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American company to offer Wi-Fi proof paint

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Mar 2007 7:52 User comments (11)

American company to offer Wi-Fi proof paint An American company, EM-SEC Technologies, has recently stated that they have successfully tested wireless-blocking paint. They applied their "Coating Solution" to a test facility last week and the paint sccessfully protected against "wireless devices and other electronic equipment".
According to the company, "a one-time application of the coating creates an 'electromagnetic fortress' by preventing airborne hackers from intercepting signals."

EM-SEC hopes that the paint will be useful in corporate offices, boardrooms, server and computer rooms, and R&D labs where wireless intruders would not be welcome.

In the past, EM-SEC has worked more with government and military customers earning some impressive validations in the process. The EM-SEC website claims that the coatings have been checked out by various groups including Sandia Labs and the Naval Surface Warfare Centre Crane Division (which tests technology for the Navy SEALS)

The paint is also approved as a TEMPEST countermeasure by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

At the moment, the paint may be too advanced for the regular consumer, especially those who would like to use a cell phone inside their painted rooms. However, this product could be bound for commercial use. A movie theater could use the paint to block incoming and outgoing cell phone calls, thus avoiding the legal issues with "jamming".


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11 user comments

125.3.2007 08:01

yea i mean seriously. for the regular joe. all you have to do is put a password on your router and your pretty much safe from the neighbor kids. in movie theaters is a good idea. no more loud phones during a movie. but i agree the NSA could find it useful to protect their buildings.

225.3.2007 08:37

DAMN, i want that stuff, i wanna seal my room with it... so i wouldnt be spyied anymore >:O

lol And i think that FBI wants it too, for the same purpose :D

325.3.2007 09:33

and the guys in the movie "pulse" where killed by wifi ghosts, if only theyd had this ala willie e coyote anti wifi painting

LMAO hahahahaha

425.3.2007 11:01

I don't think it would be legal in movie theaters because it would most likely interfere with fire/police radios, which is illegal. I remember reading about a restaurant that had wanted to install some sort of physical barrier to block cell phones and it was not allowed.

525.3.2007 16:11

This sound like a great idea, but for as many positive effects, it has just as many negative effects. The blocking of cell signals is probably the biggest side effect.

Like many of my friends, I don't own a home phone. I've got all of the standard security setting on my home wireless network, so putting this stuff on the house would be a moot point, but if I did, I would be SOL on that emergency phone call.

On that point, look how much the cell phone has integrated itself into our everyday lives. How would this affect IT security professionals at work? Sometimes, that phone rings for a real reason.

How would this affect satellite radio users?

I know this is a bunch of random disjointed thoughts, but this stuff might not be all it is cracked up to be.

625.3.2007 16:42

hhahaha thats the kind of paint you want to get a hold off put it all over the lecture halls at the University.. They rely mostly in wireless. Huge prank for the professors!!!! hahah I hope it hits the stores soon.

725.3.2007 18:53

have double metal siding and small windows...that will screw with your singles alright ><

826.3.2007 09:04

That paint is EXTREMELY expensive and let's say you’re going to paint your house what about the windows do you paint them too? Plus now I can't use my notebook in the yard what a deal that would be.

It would be nice for the computer though since it would block emissions from your PC's not allowing Big Brother from snooping curbside seeing what you’re up to.

926.3.2007 10:03

I would put More Faith is a Compeltely Sheilded RooM Copper? Attin My friend if You don't want them Spying on you ? remember to wear your Aluninum Foil Hat !!!!! this sheilds your thoughts from Big Brother!, The Boogie Man!, Santa Claus , The Easter Bunny ! ,& The tooth fairy !!!!!!!!!!!!! But Then you may not find that Dollar under your Pillow !,Get an easter basket or Xmas presents anymore ! LOL! Life is full of hard Choices I suppose ! THe govt. or whoever Does'nt need to hack into your wifi/wireless network to keep tabs on you ? They can just Go to your Isp ! and find out all about you! We're The Goverment Relax we're here to Help You ! Heh! Heh! Heh!- { Crashing noises !!!!!!damn That's the third door they've busted down this month !!!! They Must think I own a Home depot or something !!! Attica !!!! , Aticca !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Oh well If you don't hear from me for awhile You know what happened LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1026.3.2007 10:14

Cool idea now if i wanna cheat on my girl friend i dont have to worry about my other chicks calling my phone. Hahahaha Great I idea and should be smooth sailing from now on.

1128.3.2007 07:18

Where can I find a tin foil hat? too funny...

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