating dogs,snakes,caterpillar and alike that would not be in the public as those animals are protected animals under the law so it is a very occasion and they would do it discreetly, underground etc. this is the same case with some people thinks that Malaysians live in a tree house (ran)..that fact is true back in 1900 or 1920's with the indigeneous people not the whole Malaysia.

Yes its true, the pirates are really dead serious with killing the 2 dogs because they can really sniffed out the discs eventhough theyve hidden the discs outside of the raided building. before they opted for the dogs to beefed up their operations, they have been successful in closing down a lot of the pirated hideouts but that came with several attempts of death trap, molotov cocktail on the chiefs car, some of the officer cars were rammed up by the pirates honcos etc.

the pirates can sell for as low as 3 dvd discs(dvd 5) for RM10 = US2.9 and still make profit. the demands are so high internationally that they can even afford to pay the fines eventhough its 1 disc confiscated = fine of RM10,000 (not too sure maybe higher). backwards in your eyes but we're ok with the current situation, its still safe here to go out at night except for the major city,a lil precautios.

2316.4.2007 03:44

khairul, thank for putting me straight and welcome to the afterdawn forums. It is refreshing to actually, have some one that knows what they are talking about than many of us that are spouting hot air, like me. I am not saying spouting hot air is wrong; we learn a good deal that way when we are corrected.

excuse for grammar mistakes etc.
Do not let that slow you down. (make you hesitant to comment on anything) Your thoughts are as valid as anyone else. The value of these forums is that our members come from diverse backgrounds and speak what is on their minds.

I was being facetious when I called Malaysia backwards. I am from the US. We became great using old fashion or backward methods of discipline. At that time we were one of the best educated countries in the world. Now that we have stopped corporal punishment, our students have dropped from near first place to maybe 100th place even though we spend lots of money. Our city streets are dangerous because our punishment system does not work well. A person that goes to prison a second time almost always goes back to prison a third time.

Be proud, I think Malaysia does some things better than the US.

2422.4.2007 19:13

Thanks Mez.. we are trying to cope up with the whole world, some things benefit for the people but some aren't.. I read in the news the dogs are now in Philiphine... anyway, feel free to come to Malaysia, its not a heaven for terrorist, we dont have that here AlhamduliLlah.. the food and the stuffs sold here are cheap and there are plenty of opportunities if you follow the correct way :)

2523.4.2007 04:15

I hear Malaysia is beautiful. I would have go worries to go there. I know someone who was born and raised in Malaysia. I believe it is a great country.

2623.4.2007 18:43

Yes we do have the islands and also the untouched forests but as in anywhere in the world there are always the corrupted leaders ruining the country.. but you and everyone can have a clear view of whats happening in our country by browsing through these online news from our local media, govt backed media n independent >>, or, ..cheers!

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